Sunday, September 14, 2014


It's going to be Monday already...where did this weekend go?  Looking back at last week I was trying to think of some things to blog about.  I know I blogged about 9/11 but I did have a few other things going on.  Let's look at last Monday.  We usually have a work inservice on Mondays and we start our surgery schedule at 8:30am instead of 7:30.  Me talking to Jack: "We had an inservice this morning".. Jack: "What was it on?"  Me: "Lint"...Jack: Blink, blink...."Lint?"  Me: "Yep"...Jack: "Who gave the inservice?"  Me: "The Nazi from the Raiders of the Lost Ark"...Jack: Blink, blink.  Remember in the movie where the little Nazi guy gets his had branded? Seriously, the sales rep from Kimberly Clark looks just like him.  He's been coming to give our inservices for a million years and now we all just call him the Nazi from Raiders of the Lost Ark...I think his name is Bill.  (We don't call him that to his face BTW..we're not that mean)  He's very passionate about lint.  You don't want to know what lint can do to the human body if it gets into an open wound.  Just so you know, we do everything in our power to keep our OR lint free.  Learning about lint at 7am is not the most stimulating subject.  I'm not a coffee drinker but I was thinking maybe I should start! Ha! The rest of the week was just sort of regular. Ho Hum I guess.  Not that I want excitement or over the top issues...I'm OK with HO HUM! Yesterday I worked outside doing what I call "Super Weed Wacking"....with a BIG weed wacker!  Jack and I cleared out the Creepy Woods so the paths would be good to start walking on again.  The temps have been pretty cool and it was a beautiful day for outdoor work.  Today I took a walk up and enjoyed the quiet and beauty of this almost Fall day. 
These weeds did not get wacked! They are pretty and are all over the woods.  The other things all over the woods are many downed trees.  Jordan heard a big crash last time he and Eddy were near the woods so we investigated and found these.
This is hanging over one of the paths but it's been there since last year, so that's not what Jord heard....
You can see where it's caught.
This turned out to be the culprit....but it's hard to see how big it is from my me, it's a good sized dead fall...
Here's the  just fell over on it's own.  The good thing about it is 1) Nobody was under it when it fell 2) It's dead, so cutting it up means good firewood for us! 3)
The trunk that is sitting across the path is a good place to stop and rest.
I sat down and enjoyed the quiet and the nice day...but I kept hearing something moving around behind me....I kept turning around thinking I would see deer or some other critters....that's when I decided to head back...we don't call it the "Creepy Woods" for nothing! (No Shady, I didn't see Bigfoot!)  So the weekend ended HO HUM....but the weather was beautiful and this coming week looks busy as I take on some painting projects, work all week, perhaps visit our county fair,  and get ready for a quick trip to Chicago next weekend.  HO HUM indeed!  P.S...Before I forget, my last 2 Grandkiddos for the header are Summer (on the left) and her sister, Driana....they are the sweetest kiddos and both are very talented and hard working.  Summer and Driana both are artistic but Summer is planning on making that a career. She's a junior in high school. Driana is a sophomore in college majoring in psychology....hmmm, I might be her favorite subject!


Shady Del Knight said...

Hi, dear YaYa! No Bigfoot sightings in the Creepy Woods? Shucks! Did you at least see footprints? Dung droppings? Empty Cracker Jack boxes? :)

It's convenient that the old tree toppled just in time for you to cut it up for firewood and use it to keep warm this fall and winter. I'm thankful Jordan and Eddy weren't in harm's way when it fell.

There have been many chaotic occasions when I have wished for a little "ho hum." Be grateful.

I'm glad you explained your header picture. At first I thought you were featuring two Miss America contestants. Summer and Driana are lovely, smart and talented young women and you have every reason to be proud of them.

Thank you for a very interesting post. I wish you a safe and happy week ahead, dear friend YaYa!

betty said...

I think you were wise to get out of the creepy woods if you thought you heard something. Your grand daughters are beautiful! Seems like they will do well in life!

It is amazing how fast the weekends go, even if they are ho hum ones :) We were so hot here (low 90s) that we just kind of "vegged" out the whole weekend, but really what can one do if it is that hot with little to no air conditioning?

hope the week ahead is a good one!


Kim said...

You sat that while you were hearing strange noises from within the creepy woods?? I was yelling at the computer "Get Out YaYa!!" Remember it's not called the Fairytale's the Creepy Woods. Lol

Nonnie said...

Your photos are always so pretty. I need to get out and just enjoy this fine weather, too. And a Ho-hum week is okay with me.
Your granddaughters are beautiful.

Julia said...

I had to laugh at the lint issue in the OR. Boy I'm some glad I didn't get lint trapped in wounds with my many OR visits. My body is like a road map to a surgeon convention.

Those two pretty girls looks so sweet. You have beautiful grandkids.

Noises are always magnified when you're in the woods alone. I love walking in the woods.

Hope your week goes well.

111 LaLa Lane said...

Bigfoot would be the least of my worries. I would be afraid it was a snake trying to sneak up on me. Hate those critters. But, I'm so glad you had a great weekend of weather to start clearing the creepy woods path. If it doesn't cool off here soon, I'm moving in with you.

Hilary said...

Bigfoot? Nah! Snakes? Nope. Deer? Not a chance. What crept up behind you in the Creepy Woods was a giant lint! ;)

selvageedge said...

I hope it wasn't the Lint Nazi in your creepy woods! So sorry to see that you have a few big trees down in your yard. We have a dead maple in our back yard that we need to have taken out and I was hoping Jack might want it for firewood.

Unbelievable that Summer and Driana are so grown up. A sophomore in college, wow! Where does the time go? They are so beautiful and I have to admit I had to look closely at the picture to figure out who was who. I'm glad you told, and I did guess right. :)

gin said...

No Ho Hum about those 2 beauties in your header picture. They are gorgeous!! And the county fair and the trip back home should add a little excitement to your week. Can't wait to hear all about your trip.

Munir said...

May be you can write a novel about the creepiness of he woods. You write good.
Peace and quite are definitely good things. Enjoy them.
I would be so proud of both Summer and Driana. Both of the subjects are good.
Fall is not too far. So make the best of what ever is left of summer time.

Scriptor Senex said...

Driana and Summer are as beautiful as ever.
I wish I had creepy woods. If you don't know what it was how you can you be so sure it wasn't Bigfoot?
I, too, am OK with HO HUM. It can be good top have some HO HUM time between busy times.
Thanks for the two Ashland cards - they arrived together yesterday - much appreciated.
Love J

Willow said...

Beautiful grandkiddos .
Oh Eddy how I miss him, glad he came for a viz.
BUT the big question of the day and all I can now think about is the cliffhanger ~ WHAT does lint do if it gets into a cut on the human body ????

Susan Anderson said...

Darling granddaughters!

Have to admit the idea of lint getting into surgical wounds never occurred to me. Glad the Nazi from Raiders is keeping you guys on your toes…


Karen Whittal said...

Hello there old friend, how awesome to eventually get back onto your blog, and seeing that all is well in your world. There must have been lots of changes in the "blogging world" as I am struggling with everything. Am going to enjoy catching up with the "goings on" in your house hold. How your grandchildren have grown, time just flies. Will be keeing in touch, lots of love Karen