Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Post Shower Sprinkles

Here are just a few more snipets from the weekend. It was a busy few days. I was thinking about my Dad and how he built this home 60yrs. ago in a tiny suburb of Chicago and how his family and friends thought he and Mom were crazy to move from civilization to the country. Well, I know he would be proud of how Mom has kept the home up, improved it over the years and how it's enjoyed by all his kids and grandkids. The trees he planted have grown huge and shade the yard. The "country" town is now built up with shopping centers, businesses and restaurants. It has easy commuting to the city and he would have trouble finding his street. But when you leave the major highway and hit the neighborhood, he would be pleased to see the park like setting, the peacefulness and many of the homes still standing just as they were 34yrs. ago when he passed away. It's the gatherings like weddings, birthday parties, Christmas and other holiday get-togethers that I miss him and hope he's there in spirit watching over us. He may not be here physically, but his love and life are sure reflected in the smiles and laughter of his children and grandchildren.
Mom finally gets a second to sit and enjoy the food she helped make. She's been having some back pain issues and was upset that she didn't do more. Come on Mom, you outdid yourself in the yard, in the house, and cooking too. I think at 84 you deserve a little break...for now! After Jack fixes that back up, you're back on KP duty.
I came across these little monsters and had to inquire on what they were doing. "Playing camping YaYa...this is our fire (stick pile) and we're roasting marshmellows"..check out the sticks...they have leaves that are suppose to be the marshmellows. Very inventive!
Mom's yard has a ton of trees that shade everything so nicely. Guests were able to find a comfy bench or chair, grab a cool drink and socialize before lunch was served.
This spot was set up for the kids to play and eat. It had the much loved corn hole game all ready. But the adults played that!
My Sister and my Mom started this secret garden behind my Mom's garage. It really had nothing back there but a storage shed and weeds. It's looking great and Midge has plans to put more things in there as time goes by. It will be a fun area to walk the path and sit on a bench and enjoy the quiet.
Craig and his family came and stayed with Amy's sister for the weekend and then came to the shower. They all headed over to the pool on Saturday afternoon to cool off. This is the pool at Centennial park in Naperville. It's a huge pool that is made to look like a lake. There is a sandy beach on the one end and the deep side had the slide and lap area and the lifeguards use row boats out in the deep end. It's a huge area. It's along side the River walk. So pretty! I took my kids when they were little and it's fun to see Craig taking his there. I met them that evening for a bit but I wasn't swimming and it was so hot and humid. It was nice to see Amy's sister and her sweet family. I know Amy's glad Hailey moved to the Chicago area because she can come down from Michigan and visit.
Taylor really enjoyed this slide. Here he is heading up the ladder with Mom watching from below. He's brave!
All of Craig and Amy's kids love to swim, even tiny Sophie...She would jump right in without the life jacket if they let her.


PoetessWug said...

looks like a good time was had by all! What a nice pool too!

Donna said...

Yes, your mom's yard is just the best...especially for Chicago!!!
And love that Centenial Park in Naperville!!! Can't beat that beach or River walk...wouldn't that be fun here??
The kids s'more are too inventive...great imaginations!!!

Holyoke Home said...

There is no. way that woman is 84 years old. No. Way. She looks like she's in her 60s!

Rose said...

enjoyed the photos. the yard is beautiful. mom looks great for her age. looks like children and adults said"let's have fun" and did. rose

Frances said...

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