Monday, January 3, 2011

Country Roads, Take Me Home

I was excited to see when I got out of work that we had a brillant, sunny, crystal clear blue sky kind of day. Trying to keep to my "plan" to exercise more I thought a walk down my country road would be fun. The air was cold and crisp, but not unpleasant, just invigorating! I grabbed my camera and walked down my drive and turned to the left toward my favorite barn.
And here it favorite barn. I don't know why it's my fav, but there is just something about it that speaks to me. I wish I could pick it up and put it in my back yard! That would then require me to put something live in it, so maybe I should just admire it from afar. When I looked at the pic I took I realized it looks better coming from the other direction. Oh well, it always makes me smile when I see it and many times I'll say to Jack: "Ahhh, it's my favorite barn!" I'm not sure he feels the same about it, but he humors me.
I turn around at my favorite barn and head up the road in the other direction.
The leaves on these trees don't fall until spring. So all winter they hang on for dear life in their brown, wrinkled clothes!
This field of dreams is right across the road from me. Behind the tree line is a beautiful man made lake. Once Donna (Starkey Hollow) and I walked over to it. We found out later that it is private property and no one is allowed back there. Lucky for us, ignorance is bliss! We never went back however. We follow the rules..once we know them!
While walking I could hear the gurgling of a little creek that runs in a little gully on the one side of the road. If you look in the far corner of the pic you can see that I'm not the only one who puts their pumpkins in the woods for animals to snack on in the winter!
Across from the creek is this little house, almost at the end of my road. It was a foreclosure that was purchased by a friend's son and his young family. It sits on 2 acres, it was completely redone and I just love the look of it. They got it for a steal! I was so happy that it was bought and it's being taken care of so nicely.
At the end of my road and to the left is another cute barn. The Parsley Pot is an old barn turned into a business that sells all kinds of cool's chock full of fun items and you'll just have to come take a look for yourself! This is where I turn around and head back.
Almost done...I guess my next door neighbor actually has a cuter barn than the white one down the road. When I give directions to my house I always tell people to look for the white fence right before the big Pine trees. That barn needs a pretty horse or two sticking their heads out of the cute barn doors, or over the pretty white fence, don't you agree?
I made it home! Thanks for taking a walk with me down my country road. If you hum "Country roads, take me home", I'm sure John Denver would smile up in heaven! Yes, I like his music, just ask my co-workers.


Donna said...

Yes...everytime Johnny is signing in my room, whoever is in there with me says "Kathy likes John Denver!" EVERYTIME!!!
I miss your beautiful walk too and since it is my resolve as well...we need to get it together, sister! I haven't been to the Parsley Pot in forever and miss it too. Lots I miss and need to make time resolve!

Hope said...

wow, what a lovely walk around your place! it's too bad that a virtual walk doesn't burn calories because I sure felt like I was on that walk with you. hehe!
great post!

CHERI said...

Well, I certainly enjoyed our little walk! I love to walk when I get a chance. I also love old barns and buildings and houses...I always wonder what they were like in their heyday. Take care and continue to enjoy those lovely walks.

Sue said...

I think I would like the Parsley Pot!

Thanks for the stroll.


Stacy Crawford said...

I have a favorite barn too, it's off 71 just before you get to Columbus. I'll have to get a pic next time we are that way. I never thought to walk outside yesterday, I just airwalked in our dismal basement. Hmmm, might need to follow your lead again.

rosaria said...

So, so lovely to be walking with you, visiting neighbors, like Donna, and singing along as we ponder which barn is the nicest. These country roads are addictive.

Amy and Craig said...

Makes me think of running with Eddie. Hey, remember when I got those Valentine and St. Patrick's day deco at parsley pot! I have the Valentine's day stuff up now! Wish I'd gotten more!