Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Unexpected

Our Monday's have been a bit slower lately. One of the surgeons who usually has a work day has quit our hospital. Monday I got up as usual and headed off to work expecting to be doing just that....working...scrubbing on cases like usual. We had many of our staff there thinking the same thing. But with a light schedule and a rule that we're not allowed to just stand around we had to find things to do. Some had required inservice items to complete. I was already done with that. Donna was planning on leaving early to go for her first radiation set up...getting tattooed, measured, all the other things that she needs to do to be ready for next week when the actual treatments start. I asked if she would like a support person to go with her...What the heck, why not? So we headed off to visit this place and an ordinary day turned into an unexpected outing. We were able to talk and laugh and catch up on the ride over to Wooster. After it was over we went for a nice lunch..another unexpected outing. We haven't had an afternoon of just relaxing and talking over lunch in forever. Thanks Donna for letting me have this unexpected day with you! Next time it will be one that won't involve a stop here first...I promise..MY TREAT!!
Gee, you are so welcome...
Nurses don't like being the one in the gown that opens in the back and makes you freeze! DJ you look good, but I'll look forward to the day when this won't have to be your wardrobe!
Working in surgery we are exposed to radiation during different procedures. We take precautions to prevent being over exposed. After all the years Donna and I have worked in these conditions...wearing lead aprons for's ironic that now getting "over" exposed will be a method for a cure.
The tech showed me the room where the magic happens.
Scary looking, but life saving.
After all the medical stuff was done we headed out to this cool and fun place for lunch and browsing. It's called the "Pine Tree Barn"...they have 3 floors of beautiful furniture, clothes, purses, decorations for all seasons (they were setting up for the fall season..too fun!) and they have the nicest little restaurant there with beautiful views to enjoy. I should have taken more inside pics!
We chose to sit on the balcony to enjoy our lunch. The sweet waitress took our pic! Donna looks great! (If I had known I was going into public today I would have done my hair before leaving for work! Wearing a hat at work is the pits!)
We saw these guys running over the yard. I heard the food was fresh but sheese! I opted for the ham and swiss wrap instead of the chicken salad!
To start out with a medical destination and end up on a misty, cool afternoon on a balcony overlooking beautiful fields and scenery...
And this delish made a scary, not fun looking destination into an unexpected fun afternoon...rain and all!


Kim said...

Its so great you were able to go with her and end up having an afternoon together. I'm sure Donna loved it. Hey, you two were all matchy in your stripes. Cute!

acorn hollow said...

What a nice surprise and I am sure Donna like the support and fun lunch. I do feel sorry for the patients of the dr yikes.


Nothing like a good friend to take along on one of life's more intense journeys.
Glad it ended with lunch and fun.
Life is certainly full of unexpected.
You are such a good friend Yaya.
Blessings to you and praying for Donna. Give her a hug for me.

Life 101 said...

I love it when I have a boondoggle day. Give Donna a hug for us.

Christina said...

It looks like such a great time, minus the radiation part. You and Donna were even matching! You guys must be bffs! Good luck to Donna on her radiation.

Munir said...

Thank you for the tour. It gave me an idea too about the fears that patients have to go through. I wish that every one has a friend like you.

Jilda said...

So glad you got to enjoy a day with Donna! She looks great, and so do you.

PoetessWug said...

You're a good friend, Yaya. :-]

Scriptor Senex said...

Just came over here via KayG and love your style of writing. I shall be back!

I like the Plato quote in your sidebar. I was actually planning a blog posting along those lines recently and if I ever finish it that quote will be the perfect header for it.

Mrs Catch said...

That's such a lovely thing Yaya. Glad you enjoyed the day together. Good friends are such a comfort. Good food doesn't hurt either. You both look great. I'll be thinking of Donna next week and sending prayers and good wishes for her recovery.

Kerri said...

Those little unexpected things sure make life more fun sometimes! So glad you were able to go with Donna for support and also have a nice afternoon. I've never heard of the place you went to lunch. Is the BARN still in Wooster? I remember going there sometimes on my birthday...outside was a big pond.
Not many people look good in one of those awful white gowns...but Donna is rockin' it!

Kay G. said...

What a great post, your reply to that welcome sign made me giggle.
Glad you could be with Donna. That lunch looks great!

Kay G. said...

What a great post, your reply to that welcome sign made me giggle.
Glad you could be with Donna. That lunch looks great!

Hilary said...

So wonderful of you to be there to support Donna. I'm sure you both made the best of an otherwise unpleasant day.

Julia said...

Yaah! I'm so glad that Donna is done with her chemo treatments. She will be back to normal before long.

Cathy,I'm sorry that one of your surgeon has quit and disrupted your schedule but I'm so glad that you were able to go with Donna to her first appointment prior radiation. You're a best friend...

I'm sure that she would have chosen a different pattern for a tattoo though but this one is only temporary.

I didn't find that the radiation bothered me much but I was tired at the end. My skin is still darker where I got the radiation.

Is Donna having to travel 5 days a week for her treatments?

The hospital where I had my radiation treatments was a good distance so I chose to stay at the hostel at the hospital and came home on Friday after treatments in the morning and went back Monday morning.
Hugs, JB

Nonnie said...

I think the day was planned more than you think! How fantastic that you were able to go and be with Donna and enjoy such a great day together. It's wonderful to have a good friend who sticks with you through the hard times. (The chicken probably considers you a true friend, too). And the pic of you two was lovely.
Prayers for Donna as she goes through this journey.

Sue said...

How wonderful that you could be with Donna to support her...and also that you got to have a fun day together as well.

I'm glad she's to the radiation part now...and will be so happy for her when she has completed her treatment. Seems like she has been quite a trooper throughout.


selvageedge said...

So nice that you were able to take the day with Donna. You are such a great friend and support for her.