Saturday, February 14, 2009


The images of Valentines Day are different for yours flowers, or candy? Some jewelry perhaps or a plate of yummy heart shaped cookies? Maybe it's a sweet little something for your kiddos or your grandkiddos to let them know you love them. Perhaps you're like my little friend here who has lost his "E" in LOVE...I hate when that happens! Don't ask me where the "E" went, I'm sure it's around here somewhere. Well, whatever your day brought you I hope it was nice. Don't forget to tell those whom you love, that...well, that you love them of course! Love to all on this day...
Now this pic has nothing to do with Valentines Day but I thought I would show you the lovely lake we live near...we're so lucky to live near a lake.......except we don't live near a lake. This is actually a farmer's field that floods every year atleast 3 or 4 times until Summer when it's full of some crop, usually corn. Middle Rowsburg rd runs right next to it and across the road is another field that looks just like this one when it floods....feels like you're driving on a causeway between two bodies of water! Well, this bottom pic is what the field looked like today. Water receded and back to normal...until spring wet weather comes!

I like the look of "Lake Middle Rowsburg" better!

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Donna said...

I remember seeing "Lake "Middle Rowsberg" in the IS something to behold! ...the pretty heart cookies are a finer sight!!! mmmmm!!!!