Saturday, February 28, 2009

The old gray mare aint what she used to be

Want to know a secret???? If I could get the secret to staying young I would be sooooo rich and famous!
Yes, today is my birthday...I have about 20min. more left to it then it's March. My Mother always calls me and asks me the same question that she has asked me on my birthday for as long as I can remember...."Well, do you feel any older? " and then she always says:"Today is a day just like the day I delivered you." She then will relate the events of my birth day, that she had dinner at my Uncle George and Aunt Gail's house and ate some very garlicie salad dressing, then threw it up in the delivery room and all the nurses were grossed out and kept whispering "what the heck did she eat?" Of course it was Feb. and too cold to open the windows. Oh well, I'm not super fond of OB nurses so thanks Mom for puking on them! And thanks for the money and good wishes. I'll spend it wisely and I will always treasure your birthday calls and realize how lucky I am to have you still here to give me good wishes! I'm blessed with loving family that send cute e-cards, beautiful bouquets of spring flowers, pretty flowers arranged in beautiful planters, good books to read, and funny cards. Good friends that come to work on their day off to bring me a birthday cake, a cute Easter decoration (thanks Donna!), thanks to Peg for my new Andrea Boccelli CD that I listened to today all the way to Akron for my Stake Primary leadership meeting.

So maybe I do know the secret to staying young. It's always being grateful that you're surrounded by loving family and friends. That you should enjoy every birthday that happens because life is too short and it's great to have a day when you can have your cake and eat it too! I realized today that my driver's license expired...I can't lie about my age on it, but thank heavens I can lie about my weight because according to my license I've stayed the same weight for a long,long,long time and that alone makes me feel very young!!!


Phil and Amanda said...

Happy Birthday!!! My mom always says the same thing to me "So, do you feel any older?" lol!

Midge said...

You will always be young to me, because if I ever admitted you were old then so am I...right behind ya sister...looking forward to the days we can drool together in piece on the front porch in our rocking ya

Donna said...

Hey, I thought I was the only one that stayed 127 lbs forever!!! Yeah, the only thing that makes ME still feel young too...but you still look it and make me feel that way when we giggle together about..."stuff". (makes Dr. G z-jealous!!) My mom too, used to call me first thing in the morning of my BD and recount what happened that day,...she had nuns for nurses...THAT's a story!!!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIRLFRIEND and many more!!! -LOVE that centerpiece on the kitchen table!!! Beautiful!!

Amy and Craig said...

This is Craig....Happy Birthday Mommo! We love you and hope you had a great birthday. It's funny because you always tell me about having to leave Star Wars to go to the hospital. And how you almost named me Luke! "May the force be with you!!"

Kent and Leisy said...

happy belated birthday!! amy also told me that they were headed this way for easter- and we couldn't be more excited! We've been wanting to to make it to ashland for awhile now! we'll definitely take you guys up on the offer to come. We can't wait!