Saturday, September 6, 2014

Times They Are A Changing

I don't know if you noticed, but the times are changing...the days seem to be getting shorter.  Well, the daylight is getting shorter...there's still 24hrs to a day! Last week had to be the hottest week of our summer.  But that's not really unusual.  When we moved into this house, 13yrs ago on Monday, I thought it would be the best time to move.  I figured September would be cooler than moving in July. Ha! It was the hottest day of the year.  Like yesterday was around here.  But that's going to change as tonight it's dropping into the 50's and next week looks very much cooler. The pool time is coming to a close I'm afraid.  Colors are changing too.  I'm noticing trees starting to turn.    Our dogwoods are showing some red:
I found this leaf in the grass:
The flowers out front are looking fabulous but very fallish with orange abounding:
I picked a lovely little bouquet this morning:
Orange again is the theme.  I'm a magazine aholic...truly....ask Jack.  I've noticed all the mags I have are sporting orange too:
Can you see the orange in the Buckeye tree?
Not a great was raining out this morning!
Squeak was hoping I'd let him in out of the rain...notice the leaf next to him? (I did let him in by the way!)
I found this figurine to add to my Halloween  Lori Mitchell collectables. She may not look super cute in this pic but grouped with the other "trick or treaters" she will fit in perfectly!  So the days are shorter and the nights are cooler and the fall items are in the stores.  I guess it was time to get rid of the swimming theme and I decided the last of my featured Grandkiddos would have to have a school theme.  Last week it was Cameron on the floatie in the his brother Anthony is on the header with his first day of school pic.  Notice his wrapped hand? He plays football for the junior high and I guess  he sprained it at practice.  Hope it doesn't hurt his game!  So as the times begin to slip into a fall mode, I will be too.  After spending time outside between raindrops today weeding and getting the outside in better shape, I will slowly be taking down signs of summer and slipping on the fall wreaths and decorations.  I love this time of year when color is bursting out all over.  This sunset was no exception.
Good night.


betty said...

What a pretty sunset! I do hope your grandson is still able to play football with a hand injury! I have noticed the nights getting darker earlier. We still have the warm weather and our leaves don't change and fall off until January, but there is just a touch of fall indeed in our air :)


joanne said...

I've been craving pops of orange lately also. I wonder if it's the time of autumn. We are having scorching temps here, very strange, almost 90 today. Not quite ready to put out the fall decor yet.

Shady Del Knight said...

Hello, dear YaYa! I enjoyed your signs of approaching autumn and I envy you at this time of the year. As I have stated many times before, I miss being able to examine the splendor of colored leaves and feel a nip in the air on a September evening or morning. It will take a couple more months before Floridians experience real relief from the relentless heat and humidity.

What a beautiful floral arrangement! Like you I am hooked on magazines, not only for reading but for collecting. As you and I have both discovered, their colorful cover art can be used as a decorative accent in locations all over the house.

I'd be willing to bet that Anthony thinks that bandage on his arm is cool. Playing a sport regardless of an injury makes a guy look badass in the eyes of his peers and intimidates the other team during a game because they know he means business.

It's great to get a glimpse of Squeak. If you can take a picture of Eddy next time he visits the Pines I'd love to see it. If it's not too much trouble I'd also like to request a pic of Bigfoot sitting on a tree stump in the Creepy Woods eating a box of Cracker Jack and reading an issue of Field and Stream. :)

Happy Sunday, dear friend YaYa, and have a great week!

acorn hollow said...

the light in our days is shorter and shorter truly the worst part of winter. We were very hot yesterday now we sit in the sunny dry 60's. My flower beds have been ignored most of the busy summer but I am home for the day so I will cut back and get ready for the fall. boooooo

Julia said...

Love the colors on the magazine and your pretty flowers.

I was a magazine addict too, with big piles that I would go through once in a while but never enough spare time to really make any projects from them, just wishful thinking... One day I decided that I could do without them and I stopped buying them. That freed a lot of my time.

I've noticed that the days are quickly getting shorter and that some of the hydrangeas are turning pink and some trees show signs of turning colors.

We've had some miserable humid and hot days and I'm so glad it's nice and dry and sunny today.
Have a great week.

I hope that your grandson's arm heals fast and that he will be able to play football soon.

Hilary said...

Colourful and lovely. It sounds like you're getting the same weather we are.. hot then cool.. with a dash of red and orange. Even your Squeak looks like my Zephyr.

Kim said...

Yes, times are changing and I love it! And I love your little figurine too. She's a sweetie

selvageedge said...

I have really enjoyed this summer, as I am a fan of cooler weather. So crazy that we hit our summer high this week. The change of seasons seems to be coming on quickly, and I'm starting to see pops of color everywhere too. Your little Halloween fairy is a cutie!

Sweet Tea said...

Still very hot here but the air smells different so I know Fall is on it's way here. Loved all the orange in your photos. Perhaps I will give into it and sprinkle a few Fall things around tomorrow. Maybe. I am still hanging on to Summer tho I know it's an impossibility. :-)

Nonnie said...

I love Fall and the cooler weather. Your flowers are so pretty and so is your sunset. Sunsets are one of my favorite things. I am always trying to capture them and so have quite a collection of the ones I see from my back porch.
Hope your grandson heals up quickly so he can okay the season.

Willow said...

Beautiful sunset and no stopping Fall is there .
Sqeak glad she let you in out of the rain buddy , have you missed Eddy ? Cricket does.
The little Halloween figurine is right up my alley, and see that your already looking forward to Halloween missy !
I'm not minding the Fall coming on as hot humid Summer weather isn't my cuppa tea. But thinking ahead to Jack Frosts steely nip ~ well that I could probably do without.

Rick Watson said...

You can see autumn everywhere. It's still hotter than blazes, but the light and the leaves are slowly turning.
I think we'll have a pool before next summer.