Friday, January 13, 2012

Unlucky 13...For The Weather Anyway!

We got a bit of this white stuff today. It started last night. I was called out for an emergency c-section and the temps were in the 40's and no snow. I came out at about 10pm and it was blowing and freezing and snowing..and icy. I was very happy to get home and be able to stay home all night. The drive to work this morning was not very fun however. Jack and I went in together and he dropped me off at the door which meant I didn't have to walk from the parking lot down the street from the hospital. I usually don't mind the walking, but it was below zero this morning..not a lucky number! Since it was Friday the 13th, Winter must have decided to come finally in full force. I knew it would have to come one day, but it still hurt! The schools were closed, the teachers must think this was a very lucky day..for them. Us regular slobs had to fight the elements and of course, all our patients made it in on time! I've mentioned it a few times before, but I have a curse when it comes to planning events and fighting the weather. I was suppose to have a breakfast at my house for our woman's organization tomorrow morning. I was serving these lovelies..along with other goodies. Mother Nature decided to let the wind blow, the roads to be drifted and the snow to fall.
These are blinis...yummy, filled with a cream cheese filling, dipped in butter, rolled in sugar and cinnamon...seriously, what can go wrong there? Well, now they have to be frozen until we reschedule the meeting. ( I did promise Jack I would bake him some in the morning however..take that Mother Nature!)
On a happier note, my blog book arrived!
It joins my other blog books. It's fun to go back and read the posts and see the pics and see how the Grandkiddos have grown and all the stuff we've done the last 4 years. I had my first 2yrs of blogging in one book, then started posting much more and now every year has it's own book.
On a final note, who's sleeping in my bed? Ok, usually I'm really good about making the bed in the morning. Jack came down tonight and said I should take a pic of the bed..because it looks like someone is under that quilt..really freaky looking, but it's only pillows. Hey, I was in a hurry this morning. It was Friday the 13th after all and the weather was nasty and work awaited..OK, I'll make it tomorrow, I promise!


Munir said...

Those blinis do look yummy.

Sorry about the tough time with snow. It is begining to get bitter cold here too. we forget a lot of times how much doctors and nurses do for us. You are in such an awesome profession.

Congrats on your blogger books. I am sure it is fun to go back and read and see the pics. Enjoy.

acorn hollow said...

we too got the snow finally but it was thur it is now cold and blowing and going colder still tonight.

Kim said...

We had similar weather yesterday but nothing was cancelled :(
And this morning there is a blanket of sleet over everything.
Those blinis sound so good. Are they hard to make?

Sue said...

I do admire you nurses and all that you do!

And I love making blog books, too. I feel like it's better than writing in my journal as far as the posterity goes!


rosaria said...

Blinis like that deserve to be shared. Go on, publish the recipe. You know they are too good to be kept secret.

I know you told us where your books are printed, but do repeat the info, please. Are they reasonable?

Donna said...

The blinis make me hungry to make some!! I can smell the cinnamon now!

Sorry you got called in and that your meeting got cancelled.

My blog book came this week too. Mine was smaller this year because I didn't blog nearly as much but I still love the memories in it. Love the different colors of your covers...mine are all the same.

Sush said...

Blinis! Yum, haven't had one in way too long. How wonderful for your group. Sounds like you are getting some verrry cold weather. We've gotten cold for NC, but no snow yet. Can't say I'm missing the snow, once it comes it can latch on to the roads for a while.
Stay warm...

Stacy Crawford said...

I like the red cover. I started mine and the computer froze, then I didn't resume the task.

This teacher lady rode to work with her husband too, only to find that school was cancelled instead of delayed.

Oh well, I got my grade cards done, my reports for the principal, and my social studies units updated. A day well spent!

Sweet Tea said...

Those Bilinis look soooooo good. Glad you can freeze them (I would have been tempted to sit down and eat them ALL)...I'd like to get my blog put into book form. Gonna have to check into that. Keep warm, GF.

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Hi! Thanks so much for stopping by. I'm glad you like my cupcake decoration. :) A bit gaudy I suppose but for some reason I like it a lot!
I will probably give it to daughter for her Valentines party..
Snow!! You have snow!! How I would love to see some of that fall here in Southern California!

YaYa, can you please tell me a bit about having my blog printed? I live in constant fear of losing it and need to get some done. Is it expensive? I've been afraid the cost will be too high.
Your goodies look delicious!!

Hope said...

gotta love winter :) we have snow and blowing snow and our temps have been above seasonal for us and I've been enjoying it but now winter has arrived. woke up to -20 celsius.

blinis, yum yum! are they wrapped in pie crust pastry?

and yes, it does look like someone is under those blankets :)

take care and keep warm!

CHERI said...

Oh my goodness...those sound DELICIOUS!!!! My grandkids would love if we would get some snow again this year but in south GA you can only expect that a few times in a lifetime:)

Darlene said...

How awful to have to leave your nice warm home and go to the ER. That's the bad thing about being on call. How often do you have that duty? I sometimes don't know how you nurses do it. All the ones I know that work at the hospital have crazy long hours and I'm sure it is not much fun. When I am in the hospital I try very hard to be extra nice and not demanding to my nurses. If I were a nurse, I would choose to work in a doctor's office.

I love your blog books. I guess I will have to think about doing that too. Maybe at the end of this year I will.

Those blinis look so very delicious and I have to admit that I have never had one. You need to either post the recipe (I see I'm not the only one that wants it) or send it to me. You know me, I love to bake and when I see something that looks so delectible, I just want nothing better than to try it. I love to try new recipes, especially ones that require baking.

vicki said...

I hate walking into the hospital in the winter. Employees have to park so far away and in the winter it is a miserable bone chilling walk---:(

The pastries look fabulous- I could so blow my diet on one of those!!

Stay safe and warm--