Thursday, August 9, 2012

Want To Be Pregnant?

We have a new OB department..all redone...all new...all pretty...and with it comes this beautiful operating room to do C-Sections in. Now that might not make you excited, but it sure does our surgery department. But mostly I have operating bed envy. This little number is so nice and new...and I want the big window in this room too. (it has a remote control shade) Today was the grand opening..we did the first C-Section in the new room. It all went smooth and hopefully it will continue to do so! I'll give you a little tour of our OB and when I'm done, maybe you'll want to get pregnant and come visit us!
We all went up to take a look and see how we are going to help our OB department learn to do their own C-Sections. That will be so nice for us when we won't have to come running in to do a middle of the night stat section. But much training and learning for them will have to take place and we are eager to help it all happen.
Everyone taking in the sights.
Hello Dr. L! Having fun yet?
When you're laying on the operating room bed you can look up and focus on it's not the real sky, it's a picture that is turned on at the wall. I may just go up there and take a rest on a busy day!
The nurses station is nice and large. They also have a wonderful lounge area and locker rooms and sleeping rooms.
Beautiful photos like this one line the halls and patient rooms. They were taken by a local photographer of actual babies born here at SAM HO.
Yep it's me new whitening toothpaste must be working..see how bright my smile is!
This is a water feature in an atrium waiting area.
Another view of the atrium waiting area inside the department near the patients rooms.
Waterfall in the lobby.
A children's area with vending machines for visitors and kiddos.
This is Little Sam's Cafe...our big cafeteria is called "Sam's Cafe"..Our hospital is Samaritan Hospital and we always call it "SAM HO"...This little spot has fresh fruit, coffee, muffins, bagels, oatmeal, juice, milk, soup, etc..all free for family and visitors.
Ok, so I wouldn't want to be preggo again...but sitting in our new OB lounge with a fire going this winter and some hot cocoa from the Little Sam's Cafe might make me want to wait for someone in labor!
On a different note: Here are some of the trial bracelets from my old buttons. My Mom is so funny. She actually sent me a box of old buttons she had! They were mostly silver and I love them! Thanks Mom!


Stacy Crawford said...

I love the bright smile! :)

What a nice place. I wish I have the blue sky and puffy white clouds to look at when I was having my C-sections. Instead I stared at steel lights.

Those button bracelets are awesome! I love them both. Now you'll have to show us how.

Barbara F. said...

You work in a very nice hospital. Love the fireplace, stress reducer right there! xo

Nonnie said...

What a fantastic environment for everybody involved! Very nice. You do have a flashy smile. :-) I like the clouds and the waterfall and the button bracelets.

Guess I would say no to the pregnant thing, it would really be sad to miss out on my child's graduation 'cause I couldn't leave the nursing home!

acorn hollow said...

I don't care how fancy it is NO BABIES ha!
It looks very nice. and yes great smile flashy!
I love your button bracelets so cute I am a bracelet girl I just love them

PoetessWug said...

Uhhhh....NO!!..on the getting pregnant thing.....but Yes on the button bracelets. They came out almost as nice as the new OB area! ^_^

selvageedge said...

That maternity OR sure beats all to heck the one at Akron City where I delivered last year. As long as they have the great nursery on the other side, I'm game. :)

Kerri said...

I'd love to have a baby in your hospital! It's beautiful! Waterfall, little cafe, big fireplace...looks more like a fancy hotel!
Good job with the bracelettes!

Mrs Catch said...

That's such a lovely hospital. But I know it's the caring and kindness by staff such as yourself that truly make a great hospital. Sorry, no more babies, but I could join you for a nap under that fabulous faux sky.
Mrs Catch xx
PS LOVE those bracelets. Will try some when I get out of here.

Street Fashion Paris said...

The baby is so cute!!! xxx

rosaria williams said...

Now, that is an inviting place to work in and to be worked on!
I'm amazed at what you came up with with your buttons! All silver buttons? That's going to be some gift for a special someone.

Donna said...

Yes, I think we have the nicest OB in the country!!! (Wish we could steal some of it downstairs...)

Hey, your bracelets are the bomb!!! I LOVE 'em!! They are better than mine...You'll have to show me how you do them but I have a pretty good idea. WOW!!

Donna said...

Yes, I think we have the nicest OB in the country!!! (Wish we could steal some of it downstairs...)

Hey, your bracelets are the bomb!!! I LOVE 'em!! They are better than mine...You'll have to show me how you do them but I have a pretty good idea. WOW!!

Sweet Tea said...

I'm afraid the "beauty" of an operating room is lost on me - I try my very best to stay OUT of them. That said, when I've had occasion to need one I think it would be great to have a new, sparkly clean room and people who were happy to work in that space. Great that it will reduce the workload for you. BTW, your smile is AMAZING! LOL

Stacy Crawford said...

What is the link for fun headers?

Kent and Leisy said...

okay- maybe I'll have another baby and drive up to sam ho! that place looks AMAZING. a little fancier than the base ob wing :)

Darlene said...

That is truly one beautiful hospital!!! I can honestly say that it isn't one tiny bit like the Hollywood Presbyterian Hospital where all four of my babies were born.......even my first one, which makes five in all. We adopted our first little girl but my doctor took care of her and she was born in the same hospital. It was very stark and clean and white white white as I remember....nothing cheery about it at all. I just can't believe how wonderful your working environment is. I love all the water fountains in your hospital too.

Your bracelets are pretty too. I expect you will have some for me to look at in person when we come. I have never seen a button bracelet. It will be interesting to see how you put them together. I used to wear bracelets a lot when I was younger, but for some reason, now they drive me nuts. I like them on other people though.

Take care, it won't be long until we see you. I am just now starting to get excited about our trip.

karen said...

I love your hospital - so many great things going on there! Still don't wish to be preggo though.
Love your bracelets - good job!

Kim said...

Wow, fancy workplace! But no babies for me! Those bracelets are AWESOME.

vicki said...

Wow- what a spectacular new facility-- state of the art and beautiful!!!! Would be wonderful to work there!! But no--- I don't want to be pregnant-- lol!!!

Love the button bracelets-- fun that you made them from your Mom's treasures!

Sue said...

Looks like the perfect place to have a baby.

And I am LOVING the bracelets!