Friday, March 12, 2010

I just could't help myself

Because 99% of the snow has melted...because spring is almost here...because I love the Easter season...because the hospital had a sale in the lobby and 2 other employees bought one...yes, I succumbed to peer pressure...because I knew it would bug Eddy...Well, see for yourself:


Donna said...

So funny!!!! And let me guess....who of our peers would want one of these??? Initials could be SS for sure, -but hmmm the other???
Cute, PS. Could I borrow it? ha!

FollowTheRainDrops. said...

Hahaha, Very funny.

P.s sorry you don't know me.

Donna said... way!! Has to be SS!!

Karen Whittal said...

That is so cute, my dog, went crazy just listening to it sing, hate to see what he would do if I bought one....

Servant of the Most High said...


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Anonymous said...

funny indeed!!!!