Saturday, October 4, 2014

Ready For Adventure

Today Jack and I decided we would go on an adventure...our way of saying that all the "to do" items on our list were going to have to wait because we were going to play instead!  We weren't all bad...we did do some quick, that's about it!  We decided to head to Butler, Ohio and go to the Prairie Peddler festival. We used to go every year but have passed it up for a few years due to our schedules or family things.   The weather wasn't perfect....not at all!  But we knew with temps in the 30's and wind and a mix of rain and snow...yep, I said the "S" word...snow...the crowds would be light. 
You can see the leaves are well on their way to beautiful.
Can you see the white spots on my hair and coat..yeah, snow! It was weird weather...rain, then snow, then sun, then repeat! When the winds picked up you knew the wet would begin!
The Peddler is a huge craft, art, music, and food bonanza.  The smell of wood smoke and outdoor cooking is fabulous! 
The paths run through the woods and craft booths line the walkways.
Jack seemed pleased with this booth..not girlie, crafty junk...
Stuffed dead animals...well, I guess you could say there was something for everyone!
This vendor used tree branches as a covering for his booth...clever!
This was a huge pot of homemade veggie soup....yum!
There was every kind of goody you could want.  On a cold day all the hot soups, chocolate, chili and desserts hit the spot.
Jack enjoyed Bison Chili.
I chose a family knows it's my fav!
Music is played all over the place and enjoyed by all....this stage had covering against the elements..much needed today!
Surprises never know who would sit down for a little chat!After hours of walking around the Peddler we headed for home.  But that was just a pit stop on our adventure filled day.  We needed pumpkins and corn stalks for the outside of the Pines so we headed out to a pumpkin place we found out about a few years ago. The pumpkins are cheap...$2 a piece....and so are the corn stalks.  So out we went.
The pumpkins were still in the fields and we had to go pick our own. I really wasn't counting on doing that!  We followed the paths around the fields until we found this place...
I thought it looked a bit creepy! We did finally find a spot to stop and pick some gourds..
We went back to pay for everything and get our corn stalks.  That little Jeep was full to the brim! As we were heading out, a fresh batch of stalks was heading in:
By horse and wagon of course...this is Amish country after all!  Poor Jack had to share the front seat with not only me..but some stalks too!
So our excellent adventure came to stop and we were tired and cold and ready to call it quits.  So what do you think I bought at the festival?  Truly, I need nothing and was happy to just browse and enjoy the atmosphere of Fall....but then I saw this little thing and decided to grab it..
It just had my name written all over it!


Andrea Ostapovitch said...

Looks like a day well spent to me! Your blog looks fabulous!

Hilary said...

What a fun day. I love places like that. The food seems yummier there than most similar venues. Love the sign.

betty said...

I like your blog header! Certainly appropriate for the season! Looked like a fun day; glad that you decided to take a day off and enjoy the time together like this!


gin said...

what a wonderful day. I can't believe y'all have SNOW today? That's unreal. I like those festival things, too. I've never been to one with all that good warm soup, chili, etc. That would be delicious in the snow. I get to enjoy our parish fair all next week. There is something different everyday to do. I so enjoyed it when our kids were young. We had to go everyday twice a day to feed and care for the animals our kids had in the livestock area. In fact, it's the same parish fair I attended every year as a child. So I have been going to it every year for 59 years. Only thing we for sure will not have snow!! Maybe a little rain. And for sure 90 degree weather. I can't wait. Oh goodness, I am rambling on. As always I love your blog posts!

Scriptor Senex said...

I hope our first snow is a long way off yet! What a super day - and that enormous pot of veggie soup has made me hungry. Nice photos of you and Jack as well.
And I love your witchy plaque.

Shady Del Knight said...

Hi, YaYa! At first I thought you were doing a humor piece when you talked about temps in the 30s, wind, rain and snow, but then I remembered it's October in Ohio and I realized you were quite serious. In the caption to picture #1 you observed that the leaves are well on their way to beautiful. In picture #2 Shady says "YaYa is well on her way to beautiful!"

It's fun to go to festivals such as this and soak up the atmosphere. With that blustery weather, a steaming bowl of that veggie soup would have been the highlight of my day and I would have been standing near the kettle to keep warm. (Down here in Florida I put on my fur-lined parka when the temp drops below 80!)

Interesting that you spent some time in Amish country, same as I often did when I lived in Lancaster County, PA. Eddy would have enjoyed romping through those fields, wouldn't he? Nothing brings back the Octobers and Halloweens of my childhood like those decorating essentials - pumpkins and corn stalks. SHUCKS! :)

You are a very good witch indeed, dear friend YaYa. Thank you for a very enjoyable picture post and have a happy Sunday!

acorn hollow said...

Looks and sounds like a good day so s word here but rain and chilly I made home made soup and the last batch of sauce from our tomatoes.
Love the sign.

Kay G. said...

Ha, love that witch sign!
That scarecrow costume is amazing, although as a kid, it would have scared me!
What a great time, I feel like I went with you, that big pot of veggie soup looks good to me!

Kerri said...

I cannot believe you had some flurries already! My mom and sister like to go to the prairie festival...but I don't think they were able to go this year. My husband and I love to walk around places like that. LOVE your cute sign!

selvageedge said...

I'm glad you had fun in spite of our crazy weather. Gotta say, that scarecrow was seriously creepy looking.

Rick Watson said...

I love small town festivals. We had some great food choices.
The setting for your festival was more appealing than ours.

On a side note, I wish you'd consider putting a follow by email widget on your blog so that it would send me an email whenever you post. I'm a little absent minded which prevents me from being a good blog buddy:)

Nonnie said...

LOL!! We were a little shivery here yesterday with temps in the high 50's!! Snow! I would have enjoyed the homemade soups and all the different smells going on there. You look terrific! I think stopping to have a fun day together is always a good idea.

Munir said...

That huge bowl of soup seems so inviting.
Glad that you guys had fun. Festivals are fun. We love Greek festivals too.

Cindy said...

What a great Fall day (except for the bit of s***). You look so cute in that picture and have such pretty eyes!!

Julia said...

Well I guess Mother Nature wanted to visit the fair too, lol. It does look cold with everyone bundled up warmly and hot chilli would hit the spot.
It good that you decided to have a fun day with your hubby. I look forward to seeing your Fall decorations.

Love that witch sign.
Wishing you a great Autumn with lots of fun but no snow.

Karen Whittal said...

Just the kind of day I would have enjoyed, including the snow, I have only seen snow twice in 35 years, so even that would have woked for me

Stephanie Faris said...

What fun!!! This reminds me of the time a couple of years ago when I had a writing assignment to get in the car and drive a way I wouldn't ordinarily go and write about it. We went down the Natchez Trace and ended up in an area of town where I'd never been. I wrote the article and was paid for it...but it's the memories that stay with me. My husband and I need to do that again!

111 LaLa Lane said...

What a fun day for you and Jack. Hope I can find something this neat, this weekend for the g-kids and I to do. And Snow? Really? I'm still waiting on a haul from last winter. Lol!!

Susan Anderson said...

This is my idea of a perfect adventure. And your pic looks so cute! Love your hair.


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