Sunday, March 22, 2015

Happy 60th Midge!

Thursday Jack and I headed out for an adventure to Chicago.  My little sis turned 60! Yikes! We can't believe it but it's true!  It was my first long car ride since my surgery and it went super good.  The scenery between here and Chicago is still super boring but the weather was snow! Mom was happy to see us and I think  happy to see that I'm walking and doing fine.  We hung pretty close to home and just enjoyed catching up and having some laughs.
Cooking some breakfast and doing what Mom does best...feed the masses!
Yes Mommo, I'm talking about you! Afterwards we took a nice walk around the neighborhood for some exercise. I couldn't resist the selfies....Midge and Mom's first!
I had to laugh that Midge and I turned up with white hoodies under a red think we were twins!  We had nice enough weather that we spent lots of time out on the deck enjoying some sun.

Mom is catching some rays.  Then we were off to Oakbrook Shopping Center.  It's an outdoor mall and we always have to make the trek.
The fountains were up and running but no pretty flowers to enjoy...still too cold! Thursday night Mom, Midge, me, Jack and my brother and sister-in-law went out for dinner to celebrate but somebody forgot to take pics! That's OK because on Saturday we continued to celebrate with my nieces and nephew and their families.  Midge's daughter Katie set up a dinner at a cute place in Batavia called:
Pal Joey''s on the Fox river and we had a room upstairs all to ourselves.  The food was delish and we enjoyed seeing everyone.
Some of Midge's grandkiddos...3 were missing because of illness!
Midge and her son Bill.
Her daughter Katie.  After dinner it was time for cake! Yum!
Then it was time to bring on the gifts.
The littles liked helping her open them.  She received many nice things along with a girl's trip...her two daughters and granddaughters and Galena sometime this Spring.  Galena is a darling town with antique shops galore, cute restaurants and bed and breakfasts...should be a really nice time! Her daughter Amy and her family were the ones fact, Ella, Amy's oldest spent an overnight in the hospital on Thursday because of the flu....everyone is doing good now but we missed having them with us. Too soon we had to bid farewell. We had a great time and hopefully we'll all be together again soon.  Some final pics for my journal...
Mom looking so cool and snazzy..soon it will be her birthday...89...can't believe it!
Mom, my sister-in-law Deidra, and my brother Greg.
Bill and his wife Laura.
Jack and me.
I was wondering why Midge had her eyes closed..then I remembered she was making a wish....I hope whatever it was it comes true and I wish you many more birthdays that we can all be together to celebrate. I love you more than're my "soul Sister" in all ways.  Happy 60th!


joeh said...

89! You got some good genes working for ya.

betty said...

happy belated birthday to your sister! I loved the selfie picture; so cute your mom's first one nearing 89 years old :)

Looked like a wonderful celebration and family get together and fantastic too that your new knees could handle it just fine :)


Julia said...

HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY to your sister Midge...

Thanks for sharing your family gathering with us. How fun it is to gather with as many family members to celebrate a special birthday.

Your mom looks fantastic and I can see your resemblance in your sister's face and also some of the girls. Everyone is good looking. I'll say like Joeh, you got good genes working for you.
Nice photo of you and Jack.


selvageedge said...

Looks like it was a fun visit. No way is your mom turning 89. She looks fantastic! Midge, if you're reading this, Happy Birthday!

Kim said...

You always have the best family celebrations. Your Mom looks awesome. Good genes :)
I laughed at the matching outfits. Even your Mom was coordinated

Debby said...

You look great. Glad the recovery is almost over for you. Now to reap the benefits of new knees. Wonderful get together. Lots of family resemblance. Your mom looks great. My mom will be 88 next month.
Happy Spring.

Sweet Tea said...

First, Girl, you look beautiful in that blue sweater!! So glad you're on the go again. Your Mom looks good and I know that makes your heart happy. What a great weekend for your sister. Getting the family together is a great way to celebrate a Birthday!!

Rick Watson said...

Happy birthday to that young whippersnapper. Looks like y'all had a great time.
You'll be heading back to work soon I bet. Are you happy or sad about that:)

gin said...

Happy birthday to your sis. I love reading and seeing your family gatherings.

Susan Anderson said...

Your cute mom looks wonderful, as does the rest of the family. My mom is doing pretty well, too.

Happy b-day to your sis!


CatieAn said...

what a wonderful family and your sis look so much alike and your Mom looks wonderful. Glad it was such a fun trip for all of you


YAYA I haven't been around much lately. I missed why you were off work but happy you are returning. Loved the blog covering your sister's bd. Fun to see photos of your mom and the whole family. You are your sister look somewhat alike, very pretty. Also I can see you resemble your mom. Loved reading the last few blogs. Stay well. Hugs Barb