Saturday, April 20, 2013

Ooopppssss...It Did It Again

The past week has been the Spring we've been waiting for...warm temps, a bit of rain, good "cook out" weather.  I mowed the yard for the first time this year and basked in the wonderful cut grass smell and enjoyed the ride on the mower too.  Our Granddaughters, Addy and Lexi, came by on Thursday  in the afternoon and they stayed for dinner..along with their Daddy.  We had yummy grilled chicken and a crisp salad, fresh asparagus and even homemade icecream.  Lexi came into the kitchen and said:  "It looks like a party in here!".  Yes, we even celebrated by eating outdoors.  It was 82 degrees Thursday.  Enter Saturday.
That's not sugar on my front's SNOW!! Mother Nature, I officially hate you and want out of the will!
My tulips were confused by the white stuff falling on them...they have refused to pop open.
Pink blooms?? Yes, but tonight it's suppose to be 29 de...will they still be pink in the morning?
So keeping with the winter temps and the snow, I made a pot of homemade veggie soup. Some homemade bread would be nice with it.....smells good anyway!
I caught Eddy on the couch this morning being cozy with MY BLANKET!  I get it Eddy, it's cold outside, and snowing and you're just trying to get through the weekend because it's back to more normal temps on Monday.  Yep, 50de. will feel like a heat wave!
What?? Did someone say it's going to get nice out?  Just go back to sleep and give me back my blankie!


rosaria williams said...

Oh dear, some fluctuating! I'm sure we'll laugh out loud with each turn of the season, but can't guarantee how those poor fruit trees will fare. I'm still keeping all my woolens around for another six weeks or so.

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

So sorry Mother Nature is giving you fits! I try to think of you guys before I ever complain about Texas weather.
Surely this is the last of your snow.
Glad you did get to have a nice evening with your babies.
Love ya

Munir said...

I know the ups and downs in temperatures make me go crazy too. Poor Eddy, it is not fair that plants and pets have to go through this game of mother nature as well.

PoetessWug said...

Ha! Ha! I just love Eddy! We're 'birds of a feather' blankie-wise! ^_^ Hey! Keep that snow out your way, will ya! We're having a bit cooler weather tonight, but it's been sunny all day! My hubby even thought he saw two hummingbirds buzzing the backyard today!Yeah, right!! Ha! Ha!

Shady Del Knight said...

Hello again, dear friend YaYa! I'll have you know that I am a dog lover and I love your Eddy. Bless his heart!

You might not think so but Central Florida also has problems with seesawing temperatures during the winter and spring. (No, I'm not building toward one of my patented jokes.) Down here we have strawberry and citrus crops, fish farms and tropical plant nurseries that depend on even temperatures that stay within the normal range. When we hit a cold snap the losses are staggering and prices for those commodities rise sharply. An unexpected winter warm spell can also be detrimental.

I lived in Penna the first 33 years of my life. I vividly recall how often spring giveth and taketh away during the month of April. I even remember some heavy snows in early May. Be patient, dear friend. Before you know it you'll be celebrating the 4th of July after which summer draws to a close in no time flat. It's an inescapable fact of life north of the Mason Dixon line.

Dear YaYa (Kathleen), thank you very much for the lovely comment you left over at SDM&M. Your kind and thoughtful words brought great happiness to Margaret who was born the same week as the sinking of the Titanic. Little Margaret and her family were the first occupants of the Shady Dell 100 years ago. Now, all these years later, your warm greeting made her feel special and important on her 101st birthday. This is what life's all about, isn't it? Thank you again from the bottom of my heart, YaYa!

Julia said...

Oh cheer up dear Yaya, your grass is green and your tulips are budded so what is a little sprinkling of snow? The sun love to show how quick he can make that vanish without a trace.

My daffodils are blooming and the grass is just starting to grow so we are not even as advanced are you are. The worst thing is that I don't know what to wear.

Have a great weekend with lots of sun.

acorn hollow said...

our spring is not as far along as yours we are getting the cold again too. down to 26 tonignt and freezing rain and sleet are on the way for Tue. I am thinking of moving south even though I would die in the heat of the summer.

Scriptor Senex said...

I loved your comment - "Mother Nature, I officially hate you and want out of the will!". Like Julia the hardest thing is knowing what to weart. I have to go outside the shelter of the garden and into the road before the 'real' temperature and wind get to me and it's then a case of deciding whether to go back and add a layer or take off layer. I f I don't bother I come back from the shops freezing cold or perspiring like a pig.

Sue said...

What is up with this weather? It is waaaay too strange!!


Stacy Crawford said...

crazy weather

selvageedge said...

This has been a wacky weather year, but at least we haven't had the extreme storms that so much of the country has seen. It was kind of weird though to watch the guy who does our lawn mow off the frost. :)

Cheltz said...

That snow after beautiful weather is always the hardest! It happens to us every Spring. I try to be prepared for.

Hilary said...

The weather has been so moody just about everywhere. How disappointing to see snow after such a lovely day.

But this too shall pass... much like the tea that almost passed through my nose when I read "Mother Nature, I officially hate you and want out of the will!"