Thursday, January 19, 2012

Are You OK? Are You OK?

It's that time of year..or I should say that time of 2 years. Every 2 years we have to renew our BLS skills. That's basic life support or CPR. It's something everyone should learn. You never know when it might be your turn to find someone in trouble. It could be your friend, Husband, Dad, Mom, or kiddo that would suffer a heart attach, or respiratory distress, or choke on food. This morning our group gathered for the second half of our renewal. Last week we did adult rescue and practiced using an AED device. Hopefully every store, school or public place has one. Hopefully I'll never have to find out if they don't! After watching the movie and practicing with these:
Adult & Child
After practicing and getting checked off on our skill level we took a written test. Now, you might think as technicians and nurses we'd be wizzes at these quizzes...wrong! The test is written with some questions that are just not worded correctly and it always makes me a bit nervous and I know it does my co-workers too. But we always pass it and it's just a relief to be done with it for a couple more years!
Here's our little Donna (Starkey Hollow) showing her skill in holding a wonder her Grandkiddos love her so much! You go girl!
Yes, I'm so happy to be here!
Everyone is all smiles to be done! The importance of our training came into play last fall when one of our maintenance men had a heart attach outside one of the buildings on our campus. Luckily for him 2 of our surgery girls were outside having a break (OK, they were smoking...this is the only good thing that ever happened because of a bad habit!). One of the guys called for their help. There were other maintenance men standing around but none of them knew the girls jumped in and starting compressions..they saved his life. He's back at work and we were all so happy to see him and I'm sure his family is happy that he's around. So if you get the opportunity to learn this simple skill, take it.


Sweet Tea said...

God bless all people who work in the medical field. - so thankful for your "smarts". Lots of happy smiles in those photos. :-)

jojo said...

I haven't taken a refresher in awhile and I keep thinking I'd better get to it. (I always hated having to get down on the floor with my big butt in front of the class to 'practice' with the dummy). haha.

PoetessWug said...

Great post!...and great reminder!

Donna said...

Yes! Phew.....glad it's all done!

Kim said...

We did that training in the spring. Every time I walk past the AED in our lobby, I pray I never have to open it. I'd probably draw a blank in a real crisis.

rosaria said...

Absolute necessity for everyone to know these basic skills. I didn't think medical personnel needed to go through these routines, though.

You all look radiant in these pictures. Yeahhhh!

Sue said...

I think all of you are the greatest!


Stacy Crawford said...

I've been certified, but it's been a long time.

Looks like you ladies had a good training day!

Christina said...

I need a refresher course...especially with having two little ones!

CHERI said...

I really need to take another course. I had the hardest time when I took it before. I couldn't seem to pump hard enough!

karen said...

I had the opportunity to learn through my job. I even got to practice with the adult one that was there in the training room. The reps were all getting certified and they let me join in. I didn't actually get certified (the class was for them, and I didn't get in on the whole thing) but hopefully I wouldn't be a total idiot if someone were to need help. The AED's I've never used but they're supposed to be idiot-proof too. What say you?

vicki said...

Hello my sweet friend--
Ugh-- I hate having to renew every two years. I'm fine with the skills part- but that written test always always intimates me. I'd rather poke myself in the eye than take that test!! Lol!

I did not know that you worked with Donna!!! Where have I been???

So glad you are all tested and passed!

Hilary said...

Very good advice. I'm thankful for folks like you who do know how to help when it's needed.

Deb Shucka said...

Great story and an important reminder. I love the picture of Donna and the baby, and of your great smile.

Darlene said...

I can understand why you're glad that it's behind you for two more years. I hate to take tests, even when I know the subject really well.

I keep thinking Dick should take a course like that. Who knows when he could use it to save my life. I am so weak that I don't think I would have enough breath, or enough strenth to do comprssions. We have watched it done so many times though, that I'm sure either of us would at least try. But how much better to really know and feel confident about what you are attempting. I'll keep after him.

Sandi said...

Gosh, Yaya, you make this look like fun!
Thanks for the reminder, it has been too long since I have renewed my CPR skills, and I know things have changed some.
Just recently in a neighboring small town a 14 year old collapsed at basketball practice. The coach did CPR until the ambulance arrived, but he still didn't make it. It was very sad, and all schools are in the process of renewing and learning how to use the equipment at school. (I think it is called the AED device.)
Good post!
PS ~ Thanks for your positive comments on my post this morning.