Friday, January 7, 2011

Freaky Friday

There's a song that goes: "Have you done any good in the world today?"...That was going through my mind at work this day. Everyone has those quirkie days that make you scratch your head. The first thing that happened to me was as we were having our "time out" before one of my cases. A time out is done before we start any case, or hand the Surgeon a knife. The patient's name is read, their birthdate, and what operation they're having and the site..(left or right). When the name was read I looked up and asked it to be repeated...then I asked what their address was..yep, it was my next door neighbor. How observant I am. Then we had a patient that made me bite my tongue. I don't care if anyone is on medicaid, insurance, self pay..whatever. But when they have 6 kids, not married, on medicaid ( money) and are having an operation to see why they can't get pregnant...I do pause. My fav thought is: "Are you kidding me?" (not "get me a baseball bat!") Then when said Pt. is belligerent to the staff, with yelling, swearing, just plain not nice...I have to remember my mantra for 2011.." Just because you think it, it doesn't mean you have to say it"..I will, however, blog it. Please excuse me and forgive me if you think me callous. Now, a bigger question looms..should I bake my neighbor some cookies and go visit and see how they're doing? Explaining that I know they had surgery because I was there, but failed to recognize them? Or not..please send help, I need it. Here's a quick look at yesterday, it was a bit less weird.

Thursday we got a sneak peek at the soon to be finished operating rooms...I remember in 1978 when I started working here that the OR we're in now was only about a year old. Now it's outdated and these are the future. Big, technically awesome! Everyone is excited about it. Great way to start a new year.
Here we're having our inservice on all the new booms that will house the equipment that we normally have to lug into the rooms, plug into walls, side step cords all over the place...unless you're me and actually have tripped over them and hit the floor. Not one of my better days! The new lights are to die for! LED... 90 of them and they will not burn out until after I retire!
The nurses desk in the room will be a God send. Charting will be all on computers and just having that space is wonderful...hey, I wonder if they can get my blog on it?? Hmmmmm.
I want this screen for my family room...I think this will be fun. We can get x-rays sent up in digital form and displayed on this baby..the construction workers had a soap opera on it one day...maybe we can get HGTV?
Donna and her trusty camera.
My boss Mary and Dr. M....he's an anesthesiologist who is in love with this room! I think he just likes building projects.
Dr. M and some of the other Docs bought a huge sound system to blast out music during cases. Not something I'm looking forward to listening to, but somehow the wiring got screwed up and I think he's on his knees looking for it! He's such a tinker type guy. He should have been an engineer or an architect! Believe me, I've been to his home and have seen the beautiful work he's done by himself! However, he can't sing worth a darn and insists on belting out the lyrics (not even the right ones) to the music. This should be interesting.
Awwwww..cute little scrub sink!
Some staff members would argue this point, but I think the best part of the new ORs are! I know you can only see a sliver, and only the sky, but hey when you don't see out a window all day it's heavenly to see even that little bit!


Stacy Crawford said...

That does sound like a freaky Friday. You are fine having your own opinion. I think you will make the right choice on taking the cookies. You always do.

Amy and Craig said...

I'd make soup and take it over. It's a small world. Just tell them you heard around that they'd had surgery! Better to do it than feel like a heel for not!

Catch the Kids said...

I felt right at home looking at your new op room. My youngest daughter spent a long time in PICU and they had those hydraulic arms for equipment too. We'd all bump our hips on them when we had to push close to change nappies or such. Glad you've got such great new equipment in a bigger room. I'd take cookies over. People like that!

Donna said...

You got great pics of the new ORs...funny two different perspectives. Great job!
I agree. Sometimes it's hard not to judge circumstances and attitudes of swearing, rolling eye pt the other day...those poor pre-op nurses! But all in all I think we do a really good job of NOT judging until it gets extreme.
I would not take cookies over...HIPA being what it is, is awkward anymore and they may not want anyone to know what was done. When I have been in that same situation (not reading names on the schedule and suddenly seeing friends/acquaintances on the table) I have not said anything, they don't know who is behind the mask and not knowing if they want privacy, I say nothing. I feel if they wanted me to know, they would have called, they know where I work. Taking over the cookies could be awkward.
And all that being said...I have to tell you my new fun find at Aldi's...ha!

Hope said...

i agree with Donna.
lovely walk through on your new o.r. room. congrats!

thanks for your comment. I was wondering why the silence was so crazy like for me and it makes sense now that i read your take on my poems.

Thanks Yaya!

acorn hollow said...

I would not. I have an a doctor next door who do puts you out. ( I do not know how to spell it ha) I asked that he not be my doctor in the operating room as I was having female stuff done. Not sure I would want him in the room and then his wife bring cookies yikes

Sue said...

Just looking at that operating room gave me the willies. I think I've had one too many surgeries. Now I'm traumatized!

That's a hard one about your neighbor. I would probably take something over and tell her you heard her name at the hospital and knew she was in surgery, but I would probably leave out the fact that you participated. Maybe she would be uncomfortable to know that.


CHERI said...

You have some great stories. I don't think you are callous at all. Those of us who work hard and pay our taxes and huge insurance premiums can get mighty bent out of shape at times over situations just like this. Somehow our government has just gone too far....OK, time for me to get off that soapbox. As for your neighbor, I would definitely bake some cookies or make some soup, take it over with a smile and just wish them a speedy recovery....nothing else said:)

Deb Shucka said...

What a great new space for you to be working in! I would love the windows as well.

I would guess you often see people at their most vulnerable and not-best selves and can't even begin to imagine the ridges you must have on your tongue from not saying what you're thinking.

I agree with other commenters - take your neighbor something.

Bernie said...

How well do you know your neighbor? I think that would influence my decision.

I have a confession to make. I'll bet you thought I was nuts when all this time I have been writing to you as if you lived in Chicago not Ohio. Didn't read your bio carefully enough.

Such an interesting post. I loved seeing where you work and the innards of your working life.
As Deb said, you never know under what circumstances your patients come to you. It's like when I was teaching and some student would be acting badly, I just would think I wonder what this kid had to put up with at home last night.

Love hearing from you regularly.

Karen Whittal said...

I am with the cookies...... people like to know people care. I must say you all look quite scary with your masks on, my youngest daughter was born without a hip on her right side, and had 13 operations by the time she was 6 she now walks without a limp, you would never know what she went through, but still hates masks.......

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Thanks YaYa for taking us on a tour of you new surgery area.
Wow what a great person you are for biting your tongue. Thank God Ms Pearl was not in there no telling what would of come out of her mouth and believe me it would have not been good. The nerve of that woman to have that kind of surgery. Has the world gone crazy. When will all of this stop...don't get me started. hahaha
Love ya

acorn hollow said...

You make me laugh so much your comment about how I smell when I come home. does that mean I am an angel? (did you see michael?)
I too am a carb freak that is the reason I carry an extra 25 lbs around. Thanks for your visit.

Darlene said...

Your working environment is so up to date. IT looks great!! I too like the windows. I'm curious to know if you took cookies to your neighbor or not. Since I am late in reading this blog entry, I am sure you either did it or not by now. Had I given a timely opinion, I think I would have to agree with Donna.