Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Sole Sistas!

Today was "National Go Barefoot Day".   I'm guessing we were suppose to go barefoot all day.  I work in an operating room all day and, trust me on this,....You do not ever want to work in an operating room without shoes and socks on.  In fact, it's policy in our hospital that everyone has to wear shoes and socks and no crocks are allowed either.  No holes allowed or I guess you could say "All holes barred!".....But in the tradition that we are up for anything, I asked for a quick photo op at the end of the day to celebrate.  Our usual way of celebrating anything is to have a food fest so this was much more healthy, easy and gave everyone a smile to end the day! So here are my working "Sistas"...bearing their "soles" to you!  Hope your day was a barefoot, fun and smiley day!
Whew......it's the end of the day people and I think I can tell how hard everyone walked on their tooties....sometimes I think we feel like we go home on bloody stumps!
A little closer...The ones without socks took them off before the shoot...
Thanks team! Don't I work with a great group of gals?  Now all of you go home and soak them puppies because we start all over tomorrow!


Shady Del Knight said...

Take off your shoes and throw 'em away
Come back and get 'em another day
We're barefootin'...

Remember that Robert Parker record, YaYa? The kids did a lot of barefootin' at the Shady Dell.

Well, I'm disappointed, dear friend. I was hoping these pictures were "scratch and sniff." I tried and tried and - NOTHING! (LOL) Mrs. Shady works in the healthcare industry, too, and she often comes home with tired tootsies and soaks them in Epsom salts. I hope your cold is long gone by this time, dear friend.

F.Y.I. - I have a very important blog post coming up on Thursday. I'm organizing a love shower for a very important lady. If you don't know about her yet this is your opportunity to meet her. I'll see you Thursday, dear friend YaYa!

PoetessWug said...

Ha! Ha! Way to 'go with the flow' girls!! ^_^ Good looking 'tootsies' too!

Munir said...

Barefoot is nice on grass. I am not so sure about an orthopedics office floor. You guys are brave.

Scriptor Senex said...

Great one. What a super post.

You should have had Partner-who-loves-tea there. Her socks are always so bright you need sunglasses to look at them!

But you will have to explain to this Trans-Atlantic person what crocks are please. To me they are old earthenware pots / jars or old, feeble people. There are obviously none of the latter - I can tell from the last photo. But are you banned from wearing earthenware pots on your feet? Good job.

Hilary said...

Oh I love that mismatched "pair." And I love the spirit you share with these women. You all look like you're a great team full of love and respect for one another.

Sush said...

What funnn! I bet y'all are a very comforting group to have in the OR! Glad you could have some fun.
In the office where I worked we were often in our at least sock feet until someone entered the realm! Admissions at NCSU was also a funnn place to work!

Cheltz said...

I didn't go barefoot today :(. I did spend a lot of the day in just socks, and this post is making think that counts.

Nonnie said...

Well, gee, that's fun! When I was a kid, May 1 marked the day we were allowed to go barefoot, and not a day before!! It was something we always looked forward to that said summer was on its way. You and your group sure have great fun together.

It does surprise me that you didn't celebrate with some kind of baked goodies, though. You might have enjoyed a recipe or two from the Barefoot Contessa!

acorn hollow said...

I love when I get home and take my
shoes off. It feels so gooood.
great group of ladies.

Julia said...

I just wish that you got someone else to take the photo. I wanted to see your feet too. All you ladies deserve a nice foot reflexology massage. It works wonder.

I love Donna's socks. Doesn't she look radiant.

What a great bunch of fun ladies that you work with, you included.

Willow said...

Oh now I am singing that Jimmy Buffet flip flop song lol and wanting to go buy new sandals.

Rick Watson said...

How could I have missed National Go Barefoot Day. You would think my computer would have beeped, chirped or said Hey Bubba, pull your shoes off.
But no!
I love that you guy your buddies to pose for that shot :)

Marsha @Spots and Wrinkles said...

Bless your heart. My mom was a nurse and I have some idea of how hard all of you worked today!

I love the "all holes barred" line. :) Get some rest.

Munir said...

Congrats on being "The smitten blog". Indeed your blogs are full of cute facts and cute kids:) (GOD BLESS THEM).
We need blogs like these. They are a proof that hard work pays off.