Thursday, April 9, 2015

Oh Those April Showers!

The pitter patter of rain drops on the deck has been the symphony the past couple of weeks. 
The rain from heaven has filled the bird baths.
April showers have greened up the grass too!
Yeah! Clusters of little daffodils.
And big rain soaked daffodils.
The lilacs are beginning to bud out.
Daylilies want to be noticed too.
The trickle from the Creepy Woods fills the creek on the side of the yard.
Rushing down.
And flowing out.  Our acreage is like a sponge these days and the driveway is taking a beating...floating our stones to the street! But through it all the temps have risen to a nice high of 70 today.  Of course that's short lived as a cold front moves in. The weekend may  be cooler but drier too.  I'll take a bit of sun!  I'm happy we don't have snow and I know that April showers bring May flowers...and I'm counting on it! As always the sunsets have been beautiful.  My sunset pics look the same but I really did just take this a little while ago.  Soon all the warm and wet will have these trees in a full dress of leaves.  Night all from the Pines.


Munir said...

We are drenched as well. What can we do. I guess just patience and hope that we will have real nice blooms will pull us through these showers. I do not blame you for not wanting any more snow.
The weekend should be good they say. I hope that it is nice there to,o for you guys so you can enjoy.

joanne said...

keep repeating, 'may flowers, may flowers." Right? I'm sure Cali would love some of your rain right now, well so would we, it's been very dry here...only one inch of snow pack.

Kim said...

Your grass is so green! What a happy sight. Rain for here tomorrow. Nice snow melting rain ;)

Shady Del Knight said...

Hi, dear YaYa! I'm very happy to see these pictures of the flowers, plants, shrubs and trees around Whispering Pines coming to life for the growing season. Central and West Coast Florida are currently in the midst of a dry spell which will soon become a drought if we don't soon get some rain. I wish you many more spring flowers to brighten your days and spectacular sunsets to enhance your evenings before spring finally gives way to summer.

Take care, dear friend YaYa, and give Eddy a big hug for me if you see him this weekend. God bless!

betty said...

Beautiful sunset! I know I said this before, but such green you have there! Of course the green is the result of the rain/snow you guys have had :) Looks like spring is planting instead firmly where you live :)


John Edwards said...

I'm sorry but we have pinched your sunshine - it's been lovely here the last week.

I would love to have running water like your creek but wouldn't want my drive floating away.

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Creepy woods? You have CREEPY woods? AND rain?? Not fair. Not fair at all! NO rain in Southern California, no woods to wonder what lives there...nothing exciting at all. :( They are now telling us that we can only water twice a week and that there is a phone number that people can report each other if they are seen doing more than that! So..dreaming of you are dreaming of Springtime. :)

Rick Watson said...

I know you're glad to start seeing the green stuff in your yard instead of all the snow:)

The weather looked as if it could be nasty up there last night.

We normally get those sweeping lines, but this one swept northward.

Julia said...

It looks so springy in your parts of the world. Love the pretty daffodils.

It was snowing here a little while ago and now I think it's raining so hopefully the snow will go down some more.

Enjoy the color green.

acorn hollow said...

OH it all looks so wonderful we are still snow covered and ice this morning. we are looking at 60s this weekend yahoo.