Tuesday, August 7, 2012

High Five!

I could do a "high five" yesterday because my on call weekend ended without being called in the middle of the night any of the 3 days...I had Monday off, a rarity...and I could see this cool sight. A clear blue sky with the moon still visiable....very fun. (I'm easy to please!) So I grabbed Eddy the boxer and headed out for a hike in our woods.
Early morning is a good time to hike the Creepy Woods. It's so quiet and the wet leaves and foliage smell wonderful. Eddy gets right down to sniffing business up the trail.
Eddy and I hiked up to his favorite hill. He's always faster than me, plus I'm usually taking pics everywhere. When I heard some commotion I hurried up this hill to find a big family of wild turkeys running in the opposite direction gobbling their heads off. They were so fast I couldn't get a pic of them. Eddy wasn't even chasing them..he looked as surprised as they were! Sure wish I got a shot because the babies were really cute!
We call the woods the "Creepy Woods" and in the summer when it's so thick and dark it lives up to it's name. When I spied this pic I thought it looked like an apparition in the woods! I'm sure it's only the sun shinning through the trees...right?
There were still some of these left hanging..elderberries. Jack and I picked a bunch last week and last night I finally turned all the juice into jelly. I swore last year I wouldn't make it again but I just hate to waste them!
Eddy's reward for a good hike? His favorite drink...hose water. I love it when he's done drinking because then he lets out a big burp..for some reason that always cracks me up!
Another reason for a "high five" was my grandkiddo Cameron turned five yesterday. So last night we went over to my son's home for a special dinner. Steph made all of Cam's favorite food, and of course singing and presents were involved. I learned some things you can do if you are of the old age of five:..If you're five you can have the dinner of your choice...even if it's fruit, mac & cheese, and hotdogs!
When you're five you can have Batman cupcakes if you want.
When you're five you know any wish will come true on your birthday. Cameron's wish? He told us (I know, you're not suppose to tell!)his wish was for his Dad. My son had said earlier in the day that he wished Cameron could stay little forever...so Cam wished to not get old so his Dad would be happy. Awwwww....
It's great when you're five and you can just eat anything you want! Yum!
It's fun when you're five to dig into the presents!
It's easy when you're five to hug your big sister...Because someday that just won't be cool. But you'll always be cool to us Cam-Man! Happy Birthday!


Nonnie said...

Ahhhh. Those creepy woods look cool (as in "not hot"). My dog and I would love it too.

What a sweet boy! He looks prettty cool to me. Hope all his wishes come true. (His birthday dinner sounds pretty good to me!)

PoetessWug said...

"High Five" to you, getting some time off! :-)

selvageedge said...

I can't believe Cam is 5! They grow up too stinkin' fast. Such a cutie.

selvageedge said...

I can't believe Cam is 5! They grow up too stinkin' fast. Such a cutie.


Sorry I wasn't around sooner. I came over to say thanks for comments on my short story. Don't we all know people lke Delphine and Rainelle???
I loved sharing Cameron's bd. Yes, when you are his age you can have what you want, except perhaps staying young for his dad. That was sweet.
Then the button blog. Love that one. Of course I have several mason jars full of old buttons. I love them. Would like to see what your project looks like so share please.
Thanks and blessings, Barb

Stacy Crawford said...

Happy Birthday Cam-man! What a nice day you had. I love it when I'm working all week to get Mondays off. Mondays are always better than Fridays for some reason!

Sweet Tea said...

Love that you have woods to hike in, even if they're "creepy". Extra nice that you have a wonderful companion to hike with you...Your birthday boy is a cutie. Five is such a sweet age. Happy Birthday to your Cam-Man!

acorn hollow said...

I would say that you had a perfect several days. It sounds like it is pretty cool to be five. Happy birthday to your sweet grandson.

joanne said...

your creepy woods look more like an enchanted forest is the sunshine! And yeah! for turning 5..it's a pretty special thing I hear..;j

Kerri said...

What a cutie he is. 5 is such a sweet age! Happy Birthday to your grandson!

rosaria williams said...

Oh, what joyful moments!
Cameron will feel always five for many many moons, and that wish will come through, somehow.

Sue said...

I admit to being jealous of the Creepy Woods.

And happy birthday to Cameron!


Darlene said...

How neat to have batman cupcakes for your birthday. It sounds like Cam had a wonderful birthday!!

I am not quite sure why you didn't answer my email. Did you get it?

The one thing I would love to do when we get there is to take a walk through the creepy woods. I'm afraid I will just have to dream about it though because I really can't walk that far anymore. I can walk about as far as the parking lot to the chapel and that's it. To do that, I have to hand on pretty tightly to Dick, otherwise I have to go in the wheelchair.

If you didn't get my email, let me know and I will write you another one.

I'm glad you were able to have three days without having to run back to the hospital in the middle of the night!!

We will gone for six weeks and we'll be leaving in 19 more days!!

Borjana said...

Ohhhh how I love this post,honey!;)