Sunday, April 7, 2013

Another Week To Celebrate

We decided to gather our kiddos together this weekend to celebrate Easter again..with the Ashland group.. Since we had Easter with Craig in Oregon, Portland, we wanted to see the others and enjoy some family time.  We certainly had the perfect weather. Sun, warmish, and about as perfect a Spring weekend as anyone could have ordered.  Very similar to last weekend! Except last Sunday I came down with a nasty virus that reared it's ugly head Easter afternoon.  Headache, fever, chills, coughing...I never (or hardly every) get sick. I'm blaming the flying petri dish....the airplane ride...for this weird phenom.  It even invaded my work week. I went to work on Wednesday thinking I was getting better, only to have a relapse in the afternoon. Thursday I got up and tried to get ready for work, but finally gave in and called in sick. I haven't done that in years...I mean atleast 4 or more anyway.  Jack's fighting the coughing and tired part but he did much better than me...showoff! Anyway, I'm so much better and really enjoyed having everyone over for food, laughter, and a mean game of Candy Land with Cameron! Here's the weekend in a pic flash:
The bell goes off and everyone bellies up to the bar for some grub:
The weather was nice enough to gather on the deck...Summer and Cameron chowing down!
Big Sis Driana enjoying the sun on her face.
Their Dad, Jack the 3rd....I still call him "Jackie"..sorry!
Jordan and Phil.
After dinner it was time for the annual Easter egg hunt. These little lumps on logs were just waiting while the older generation went out front to hide them.
Then the hunt was on with skirts flying in the breeze....Lexi and Addy in hot pursuit!
Cameron spying one up a bush.
Maybe a little help from their Mom (Amanda) would be appreciated!
The hunt ended with one missing egg that I'm sure I'll find after the first time I mow! We always have that one egg that seems to go missing every year.  Next on the agenda? The guys thought it would be fun to hit some golf balls. Brett, Summer's boyfriend was the only one who really could hit them far. It's been a bit since my boys golfed. Of course Jack couldn't resist asking our son Jackie to explain to his teenagers how he drove a golf cart into the creek at Brookside golf course when he was a teen.  He was soooo thankful for being reminded of that!
Anthony usually saves his sportsmanship for football and basketball but tried his hand with the clubs too.
The ball girls....those little white balls need to be retrieved so YaYa doesn't send them flying with the mower in a few weeks. They were good at their job! The funny part will be finding all the ones in the Creepy Woods. I've found tons while looking for mushrooms....more golf balls are found than mushrooms! It's surprising how far they sail through the trees!  That's OK, I don't ever find shrooms anyway!
To end the day everyone took rides over the Pines.....
So long Easter 2013....It was fun celebrating 2 weeks in a row and seeing all the kids and Grandkids just enjoying time together. Mother Nature was having a good day too!
Spring might have sprung after all...Hello Daffodils! I missed you!


111 LaLa Lane said...

So glad you're feeling better, YaYa. Can I come eat with you? I'm suddenly hungry.

Sue said...

I always love your family pics. Glad you're feeling better now!


Shady Del Knight said...

Love that place we affectionately call Oregon, Portland, dear YaYa! :) Hey, you and I are totally in sync because I was sick for two weeks during the same time frame that you were ill. I had all the same symptoms, too. Mrs. Shady was the first to come down with it and I caught it from her. Like you I am just now snapping out of it. I'm so happy to know you bounced back and that the Ohio, Ashland weather cooperated for Easter II: the Sequel. Easter egg hunts were a big part of my childhood. My dad was president of the local chapter of Lions Club Int'l and the Lions staged egg hunts every year in a field in my neighborhood. I always ended up giving a few of my eggs away to smaller kids who were walking around crying with empty baskets. I'm so happy to see pictures of your lovely family, dear friend. Thank you once again for making my day, my night and my week with your generous comments on my blog. You're the best!!!

Paul Forster said...

The Easter Egg hunt and golf looked like fun. How wonderful to spend quality time with loved ones.

Kim said...

The only thing better that Easter is 2 Easters, right? I hope you are feeling better. I am far from a germophobe but when someone coughs on an airplane I almost lose my mind!! But holding my breath until we land seems impractical :)

Julia said...

It's always fun, fun, fun at your house with all the great food feast and outdoors events. You really know how to keep family tightly knitted together. I like that about you and you are doing a super job Yaya.

I know how I feel when someone coughs on an airplane and I'm in the airplane sharing his or her germs. Yuck.
I'm glad that you are all better.

Keep having a fun week.

Munir said...

Thank you for your well wishes.

Keep doing what you are doing as it makes you feel better.
The way you post your family pictures makes your blog yet all the more special.

We are beginning to see the shoots of Daffodils. May be in a week or so we may see the bloom.

Rakel said...

nice pics!

Cheltz said...

This was a fun post! I never got sick either until my kids started going to school, and then only when I'm pregnant. I'm always surprised at how miserable it is :(. I'm glad it didn't last long, and you could enjoy your 2nd Easter!

Stacy Crawford said...

My daffodils just sprung up too! It looks like you had a beautiful day. I hope you are feeling much better.

Nonnie said...

So sorry you had to suffer through all that, but happy for you to be able to enjoy all the time with your family and especially all the fun wih those kids. Your Drianna is a beautiful young lady and all the younger ones sitting out there waiting on the logs was just precious. You really are a good YaYa. All that food! Yummy. I think I commented in your post about your trip. It looked like you packed a lot in.

Also glad you finally have better weather. :-)

selvageedge said...

I'm so glad that you got in a good Easter hunt at home. And I've decided that those nasty bugs are nature's way of showing us that we still have some youth left--we haven't been around long enough to have caught everything yet. :)

Donna said...

Ah spring! Your party looks like so much fun! The family just gets taller and cuter each season. Glad you are feeling better. I didn't get the flu but still can't get back to feeling good. I think I'd settle for the flu just to have an end to it all.
Great pics....that alligator4 wheeler ride looks like so much fun! We need one here too. It would be such a huge help sometimes. Better go to bed so we can Pete and rePete work days.

Donna said...
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Donna said...
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karen said...

What a wonderful day with your family! What fun you all can have with such a wonderful piece of property. I'm so glad you weren't down sick for long.

Munir said...

I am glad that you are better now. Viruses can be such a drag.
I like the way you call the airoplane the flying Petri dish.
I respect and admire nurses a lot. Doctors too. My sister in law is a nurse and my sister a doctor. I just hope that no one looses their job. It is the middlemen I was talking about.

Rebecca Jerdee said...

What fun. I wanna ride in that John Deere truck!

Willow said...

Hi Yaya , love the family photos. How are you feeling ? Hope your are going strong and having a great weekend.

Kay G. said...

Oh boy, I love the look of all that food! (Sorry, I'm hungry and it made my mouth water!)
Love the girls skirts flying looking for eggs and sweet Cameron looking up in the haystacks...
So clever of you to get the kids to find the golf balls! Make a game of it and kids will do anything (just don't tell them it's work!!)
I believe you, I bet you picked up a germ on that plane ride! Hope you are better now! xx

Munir said...

You job is s dream so many women dream of ie helping human beings. My dream was to be a teacher but I got married then stayed home to take care of kids which I loved. I guess in the long run my desire must have been to be a mom.

You are doing a great job not only as a nurse but as a mom and grandma.

I am thankful for every thing, I was writing for young people that they do something while waiting for their dream to come true.