Wednesday, March 4, 2015

A Light At The End Of The Tunnel

There seems to be a small little warming light at the end of our long, very cold, very snowy Winter.   Although a few folks in southern Ashland county might not agree.  They had freezing rain that cancelled schools today.  In our area we had warmer temps yesterday that brought down rain and a bit of melting.  Under all the snow melt was this:
ICE!! This is our driveway..bring your skates !  I spent a little time this morning chopping off ice from the back deck.
It's about 2 or 3 inches thick.  Chopping got some off along with paint on the deck floor...looks like I have some projects for the Spring and Summer! But we still have a lot of snow.
I tried shoveling some off the deck so when it gets warmer in a few days it might actually melt and we'll have the deck back! But the snow was very heavy...good for making snowmen,  not so good for my back! I looked out to the pool and had to laugh. If we get any more snow it might just be a huge snowball!
Snow is half way up and quickly filling in from the top! Not looking too good! Anyone game for a polar bear dip?  In the front yard I noticed that the bird bath is now visible.
Looking ahead I know we're in for more bitter cold tomorrow...then it's all up hill. I believe I saw "50" on the 7 day forecast...that's flip flop weather up here! Then I spied this little dude guarding some half chewed up worms on the front porch.
I was excited thinking it could be a Robin...little orange on it's breast...see, Spring can't be far behind!
Crazy human...wait, I think I do see a light at the end of the tunnel!


joeh said...

Spring will come...but not soon enough.

I generally like snow, but I spent 1 hour on rt. 78 in Pa. yesterday and move 8 feet. I started to dislike snow.

betty said...

Such a cute bird that came to visit!! Good that you can see signs that spring might really be coming! Be careful with that ice (you already know that, but be careful :)


Lesa said...

Here in Utah we aren't getting our usual snowfall! Send some our way please:)

Kim said...

Although the the Temps are still well below zero here, the bright sunshine is melting some snow. I noticed tonight the snow back by the back door is only neck high today. That's big progress!

Laurie said...

Your bird is a cutie. Hope our warm weather creeps up your way. It was 78 degrees here today and I wore flip flops. It felt so nice. My husband carried me to an old church he found to take some photos today. He knows how much I love them. The weather was perfect for it. Sunshine and 78. Oh, and you better stay yourself off that deck. All we need is for you to slip and hurt your knee.

Julia said...

You might try pouring hot water to melt a path on your deck. hehe.

Today was nice and melting and although i wasn't feeling well, I went to the barn and my son helped me but just as I was going to step out about 4 and a half to 5 feet of snow came crashing down from the steep metal roof in the back exit just before I came out.

My son couldn't believe how much snow came down. It could have crushed me if I happened to have come out at that precise moment.
I can see it in the news, "Great grandma buried in avalange of barn snow" Very heavy wet snow.

Cute little bird, where did it find that worm, I wonder.

Hope your ice will melt very soon.
Be careful on the ice sweet lady.

Nonnie said...

Should you be out there doing that???
Beautiful little bird.
Take care of yourself.

Debby said...

Sweet birdie, but I don't think it's a robin. If so he's little.
This is the winter that never ends. We are getting lots of snow. Will you miss out on this? The slushy stuff is tricky because it is so slippery. Now the temps are dropping again. Hurry up spring.

Stacy Crawford said...

I'm ready for spring, hope that is a robin. Estelle says, the red-winged blackbird is the true sign...I'll settle for the robin!

Rick Watson said...

It was 79 on the flashing bank sign yesterday and this morning they're forecasting freezing rain.
I need a bumper sticker that says "honk if your ever swam and built a snowman in the same day."

Munir said...

I am so glad that you saw a Robin. No such luck here in New York.

What are you doing scraping ice. I hope that you will not hurt your knees. They did go through a lot just recently Take care

Shady Del Knight said...

Hi, dear YaYa! As you read on my blog I am just now returning from a two day blog break. Please forgive me for being tardy.

I'm sure you could get your grandkiddos enthused about forming a Polar Bear Club, boring through the ice and snow and frolicking in that pool of yours. Hurry before a nasty warm spell comes along and ruins things!

Dear friend, you make me nervous when you report that you are out shoveling snow and chipping away at ice on your lane. Does the doctor recommend that? I worry that you might slip and fall and suffer an injury. (When it comes to people I love I tend to worry a lot.) However, I understand why you want to keep the driveway and deck cleared off. If the Yeti smells your baked goods and slips and falls as he approaches the house, you could have a lawsuit on your hands.

Ohio, Ashland, is Marching toward spring, so keep your chin up, dear friend Yaya!

CatieAn said...

what a pretty little bird. I am sorry you still have so much snow an ice. Our spring is here at least a month ahead and my pussy willow tree is ready to bloom and all of our flowers are sending up green shoots and the roses are sprouting green stems and new leaves....all so early. I love it