Monday, August 16, 2010

Sunny with 100% Chance of a Shower

On Sunday there was a bridal shower for Amy and Eric at my Mom's house. My sister and her daughter Katie threw it and it was a really nice time. The food was great and Mom's yard looked like a park. They had done so much work to get it ready. Mom and Midge had mulched trees, moved wood from a tree that was cut down, prepared a ton of food and with all the skill that they have mastered over the years of throwing party events for family and church, they pulled a super shower for the happy couple. Even the weather cooperated. They don't have my outdoor event weather curse. It cooled down, and the sun shown and a breeze kept it pleasant. Nice job and a fun time too. This rose bloomed special just for this day...
Pretty cake and it tasted great.
Amy and Eric received a ton of lovely gifts. This one was from me and my other Amy (daughter-in-law). Amy the bride loves October and Halloween. So I thought this was a different gift but something I knew they would like.
Midge loves to decorate and she has a knack for outdoor events. These are the tables and deck she readied for the shower...She really outdid herself.

The yard looked so a wedding reception instead of the shower!
The food was great. There was a wonderful variety that Midge had made but these shish kabobs were special to me...we bonded..really...until 1am...I helped skewer 60 of these suckers..but they were good!
Amy put together these cute little boxes that had their pic on it and some goodies inside. Remember, I told you the cookie card looked just like them.
Saying goodbye is always the hard part of a fun visit.

As Taylor was saying his goodbyes to his Great Grandma he informed her that when he moves again (their family moves about every 2 yrs) he was moving there...he was so serious about it and it sure brought a smile to her face.. But T-money...don't you want to move near me???? Actually there are a ton of relatives wishing you lived near them!


Donna said...

It was a FABULOUS told me all you were doing but wow! It is all first class! The tent and food and favors were all divine....and what a lot of work, (I am sure)....for a special couple. They certainly are loved!!(and look like they are IN LOVE too!!) Congrats to them! You, your Mom and Midge do it all so well!!
Your Mom looks so sweet with Katie and Taylor and they with her...what a great weekend.
P.S. Missed you today...see you tomorrow!

CHERI said...

Hey, Yaya! Everything about the shower looks wonderful! And I love your idea of giving the pumpkins. Around here one of the most popular types of showers we give are HOLIDAY showers. Each guest is assigned a holiday and they bring a gift to match. It's always so fun to see all the unique things people find...and the recipient gets lots of holiday stuff they probably wouldn't or couldn't buy for themselves right after marriage. Thanks so much for the comment you left on my blog! People have left such nice comments and I'm definitely feeling more encouraged. Guess I've been down about several things...especially falling down my stairs last week and pulling tendons in my foot...ouch! But I'm better and more uplifted today!!! Thanks to you and others. Have a great week!

Rose said...

looks like a great shower. the yard and decorations looked fablious. you could tell a lot effort went into this shower with a lot of love. i love Halloween. the gift you gave was neat. i encourage my step dau. to slowly build up a holiday box for each holiday. saw your comment on my blog. it makes sense that if the wind has been tough, it might be viewed as more of a negative. rose

Catch the Kids said...

What a beautiful setting. So much time and effort. I bet Amy and Eric were pleased.

I once had to pull the stuffing out and chop up 200 cooked chooks. To this day I cannot bear the sight or smell of stuffing. Hope this did not happen to you with the kebabs. They looked delicious!

lakeviewer said...

Lovely! I can see how those children can steal your heart.