Monday, August 20, 2012

Things I Done Did!

This weekend was not packed with a ton of fun..but I did make a dent in my project list. I'm trying to get some things done before fall and one of my "to dos" is painting and cleaning out the computer room. I took a before pic but the room is very small and it just didn't do it justice. It hadn't been painted since we moved in 11yrs ago so it was high time. It went from yellow to a very pale blue. It freshened it up but the painting was the easy part..the sorting and throwing away of papers and junk is the killer! After a day of inside work Jack decided an outside activity would be just the ticket. He got a good campfire going, some hotdogs roasting, (along with some burgers too!) and I was grateful to just sit back and enjoy the cool night around the fire. Of course Jack laughed at my jacket and laughed again as I eventually went inside and brought out a blanket to wrap up in...I'm a wuss...sorry! But it was fun and relaxing and it led into a great rest of the long weekend. The computer room painting would wait until Monday when I had some time off to finish it.
I finished off my meal with a roasted marshmellow...How do you take yours? I love mine on the burned side but you can have it your way on the just warmed and soft side!
Sunday turned into a rainy, cool day and I decided to bake and cook a few these tastey chocolate nut loaves and then I just continued with these items:
Stuffed peppers
Homemade veggie soup. These will make dinner on Monday and lunches for me all week..I love homemade soup!
Today was a rare gift. I had the day off due to low census. It made my weekend longer and I was able to sleep in a bit. I got up around 7ish and headed outdoors to walk around and enjoy the misty, cool morning.
In the back yard the sun is just getting over the Creepy Woods...Oh, please don't laugh at my tiny garden. We planted very late and decided to only do tomatoes and green peppers. They are growing nicely and we've had a few tomatoes...but it does look silly in that big yard!
This little monster is just one sweet potato vine..just one..grows like crazy!
My trip around the yard wouldn't be complete without seeing these little nasties back again. Web worms....they make these sacks full of worms that coat the branches of the trees. They don't go on the pine trees..thankfully. If I would remember to try and treat the trunks in the spring, I might not have to look at them...Yucky!
Besides painting the computer room I decided I would shampoo the livingroom carpet. I'm moving out furniture and I turn and see Eddy...I think he thought it was for him..a completely cleared out room with just the sun pouring in for him to bask in. That would be a big NO...he did make an exit when the machine fired up.
What's Squeak's take on the whole dog thing? She could care less..she's a cat...we are her slaves.
As I sat in my freshly painted computer room I looked out the window to my left and saw the last spec of this day and my long weekend come to a close...goodnight!


Kim said...

Mmm, burnt marshmallows. Eat the burnt crust then re-toast to get a 2nd crust. Lol

Stacy Crawford said...

I'm a nice golden brown marshmellow girl.

I'm in back to school overload today with a million meetings and ending the day at 8:15 tonight when I had to excuse myself from a parent who talked 30 minutes after the alloted time for open house.

Watch a Varsity soccer game when I was done with the open house. I'm thinking I would have loved you do whatever I wanted and getting a lot done day!!!

karen said...

We got out carpet cleaned this weekend too. Your yard looks so beautiful in the morning mist - lovely! And isn't it funny how cool weather makes us think of baking and cooking? Everything looked so good!

rosaria williams said...

You pack a whole lot of stuff in a weekend!
I forgot how I tried to get a lot done, cooking and cleaning and shopping without much rest, so that when Monday came I'd have a few meals done ahead, and some long term chores out of the way, so I could concentrate on that day's work!

Julia said...

I love stuffed peppers but alas, my pepper plants only have a few peppers on them this year. I usually start mine from seed and I usually have an abundance of peppers but this year because of renovations, I bought a little pack of plants and put them in the garden kind of late. I'll be back to starting my own seeds next year.

Nothing like a fresh coat of paint to rejuvenate a tired room.

I get my early walk to the barn every morning and this morning ,it was kind of cool, very invigorating.

I like my marshmallow golden too but I haven't had any for so long. Makes me want to have roasted marshmallow tonight.

Have a great week but don't work too hard on your day off.
Hugs, JB

PoetessWug said...

Sounds like a very accomplished and full weekend....Even for the web worms! YUCK!

Sue said...

Sounds like a perfect weekend to me, just the right blend of work and fun.

And that soup!!!



Mitha Komala said...

seems like you had a great weekend, those food looks yummy! <3

Letters To Juliet

Nonnie said...

You done did a lot! You're the woman! I like my marshmallows burned, but I love anything chocolate and that looks good.
I love it when I accomplish lots of stuff. Good feeling.

Sandi said...

Oh my gosh, you exhausted me reading this post! I have procrastinated painting all summer long. My computer room needs to be painted, too. But, it's the sorting an clearing off of the shelves that keeps me from getting going on it! Maybe it will be a good winter project!

I bet you feel good with all you accomplished!