Wednesday, April 3, 2013

And The Beat Goes On

We tried to put as much as we could into our quick trip out West.  The area is so beautiful...the air so clean and fresh.  The trees have this cool mossy covering on all the limbs. The smell of cedar was always in the air.  We visited a park not too far from the kid's home that had a fun playground for the Grandkids and also rose gardens that were just beginning to come into bloom.  The view was great of downtown Portland.
We had Amy's sister and her kids. The cousins had a ton of fun all weekend!
Here's just a small sampling! We met up with Amy's parents and her brother and his family on Friday at the beach. (Canon beach I believe)..I was very excited to see the ocean again. The wind was chilling but that didn't stop us from playing in the sand and surf!
This is Haystack Rock. A beautiful rock formation that really defines this beach area.
The kiddos gathered shells.
Played in the water and nearly froze!
Let the sand get in their toes!
Posed for YaYa when asked! It was just a great time to hear the surf and the seagulls and even with the cool wind and damp, it was still warmer than home! Saturday was the real reason for this trip. Taylor got Baptized on Saturday afternoon. He was really excited.  We baptize when the children turn 8. Because we baptize by immersion, I had a towel made for Taylor with his baptismal date on it. He loved it! Here are the pics of that day.
The family gathered together.
I thought Taylor looked adorable in his sweater vest...he had matching socks..too cute. Only don't tell him I said he was "cute"....He's too old for cute!
Congrats Taylor! We so glad we could be there for your birthday and baptism and to see your new home and where you live now.  We sure miss you guys and hopefully we'll get back soon. There's still so much to see and enjoy! Thanks for all the fun and all the "blog moments"....and especially for the wonderful memories.


Shady Del Knight said...

Hello, dear YaYa! I join you in congratulating Taylor on these wonderful milestones. He's a fine, handsome boy and looked sharp in that Kelly green sweater vest. Your pictures and descriptions of the park and beach enabled me to imagine the fresh scent of cedar, roses and salt spray. I became invigorated just looking at these marvelous scenes captured by your camera. I dare say the kiddos of all ages will remember these adventures the rest of their lives and that includes you, dear friend!

Julia said...

The place looks beautiful and you are so lucky to have been to the beach while visiting your family. It can't be very cold as the kids are bare feet and the gorls are wearing dresses. and sndals.
Congratulations to Taylor on his baptism. He will remember that you were there for sure.

Have a good rest of the week.

Sue said...

The beach looks great, and so does newly baptized Taylor.

Don't you love when all the cousins can get together? Best thing ever!


Stacy Crawford said...

What a great event! Looks like the towel was a big hit!

gin said...

what a sweet time you were able to share with your family.

Nonnie said...

Many sweet memories there with your family. Looks like you did a lot together and had a really great time. I like the baptism towel idea. Your grandkids are so cute - nice that they cooperate for the pictures! ;-)

Munir said...

The Haystack rock is unbelievable, Wow.
The kids must have had so much fun collecting shells.
Congrats to Taylor!

acorn hollow said...

Looks like you had fun and was there for important events. I must be hard to have them so far away.

Cheltz said...

The towel is a great idea! It can also remind one of the Gift of the Holy Ghost because it keeps one warm? Ok, maybe that one was a bit of a stretch :).

selvageedge said...

Wow, you really did squeeze a lot into your visit. Looks like a wonderful trip. Taylor is a cute boy. I trust you not to tell him I said so though.

Rebecca Jerdee said...

So glad you had such a great time, Kathy! Nothing like a baptism to draw everyone together :)

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Congrat's to Taylor. I know he was very excited as all of you were for his Baptism. My grandson takes his first communion on April 27th.
Loved your trip to the beach. I could not help but think of the Twilght movie seeing this big rock formation Was it in those movies. haha
I am yearning for a few days at the beach. Glad you were able to enjoy it regardless of the cooler temps
Love ya

Donna said...

So glad you are feeling well enough to be up a bit! We missed you yesterday....hjope the flu is flown now.

Blessings to the newly baptised Taylor who I am sure feels doubly blessed being baptised by his father. The pictures are all so fun...nothing like family!!!

Munir said...

What a nice legacy to have all of these nice pics of special events with your family.
Congrats to Taylor.

Kay G. said...

Love these photos that you shared here. I love the beach photos, so brave to be on that beach since it does look cold but it looks so pretty!
Is EVERYBODY related to you so doggone good looking? :-)

rosaria williams said...

Ah, you got to see a typical day in the Northwest on this family vacation. We try to get down to California for a few weeks in winter just to get out of the rain. Come spring, we are suffering with cabin fever, watching for the rain to break so we can go out and take a walk.

Next time, come in summer. It is most glorious here by the water. The views are to die for.