Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A Year To The Day

This is how my yard looks today. The snows fell and the temps have dropped...14de..not counting the wind chill. When I went back and read my Jan. 3rd, 2011 entry we had a very different day. It was sunny and the temp was 58de...I was stunned. I guess all I was remembering was the cold and snow that seemed to last forever last winter. Sometimes I do that with my life....I forget that there are many beautiful days along with the crazy, or not so much fun days. I need to change my focus I think!
So until the nicer days come, many trips will be made up to the Creepy Woods to bring down these:
Wood that heats the house and keeps us toasty during the 14de. days like today. Maybe I just need to find the fuel that will help me focus and find the warmth of everyday!


karen said...

Well, I know that 83 degrees sounds good right about now, but your pictures are so beautiful it has me wishing for a snowy day. (As long as I can stay inside by the fire!)

acorn hollow said...

Do you dry your wood? We have the wood stove going it is such a nice warm heat. It is now 4 degrees but by sat we are headed for 40 and no snow.

Bonnie said...

It's about 30 degrees here right now, and I am suffering. Oh, I'm also the idiot that wore a skirt today ...

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Sue said...

I love your creepy woods. Snowy and un.


Stacy Crawford said...

Isn't that what we have friends for. To focus us on our happy times and comfort us when we need it?

Kota is more than willing to help with wood, I'll have him talk to Jack tonight at scouts.

Donna said...

If you find that cheer...will you let me in on the secret? -Your unfocused freezing buddy.

Munir said...

If you lie down and close your eyes after work for even ten minutes your focus comes back. This is some luxury that we women tend to deprive oursleves of. My Dad did that and so do my brothers.
It was eleven degrees this morning. No snow for us which is good so far. Snow is good only over the weekend.
Your yard is beautiful even in winter. Nice photography too.

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Honey you are one lady that does find the warmth and good of each day one of the reasons I love you so.
You just can't think straight right now because of the 14 degrees.
I am freezing at 30...hahah

Darlene said...

It's hard for me to imagine having it that cold. I thought Idaho was terrible in the winter.

Also, I can't imagine having no other means to heat your house than wood. Truly, is that how you heat your whole house? We are so used to having a furnace and all I have to do to get more heat is turn up the thermostat.

I do love the look of your yard and like Sue, I love the creepy woods. I so look forward to going out there and giving it my personal once over. Of course there won't be any snow then. I have always loved trees though. Maybe that's where Sue gets her great love of them. She is even worse that I am about trees. She ADORES them!!

Keep warm, for heavens sake and have a Happy New Year!

Nezzy said...

Our mornin' have been darn cold (22 degrees) but the last two days have warmed up in the sixties.

I've been playin' in the sunshine...the weatherman says we're in for a change.

God bless and have yourself a wonderful weekend! :o)

Hilary said...

We're having an unusually mild and dry winter, so far. I'm not complaining. I hope you find your warmth. Aside from that which you spread through your blog.

Sandi said...

Brrr! I love seeing the snow, but 14 degrees sounds right nippy to me!

Isn't it just the way we are? We seem to forget the easy, breezy days in the midst of the crazy ones. But, they are there, as you said. We need to refocus and remember, "This too shall pass!"