Sunday, March 8, 2015

Fact VS Fiction

This week some extraordinary things happened....things that will blur the line between fact and fiction.  First we'll talk about cheesecake.  Who doesn't like cheesecake?  Probably, a few folks, but not this gal.  I do enjoy a good, yummy cheesecake.  I have a "go to" recipe that I usually will make for special occasions.  It's a chocolate, raspberry, truffle cheesecake.  Love it!  But I found a recipe last week that is more "Spring like".  It was a coconut lime cheesecake.  Fact: I just had to give it a go.  Fiction: Easy peasy?  Fact: Not really. But not horrible either.  It required a few steps that might make you decide not to bother.  Fact: I did it! Fiction: No fiction...only truth here!
Yum! Fact: I would make the crust a bit different next time but the tangy lime flavor was very nice and the homemade whip cream and the toasted coconut on top was delish.   Now for some other "Fact" and "Fiction" that I want to share.  Fact: I have a cat. Fiction: She's a sweet, loveable thing. Fact: Squeak was a rescue and she was never the lovely dovey, jump in  your lap kind of cat.  But in her youth she was a good  mouser and chipmunk destroyer and was outdoors most of the time. As old age has set in she hates the cold and will venture in and out only in nice weather. Anyway, last year she had this nasty sore on her nose.  I thought she got into a fight but since she never leaves the house or the deck, I couldn't figure out how that would have happened. Nothing I did would clear it up or would she even allow me near it. A few weeks ago Jack came home with a tip from Ellen...she works in his office.  She said she has been giving her dog coconut oil in his food and it has cleared up many an ailment he had.  Coconut oil is the "it" thing right now.
 I even used it to swish with each morning. Fact: It wasn't pleasant to put a tablespoon of oil in my mouth first thing and swish it around for 20min.  However, it's suppose to flush toxins out. Fact or fiction? Well, it didn't do much for me...maybe I'm just too toxic! But when I put a teaspoon of it in Squeak's  food  her nose started clearing up the next day...that is not fiction! It looks almost healed and she loves the stuff on her food.  She hasn't been throwing up as much either.  Even Eddy has gotten in on this trick.  Jordan gives him about a tablespoon each day on his food.  We'll see what good it does him! Anyway, if you  have a cat or dog, you might want to try it out and see if it's a fact or just some fiction.  Finally, the area between fact and fiction was blurred this week.  Fact: Harrison Ford is just a actor.  He had an airplane accident that makes you wonder if he's really a super hero after all. Fiction: Think Indiana Jones.  Fact:  He was flying an antique, WWII plane and it's engine failed.  He knew he was going to crash.  Now, what would Indiana Jones do? Well, he'd find a place to land that wouldn't hurt anyone.  However, he probably figured if he survived the crash he would need a doctor. Where do you land a plane that would also give you a doctor?? On a golf course, of course! Yep, he landed on a golf course right near where a doctor was playing...but not near enough to hurt anyone...he's a hero like that! Not just any Doc orthopedic, spine Doc....because, let's face it...Fact: If you're crash landing you're going to break something and probably have whip lash.  Fact....he did have some injuries but not life threatening, and the Doctor was right there to help him get out and to safety.  Who else crash lands a plane and walks away?  Fiction: Hmmm, Hans Solo? Well, he was flying "solo" after all!  And that's a Fact!



Shady Del Knight said...

Good morning, dear YaYa!

Fact: I thoroughly enjoyed this post.
Fiction: I just finished shoveling two feet of snow off my driveway!

I hope you will keep the recipes for chocolate, raspberry truffle and coconut lime cheesecake handy and make them on your next birthday. Just think - no calories! :)

I never heard of giving coconut oil to an ailing pet but if it helped Squeak and helps Eddy it's a great idea. Seems many cats and dogs would detect the scent and be too finicky to eat it.

It was amazing that Harrison Ford imitated his heroic movie characters and crash landed on a golf course. I read that when the first group of golfers rushed over to help him, he boldly waved them off and urged them to "play through." :)

Happy Sunday, dear friend YaYa!

Julia said...

I love your Fact or Fiction post Yaya. The cake looks very tempting especially during Lent... and I'm sure it's a fact.

My son's girlfriend uses coconut oil on her skin and has a jar just for that, she has one for cooking with. I'll tell her about giving it to the dog and cat. She'll love that tip.

I'm glad the crash landing was a success rather than tragedy.

Have a spectacular Sunday and don't work to hard on your first day of work.

PoetessWug said...

Ha! Ha! Ha!...Your post has me giggling like crazy today...especially about the Harrison Ford doctor's crash landing! ^_^ ...You're a very funny Yaya. And that's a fact!! LOL

betty said...

LOL; loved this!!! You made me smile this Sunday morning :) That cheesecake, delicious looking!! I'm a cheesecake kind of girl myself too :)

Wow about the coconut oil; amazing how it cleaned your cat's nose up! I'll have to think of using some myself for myself.

Too cute with Harrison Ford and where he landed; glad he will be making a recovery :)

Enjoy your Sunday, but I think you already are :)


Stacy Crawford said...

I'm interested in the coconut oil. Need to see if it works with our critters.

Laurie said...

Fact: That cheesecake looks scrumptious and I'm sure it was. Fact: My daughter uses coconut oil on my grandson's eczema. It seems to help.
Fiction: Coconut oil absorbs sugar and fat from cheesecake.

Hehe, that was fun.

Becky Jerdee said...

Ha ha, a post filled with odd things all neatly pulled together :)

CatieAn said...

so what a wonderful post I am so glad the coconut oil helped squeak. Fact: that is my husband's nickname for me
Both your cheese cake recipes sounded wonderful.
Fact: I ADORE Harrison Ford and always have. I too think he was AMAZING landing his plane where he did complete with medical help.
How many people can say the met Harrison Ford on the Fairway?

Cindy said...

Cute post!! Love the tip on the coconut oil, and that stuff is all the rage these days!! That's awesome that it worked -- and so quickly!! I will definitely have to remember that. Your cheesecake looks yummy -- and like a lot of work!! Happy (almost) Spring!!

Munir said...

That cheese cake looks yummy.

Back home they use coconut oil to moisturize a baby's umbilical cord.