Sunday, February 22, 2009

Jam packed Saturday

This weekend started out busy and full for sure! Friday night I had Phil and Amanda's girls overnight while they took off for a fun weekend in Winsor Canada...I guess they just wanted some really cold and snowy days! Jack had a scout outing at the fireman's cabin so I had all the fun to myself... I enlisted Summer to come and help me out! Thanks Summer for entertaining little Alexis while I took care of Addy. After the little ones went to bed Summer and I watched the movie "The Secret Life of Bees" . Good movie, better book! Here's little Addy the next morning all happy and ready for some action...I love her fuzzy crazy hair! Alexis was so good to put up with Eddy...but he was really good with her, no jumping on her and he let her play with his toys too! His head is as big as her whole body!
After we dropped the girls off at their other Grandma's, we went to watch Anthony play basketball in his little league. So cute! They have special little baskets and they even have little cheerleaders... then I headed off to a baby shower for our friend Christina...she got alot of fun and cute little girlie things for baby Stella....It was good to see them again. We saw them a few weeks ago when we were in South Carolina for Sophia's blessing...

After the shower it was off to Jack and Steph's for Anthony's birthday party. He turned 7 yesterday, I just can't believe how fast these rug rats are growing! Here's his special plate with his special request meal :Lasagna, salad, asparagus, garlic bread and chocolate cake...Yummo!

Anthony blew out his candles and made his wish...don't know what that was, but he was a happy boy yesterday.

Here's a little video of his just have to smile when watching them play...I love the way he dribbled the ball down the little court...Wasn't his Dad just doing that not long ago? Man, I'm getting old!


Donna said...

Gee, you DID have a jam packed weekend!!!! What a cute pic of Addie!! And I can't beleive Anthony is that old either. His cake looked beautiful...did you make it? He was almost born on your BD!!

Phil and Amanda said...

Love the pictures! You really did have a BUSYYYY weekend! Thanks again for watching the girls! I'm glad they were good for you!

And happy belated birthday to Anthony! I love the video! Too cute!