Monday, January 9, 2012

A Green Adventure

We had some beautiful weather this weekend. Very unusual weather for Ohio in January. The temps were in the 40's and 50's and the sun shone brightly. I took this little monster with me up to the Creepy Woods to play around with my new camera. I'm trying to learn about it's settings and if I can improve my pics. I decided to see how much green I could still find up there.
At first glance it just looks very dull and brown.
Upon closer inspection, I found a clump of ferns that were still very green. We've had some bitter cold days and nights along with has it survived?
I spied mossy mounds everywhere.
Many of the "dead fall" trees sported green mossy coats. I'm sure animals come and snack on this stuff!
You have to look close to see green sprigs here and there that run along the creek.
Shrooms seem very content to just hang around...and on this tree trunk.
This pic doesn't do justice to how huge this fallen tree is. I was surprised that we didn't hear a huge "Bam" when this fell!
Although this ginormous tree is dead and very hollow, I would venture to bet it shelters a ton of little wildlife when the temps and the snow fall.
Getting tired of just looking down, I happened to look up and see this big "gnarly" boy. It's a very unusual looking tree. As soon as Jack saw this photo he immediately said: "I know just where you were when you took this shot." Again, the picture doesn't do justice to how truly different this tree is.
Before Eddy and I headed back inside we stopped at the creek by the house. I saw this and at first thought it was an animal skull...nope, just another tree stump!
One last "playing around" shot...the moon looked really cool last night and although I haven't mastered the art of night photography, I thought this looked like something that would fit into Halloween...or maybe it just says: "Good night all!"


Donna said...

Funny, we were just coming home from seeing Larry's dad tonight and on the ride I said "It looks like a Halloween moon!" It's so big and bright! Tomorrow night starts my call...full moon, yikes!
Your photogs of the woods are very good! You are mastering the new camera well!

PoetessWug said...

You're doing alright with those settings! :-)) Nice to find some green and not all of 'the white stuff' out there...Wait! This is still January, isn't it?! O_O Nice post!

Loretta said...

Although some would not like these pics, most would agree they are ...awesome! A walk through the woods during this time of year can teach a lot about nature... Thank you so much for letting us tag along! Hope you have a great weekend!
Hugs, Loretta

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

No that last shot does qualify for a Halloween shot. Great pic and it looks like your mastering your camera pretty good by the looks of these pics.
I too thought that was a steers head lying in that creek. Weird.
Glad the temps were pretty enough for you to get outside.
We are having a lot of rain today and this evening but I dare not complain since we are still considered in a drought.
Have a great week honey

CHERI said...

I just love all the subtle touches of green in your photos. I got a new camera last year and I still haven't figured it out! Of course, I don't spend enough time with it so it's no wonder I'm still on the automatic setting! We too have been having strange weather here in south GA. We'll have a couple days of cold weather (at least cold for here) and then it will warm up to 70 for a few days! I don't like cold weather but I want my share! Plus I had enough of being hot this past summer. Take care and enjoy your camera!

acorn hollow said...

Your pictures are wonderful. I love the moon picture. The moon is so bright it is like day time here.

karen said...

Well, I liked all of your pictures, but I LOVE that last one! How did you do it? (I don't know how to shoot at night either.)

Hilary said...

A great collection of nature shots, Yaya. I thought that was a skull too when I first saw it. I'm glad it wasn't. :)

Mrs Catch said...

Yay! Photography!! You know how I love this!! Great shots. The biggest help I have found in night photography has been to turn off the autofocus.

Looking forward to more shots of your creepy woods.

Sue said...

Great pictures!

The weather has been unusually warm here, too. It's kinda crazy this year.


Stacy Crawford said...

I love the night shot. Those are fun. Looks like you are doing well figuring out your camera.

The Kroc has digital camera classes. I might check it out myself.

Karen Whittal said...

Hi there, I see from your blogs you are well, all the very best for 2012. You really are good with the photo's must be a great camera.

Hope said...

I love your walks you take in your creepy woods and how you always manage to make me feel I am right there with you! thank you! great photo's!

Darlene said...

Wow! You are getting to be quite the photographer! These pictures are incredible. It certainly makes me want to see that creepy woods, and quite excited to think that there is a very good chance that I will. That last shot of the moon was really something.

Photography must be the thing now, because I have so many friends that are getting expensive cameras and taking lots of pictures. I hate to take them, which is why I don't usually have very many to put on my blog. Dick also hates to take them. I guess that is why I so much admire someone who loves to do it and is so good at it. I must say though, that you have some really good scenery around you to shoot. Keep on with it!