Friday, March 27, 2015

Dang It

This afternoon:
Front yard.
Backyard.  Snow...dang it.


joanne said...

well dang. hope it doesn't stick around.

betty said...

I was on another blog from Ohio that also mentioned snow. It just doesn't want to let you go, does it?


Rick Watson said...

The temps dropped here too but not cold enough to snow.
I just hope it doesn't nip our trees.

Julia said...

Dang it for sure Yaya. If it snows in the front yard, you cab bet your bottom dollar, it will snow in the back too Hahaha. Mother Nature can be cruel at time.

Put on some yellow colored glasses and enjoy some artificial sunshine and have a great weekend anyway.

Kim said...

Double dang it! We have had significant melting the past few days but we STILL have several feet left on the ground :(

Stacy Crawford said...

We had Easter at our house during that snow...I think the MN people brought it with them. Even though it is warmer in MN than Ohio...who knew!

Munir said...

Dang it is right.
This is Spring and who wants to wear a coat?

selvageedge said...

I saw your post title and thought that might be a reference to problems with your first days back at work. Glad it wasn't. This week should look more like spring. Rain, rain, rain. ;)

Sweet Tea said...

I hope that awful "white stuff" leaves quickly. It's time for Spring, and you've been very patient in waiting.