Friday, October 31, 2014

Simply Spooktackular

Our good friends, Greg and Gayle,  returned this week from serving a mission for our Church.  I thought it would be fun to gather a few friends and have a little dinner gathering on Halloween night to welcome them home.  I wanted it to be "spooktackular"!  It was a lot of fun and it was great to visit with everyone and just enjoy a relaxing evening together.  I decorated to the hilt and it looked pretty festive tonight!  My dear BFF, Donna, made 2 absolutely beautiful centerpieces for my tables.  I was blown away when her hubby dropped them by this morning.
Isn't it fabulous? And to think she made 2 of them....Donna, you are amazing! They looked great on the main food table and the dessert table. I put 2 big tables in my living room to accommodate all 17 of us.
It was a simple table setting:
Tonight the candles were lit and the black roses were a nice touch. I made a few ghoulish dishes...such as:
Bone slices...
Skeleton ribs with a knife in his heart:
Brains...hey, there's always room for jello!
Clown eyes...
A trifle that sports a few "RIP" tombstones.  We also had cemetery clippings (salad),
zombie eyes (deviled eggs), haunted pasta salad, ghosts in the graveyard (twice baked potatoes) ghost wienies, vampire salsa dip, witches brew and ghost water....not to mention spooky cupcakes! With the food all ready and the tables set,  Jack and I put our costumes on.
OOPS! That's not my costume!
Here's our costumes...much better!
Guests arrived and hit the food table....and we ate and laughed and caught up on everyone's doings the 2yrs Greg and Gayle were gone.  I didn't get a pic of the lovely couple...I was too busy being "witchy" I guess!  It was a nice evening and I was glad we could all gather here.  October flew by and I can't believe tomorrow is November...I hope everyone had a bewitching day today...I know I did!
Night all!  Boooo!


betty said...

Looked like everyone had a great time! Food looked good too!


Shady Del Knight said...

You're a good witch, dear YaYa, and an even better hostess. You go all out at Halloween and your selection of eats is not for the faint of heart. I would have been goblin those brains and clown eyes! I hope Eddy was there to "vacuum" the floor after the party.

We had a record number of trick-or-treaters last night. We gave away 350 pieces of candy, one per customer, and ran out at 9 pm when there were still a few monsters on the prowl! The weather was refreshingly cool for a change and this morning a brisk breeze is ushering in the coolest air of the season. Thanks for sending it our way!

I hope November will be kind to you and your family, dear friend YaYa!

Julia said...

What a wicked party. OMG, Duck Dynasty was at your place, lol... All I know, you make a lovely nice witch.

I love Donna's flower bouquets and the menu looks very gorishingly appetizing. You are so creative. I love the knife in the heart dish, lol. It looks bloody delicious.

Thanks for sharing you fun with us. My halloween was just boring. Not even one kid at the door. Only George eating chocolate bars, lol...


Kay G. said...

They were gone for two years? How wonderful and how great it was to have such a welcoming homecoming for them!
Love the bones slices! I have not seen that one before! Very clever the way the food is arranged, but all I think of is how much I would like to eat it!!
And yes, I do love that flower centerpiece that your friend made for you, how lovely.
Happy November to you my witchy friend!

Cindy said...

Soooo nice of you to host that party, and you do such a great job!! I am sure your friends appreciated your efforts, and I love Donna's center pieces as well!! Hope you're having a relaxing November 1st!

Grandma Honey said...

I find it interesting that you said the evening was relaxing. And yet, you obviously worked ALOT to make things really nice.

I also find it funny (only because I can relate so well!) that the 2 people you gave the party to, you forgot to take a picture of. That is what I keep doing too!

Kim said...

You're so funny. As usual your food looks perfect. Frightfully perfect

selvageedge said...

It was definitely spooktackular, but anything but simple. You put a tremendous amount of work into it. I must say, that the food was to die for. Especially those yummy ribs. The rain gave it the perfect "dark and stormy night" setting, and luckily saved us from any scary walks through the creepy woods. Great company, phenomenal hostess. Thanks again for a wonderful evening. :)

gin said...

I love your parties, I felt as if I was there thru your post. I loved the Skeleton bones dish!! You and jack and your house looked all so Halloween-y! And welcome home to your 2 dear friends.

Nonnie said...

You know how to throw a party! All the food looks quite appetizing in spite of their names and think I could have dug into all of it. Your BFF did a fabulous job with the flowers and you managed to be a boo-tiful witch in spite of having worked so hard to put all that together. Your friends must surely have felt the love. How fun!

Karen Whittal said...

I was telling Julia, that we don't do Halloween at all in South Africa, looks like a lot of fun LOVE your house love Karen

Sweet Tea said...

That was quite the dinner party! Doncha just love it when things come together so well?! Great food ideas, too. Seems like there were lots of Halloween parties this year, perhaps because it fell on Friday.

Hilary said...

You are SO creative! What a fun meal for the occasion.

Rick Watson said...

Fun post Yaya. I loved the costumes.
I went to a costume party once and a guy came dressed as a Christmas tree with gift boxes for shoes. Every now and then he would walk over to a light plug and plug his lights in. He won the prize that night.