Sunday, June 2, 2024

Pomp And Circumstance

 The past 2 weekends have been filled with a graduation party and this past Saturday, graduation day for our Lexi.

Pomp and Circumstance means a ceremony of grandeur or a very formal occasion.  Of course we all know when we hear that music that Pomp and Circumstance is heralding in a graduation ceremony. I remember my Mother-in-Law saying that the song always brought tears to her eyes.  Realizing these kids aren't little anymore and time is marching on with them brings tears to my eyes.

The music plays that iconic song and the kids march as practiced to their assigned seats.  It was a beautiful morning for the ceremony.  I was surprised it was held at 10am on a Saturday as I remember our kids and other Grandkids having theirs in a late afternoon or evening.  At least it wasn't raining!  In fact a little sunburned even happened on poor Jack's arms.  He's delicate where I tan.  

We looked for Lexi in the hope of catching a pic of her walking in.  Thankfully she had on some heels so we could see her better but all I got was the back of her head and that cute shock of purple hair!  After the Pledge of Allegiance was recited and the National Anthem was sung beautifully by one of the graduates, everyone sat for the speeches.  Of course those speeches are meant to inspire, give hope, give instruction, give praise, give some laughs, and bring on some tears.  The tears coming mostly from the parents and grandparents as the students are just excited to be getting done.  I don't remember a thing said at my graduation but after hearing so many in the years of my kids I know they all ring true.  The first speaker got a little emotional toward the end of his speech and I'm sure it's because he realizes that after this day of pomp and circumstance these kids will move on and some will succeed in various ways and others will struggle in ways that they don't expect.  Life will bring challenges and opportunities and we are praying that Lexi will be able to stand up to whatever lies ahead and know that what ever does go down her life journey there are many who love her and will help in any way possible.  Well, the tassels were changed from one side to the other, the hats were tossed in the air, and cheers were heard from the graduates and the proud crowd of family and friends.  Pictures galore, hugs given, farewell to friends and well wishes from everyone.

Sweet moments from Dad.
I was doing fine until Rae broke down in tears as she hugged Lex.  I think she was overcome with the knowledge that she won't have her big sister in the high school with her in the fall and Lex won't be driving her to school or being there at home.  Lex is planning on going to Bowling Green University this fall.  These two are as close as sisters can be.
Hang in there Rae. In 2 years we'll be doing this with you and the tears will flow again and the well wishes and parties and all the pomp and circumstance in your honor. Good luck Lexi! We love you!


TheCrankyCrow said...

Such a sweet post my friend. Congratulations, again, to Lexi - and wishing her all the luck and success she deserves. Something tells me that she will shine. It seems she has been all the tools to succeed in the world and with a loving and supportive family behind her, all will be well. ~Robin~

Kay G. said...

Oh congratulations to the new graduate! Of course, "Pomp and Circumstance" is by Edga Elgar, a British composer! I'm sure you know but just to get that in there! LOL!
Your family is just so wonderful, could you please adopt me? Thank you. xx

Julia said...

How time flies. Congratulations to Lexi on graduating. Pomps and Circumstances and graduations go hand in hand and the throwing of graduation hats in the air also is a tradition here.
It's always bitter-sweet when the kids graduate and then move on.
All the best to Lexi. What a pretty girl. in 2024 and beyond.

Hugs, Julia

acorn hollow said...

Congratulations Lexi oh how your grands have grown! In a blink they are now off to college.
It is wonderful to be close to your sister I never had that with my sisters.
This really was a sweet post you have such a wonderful relationship with your grands.