Sunday, January 30, 2011

Cafe Starkey

This weekend was filled with Grandkiddos, and food..making it, sending it out to Church for a baptism, making more, feeding the starving Starkeys, making more, sending more to Church for a funeral dinner, making more and of course eating more. Whew! But it was fun to have all the kids here and the noise level around the usually quiet dining table reminded me of when we had a house full of boys eating at this same table. Cameron came in and immediately said he was hungry and was happy with an appetizer of cheese and crackers!
We all gathered around the table for the request meal..spaghetti! I know it's Driana's fav. She didn't want her pic taken so I was polite and didn't, but I laughed at this shot because at first I thought Anthony was eating with his elbows on the table, but really he didn't want his pic taken either and was hiding his face. I think they are getting sick of YaYa and her crazy, come out at every occasion, camera. this a "boarding house" reach Jackie?
Saturday night was make your own pizza night. The kids created their masterpieces and I think they really enjoyed the fun of cooking and having their own pizzas just the way they like them.
Oh Yummo!
Things that happen in the night..this white dusting on all the trees took me by surprise this morning. I was up until atleast 1am and I never saw any snow. Then I look outside this morning around 7am and..voila! Powder sugar has coated the Pines.
Most people who visit the Pines come to the front door..usually they don't walk in the yard, especially when it's covered in snow. These prints are not the human variety. I'm always amazed at the many tracks I find in the yard because most of the time I don't see what's making them. I can guess when I see them what's been cutting through...deer, rabbit, cat, and I'm sure other creatures. The big prints? Oh, that would be me.


acorn hollow said...

What a fun weekend with the family. I love all the family noises. I know when it is all quiet again you sink into a chair. but how wonderful are those kids? and all that good food. Memories were made with the food.

karen said...

The view of the snow is so lovely! What a fun weekend - when I get to see my group is always loud and noisy and exhausting, but at the end it's still hard to see them all go. I know what you mean about the food, but what fun is someone who is always eating carrot sticks? Sometimes you just have to live it up with the ones you love!

Donna said...

Funny how our lives parallel sometimes. I was cooking all weekend too! Our neighbor had surgery at Cleveland Clinic and made dinner for her hubs and daughter, then two dinners to take to Mike' for us to share and one for freezer for them. Then made another for neighbor coming home from hosp today my thumb ie. carpal tunnel, really feels it today. Yours looks like fun! The pizza idea was great...I bet they loved it! There's something about Cameron that reminds me of Bryden...maybe it's the cousin connection. Going to Cleveland tonight for an a ppt for Larry. Hope the weather holds out or we will be some of the tracks in your back yard!

Hope said...

about the camera... I get that at my house too. oh, well. I keep shooting for I tell them these photo's and video's will provide me with comfort when they are gone and don't have time to visit anymore LOL!
love your post!

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Aw this is great. Made me want to be there too. Of course I would been the other one hiding from your camera.
Isn't it wonderful to have them all around the table. I miss that the most.
You of course made me tired by all the cooking you were doing. wow did you ever get to sit down yourself.
Thanks for coming by and ready my story. You would have to have known how scared I was of my mother to not tell her.

Christina said...

Awww...I miss dinner at my YiaYia's. I still smell her house at random times. You're making memories that your grandkiddos will always treasure, too.

Rose said...

sounds like a good memory. i wish my grandaughter lived near us . enjoy take care rose

Karen Whittal said...

It is a blessing when family and friends get together there is nothing like sharing a meal, to make memories that will last a life time, I just love having people over for supper, love to cook, hate to bake