Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Flower Power

This past weekend flew by.   Funny, when I was off work for 3 months they didn't seem to go that fast!  I had Friday off because we weren't busy at the hospital and I enjoyed it.  However, even though we had beautiful blue skies and sunshine we had a morning temp of 26de that broke the previous record.  I'm all about improvement and breaking records, but not when it comes to temps...too cold ones or too hot!  This was the way my, finally, blooming tulips felt about it.
So sad!  Saturday came and the sun was gone.   It was cloudy, cold and damp.  We had our Missionaries from the Church come over to do some service for us.
Our friend Kyle came with them to take his fancy camera and look into our drainage tile in the backyard.  We've had some water issues that make our yard very soggy.  We needed to see what was going on.  Thanks Kyle!  They also trekked into the Pines for a look see at other spots that might be a water problem.
It's a jungle in there!  Thanks fellows for helping us and I hope you enjoyed the lunch I made.  It was a perfect day for soup...I didn't have any pics of the food...sorry! Sunday arrived bright and sunny again but the temps were still chilly.  Jack and I had purchased some flowers to put on his parents grave so we went over there in the afternoon. 
When I saw this little hole in the ground I laughed and told Jack I wonder who escaped!  Kind of creepy..but then I do enjoy a bit of creepy!  Well, it was a nice way to end our weekend.  Flowers had the power...
They brightened up a sad spot.  I know Jack's Mom would like these.   Flowers also have a way of bouncing back, even after a frost.
This was taken on Sunday...see, all better!  It would be nice if everyone could find the power to bounce back after life's freezes, frosts, and cold snaps.  Perhaps we just need a bit of flower power!


betty said...

So glad to see the flowers did bounce back! They are hearty indeed! I know the weekends just speed by, it would be nice if the work week did that :)


Shady Del Knight said...

Hi, YaYa!

A morning low of 26? Down here, a record low at this time of year would probably be the reverse of that - 62! We had strong storms yesterday but needed the rain.

You wrote:

<< It would be nice if everyone could find the power to bounce back after life's freezes, frosts, and cold snaps. Perhaps we just need a bit of flower power! >>

Great stuff there, YaYa! Flowers do have the power to change your mood instantly. They assault the senses with their bright colors, pleasing shapes and, of course, their sweet scent. If the delicate daffodil can bounce back from difficult circumstances, so can we.

I hope the boys solved the mystery of why your land is so soggy. I have a theory and it's just a theory. The Sasquatch's diet consists primarily of asparagus and tea, both natural diuretics. Need I say more? :)

Happy Wednesday, dear friend YaYa!

Rick Watson said...

I the weather is still wacky here too. It's been raining a LOT lately but we did have a break with several days of sun.
Warm days will be there soon.

Kim said...

I love tulips but hate that they don't last very long. And when they decide they are "done" they are sooo dramatic about it. Lol

Julia said...

I love your flower power Yaya. Amazing how they bounce back. I think they go with the flow and conserve their energy. Flower beside the gravestone really shows your love and caring for Jack's mom.

I hope your soggy yard problem has been fixed.

It was a soup day for us too yesterday. Nothing like a nice bowl of hot steamy soup on a damp cold day. I bet your's is super yummy.
Have a great rest of the week.

Laurie said...

Yeah, those tulips knows what's up. Nice of the fellows to give a helping hand.... Heck, I might have for a bowl of soup. Love it in cold weather. Did you find out who escaped?

Susan Anderson said...

I love tulips! And I love putting such beautiful flowers on a loved one's headstone.


Kay G. said...

Just remember to bend, but don't let anything BREAK you!
Happy Spring to you, you deserve it!

Vicki Boster said...

Kay-- those tulips are beautiful... I love tulips but our deer eat them!!

We can't seem to warm up here either-- beautiful sunny days are still cool-- I'm ready for 80 degree weather!


Munir said...

You are so right. We all need some kind of power to bounce back. We just need to look, I am sure we can find that support within family. Thanks for the reminder.