Sunday, September 28, 2014

Had A Ball This Weekend...Soccer Ball That Is!

The first weekend of Fall brought beautiful weather and more activities than I could handle! I had plans for projects around the house but I was also on call and of course that interrupts life sometimes.  I think every elderly person in Ashland decided to fall and break a hip this weekend! Poor things! We got them patched up and in-between I tried to do what I could with my "to do" list.  One item I really wanted to check off was seeing our Grandson Cameron play soccer.  I was a bit nervous to head over to Wooster since it's a good 30min. from the hospital but I took a chance and all was well. He played his little heart out. His team is made up of first time players in the kindergarten and first grades. I kept saying to Jack that I thought the opposing team was so tall and boy did they have good skills.  We found out that they were all 3rd graders and a club team to boot....they creamed poor Cam's team.  I don't know why they put such older kids against these little dudes and also let them continue to score goal after goal.  Here are some shots of Cam-man playing..I realized I didn't get any of the other team for comparison.  That's OK, we want to forget about them!
Cameron's number is #1....and he's #1 in my book too!
Cam's on the left with the glasses, but you can see the frustration in his team mate's face!
He played goalie too and did a super job...I don't think he got scored on.
A little goalie action!
When it was all over he had a red face and big, toothless smile!
Support and a hug from your big brother Anthony also helps! Love these guys! The weather has been warm and the sun has shown for weeks now without rain.  Summer seems to have arrived! But you can't deny the color changes and somehow I'm thinking we'll be getting that cooler weather soon.
Yep, can't deny Fall is here!


joeh said...

I loved soccer when the kids were young. My grandson is just starting. Playing against 3rd graders is rediculous!

Shady Del Knight said...

Hi, dear YaYa! What a gorgeous new header, incorporating signs of autumn. I love it!

It just so happens that Mrs. Shady is on call tonight until 7 in the morning! The phone usually rings like Grand Central Station and we typically get very little sleep on nights like this. Wish us luck.

How proud you must be of Grandkiddo Cameron! I don't understand why they made his team play older, more experienced boys. On one hand it's beneficial to face a challenging opponent, but you don't want to discourage kids who are just starting out in a sport either.

Seems like I'm the one getting all the rain at the moment. We've been stuck in a tropical weather pattern more than a week and have experienced monsoon rain at times. A large portion of my yard is flooded. (I always wanted waterfront property and I finally got my wish!)

Thank you for the enjoyable post and your visit to SDMM this evening, dear friend YaYa. I wish you a wonderful week ahead!

betty said...

Seems a bit unfair to put 3rd graders with kindergarteners! But your grandson's team seemed to at least make an effort to play and do the best they could, so congrats to them!


Julia said...

I admit that the teams should be equal on both side. I wonder where is the wisdom in playing big kids against small kids.

My goodness, his brother has grown big.

You're such a good grandmother and your great too for chancing to go to the games.
We seem to be having an Indian Summer right now. You won't hear me complaining.

Have a great week.

Nonnie said...

Good Grandma!! You've certainly got your priorities in order! Really nice pictures of the kids playing and, of course your Cameron is #1!

We will be watching our grandsons play this weekend. Both our grandsons play soccer and our son-in-law is one of the coaches. He purposely lines them up fairly often to play against the bigger kids to toughen them up! I think it's a little crazy myself.

I have to admit I envy the beauty of your Fall up north!

rosaria williams said...

My son Brian played soccer in the fall, basketball in winter and baseball in summer; his dad coached or refereed all of these sports as well. I was the spectator and major cheerleader and snack coordinator. When he got to high school and quit everything else, we were left with weekends to fill. I still miss those days...

Karen Whittal said...

Love the new lay out of your blog, so modern and artistic I so wish i was there now, I just love the colours of Autumn your garden as always looks stunning. We had a cold winter by our standards and even managed to reached -8 for a whole..... 4 days... lol

selvageedge said...

Cam is such a cutie!

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

No more soccer ball more graduations, no more proms.. :( Enjoy, Yaya!

Deb Shucka said...

Nothing much cuter than little guys playing soccer! And your particular little guy is about as cute as they come.

Willow said...

Great kick Cameron , and what a wonderful big brother you have too.
And Yaya yup I think that tree sure says Autumn with a capital A.
Hope you and the Mr. are having a great weekend !