Saturday, August 28, 2010

Not Just Veggies

Every Saturday from July 4th until mid October we have the farmer's market in town. People come and set up tables and sell whatever they have grown or hand made. Or in our friends Rex and Evelyn's case, whatever the bees have done! They are bee keepers and sell delish honey. The samples were really good too. They bring a hive along so people can see the wonder that is honey making and get a better understanding of this miracle of nature.
Many of the wares for sale are homemade soaps, baskets out of gourds, pies, breads and even the cutest little decorated flip flops ever!
The Amish just pull up the buggy and unload... The kids are so cute. Can you see the little girl in her bonnet?
Let's not forget the veggies of course...hmmm, that reminds me...fried green tomatoes would be yummy tonight and all I have to do is pick them from my own garden!
Parking isn't a problem but I wouldn't suggest doing it behind these dudes.
Besides all the food and items for sale, the real reason for going to the farmer's market is to see friends and neighbors like this character. I work with her and she had half her kiddos with her. Yep, she has 6 all total! What a woman!
With all the tables of goodies, veggies, crafts and the like, how in the heck did I escape with only these two items?? I told the vendor to pick out a good ripe melon for me. He thumped it and said it was calling my name...He didn't know my name! I hope it wasn't saying "sucker" better be a good one!


lakeviewer said...

Now, fried green tomatoes for dinner, right? We do appreciate our neighbors when we eat some of the food they grow.

PoetessWug said...

Ha! Ha! You are so funny!!! Me and my hubby are here laughing at the horse "dudes" parking 'situation'...and the melon that was calling your name! I so enjoy reading your blog. :-)

Donna said...

I missed it this week, boo! Such a fun summer Sat a.m. Thing to do! Shay and co. look good., so does the melon and bread. Glad you had a good time. See you Wed.

p.s. I always watch where I park!

Amy and Craig said...

Our farmer's market is on tues and only goes through Sept. It's pretty good though and I can bike to it from my house! Those green tomatoes look good!!! bring some if you come across any and we'll fry them up this weekend!

Christina said...
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Christina said...

I LOVE local food! I think it' the best way to go. It's great that you are supporting local business. :)The food looks super good too!

Wander to the Wayside said...

I love these markets, as well as the fall fairs. And after the disastrous container gardening this year, we'll be frequenting those markets from now on!

Karen Whittal said...

Our towns are so similar, we have a night market every third month on a Friday night, and a morning market every first Saturday of the month, and apart from the Amish.. is looks just the same. How do you cook fried green tomatoes not something we eat over here??

Sue said...

What a neat farmer's market. We have one, too, but it doesn't have as many handmade items...mostly produce. I think I would like yours better, especially with horses and Ahmish people.

I hope the melon that called your name was a good 'un!