Saturday, January 1, 2011

Once There Was A Snowman

December was freezing and snowy...the whole month! It made a beautiful Christmas day and the sledding was great. But, it was still a bit unusual for this time of year. Then the last day of the year comes and "BAMB"'s 58de. and sunny. I washed my car, took down Christmas decorations, sat outside and brushed the cat, sat in the sun and read a magazine for goodness sakes! However, I'm not dumb enough to think it's going to stay this way. No, I just look at this as a a free gift with purchase! When Christmas comes down, the snowmen come out. I don't put a bunch up, just enough to brighten things up a bit. Way up on the top shelf was a dusty box with the words "Snow People" on it. I haven't put these out in a long time. As I brushed off the dust and opened the box, a flood of memories came out. These two snow people are 33yrs. old. It was 1977 and I had had my 2nd son in Sep. The Church women's organization (the Relief Society) was making these snow people as a project. I missed the meeting but one of the girls brought these over for me. She made me two and the snow lady is holding a snow baby! I was so touched that someone would take the time to do that for me. I was a bit homesick that Christmas. We had moved to Ohio in Jan. of that year. I had left my family, friends, job and home town where I grew up. My Dad had just passed away and coming from a big city (Chicago) to a small town was quite the adjustment..(little Chiropractic humor there). The Church was a life line. Our little branch of the Church is just that...little. But the hearts of the people are big. Getting used to living here took a long time, but the friendships I made with the members have lasted all these years. The friend who made these moved back west with her hubby a few years ago. I don't know if she reads my blog, but maybe she'll see this and remember a kindness she did that meant more than she'll ever realize. This year don't hesitate to do something nice for someone. Even if it seems small to you, it could mean the world to that person. We don't always know what people are feeling or thinking. I've learned that it isn't usually the things we do that we regret, it's what we don't do that comes back to haunt us. Someone might just need a snowman to warm their heart.


Donna said...

So true...and I have guilt feelings all the time for things I am not doing...thinking I just don't have time. You are making me RESOLVE to do better. Great story that pulls at your heartstrings!

Stacy Crawford said...

It's always the little thoughtful things that we remember most. I love being a part of this great sisterhood. I hope we can do lots of good things this year to journal about!

rosaria said...

Great story! "'s what we don't do..." You're a wise woman! Happy Days ahead.

Sue said...

I love your snow people! AND the sentiment surrounding them.

Thanks for sharing this.


Hope said...

can't agree with you more. 'it's what we don't do that we regret'

love the story and your snow people.

take care