Tuesday, June 21, 2022

A Day Of Light

 The Summer solstice has arrived and many will say this is the longest day. However, there is and always will be only 24 hours in a day but the light of today will last the longest of all year. As of now it will slowly start to go toward the shortest day.  We won't speak of that now but enjoy this first day of Summer to the fullest. I know here in Ohio we're going to be very hot...95de.  Coming off of the past lovely weekend of cool temps it will be a bit hard to take. But the pools will be packed and the kids don't care if it's hot so bring on the lemonade and the shady spot to sit and enjoy a BBQ dinner. Later I hope you can see a night sky of stars and maybe even find an ice cream cone to savor. Since our electric is now back on we can also enjoy some A/C!  To start our long day Annabelle and I took a nice walk on the shady side of the street down our little country road.

The heat hasn't arrived yet so this walk was lovely.
If  Annabelle could talk she would agree.
A quick stop to smell each pine cone.  Anyone need some for crafts?  We have plenty!  Last night Jack and I worked on cutting up the locust tree that fell during the storm. These trees are all eventually getting cut down but God did a few for us already.  The stumps left behind just need the talent of a wood carver to make them into something fun and interesting.
Could this turn into a dragon?  Perhaps a horse? Beware of the foliage around the base. Yeppers, it's poison ivy.  I wish I had a nickel for every poison ivy or thistle plant here at the Pines. I'd be the richest gal in town!

This is the one from last week's storm. It's a blank slate ready to be made into a bear or maybe a knight in shining armor to go slay the dragon!  When the rest of the trees come down we could have a fun path of weird or I would say again, interesting,  sculptures. Our own little Stonehenge? Go and enjoy this day of light.  Go visit Stonehenge...I think they do something "interesting" there today! Happy Summer!


Deb said...

Happy Summer to you as well, Yaya! So glad your electricity is back on. Great pictures of the beginning of summer in your neck of the woods. See you again soon!

Shady Del Knight said...

Hi, YaYa!

Happy summer 2022 to you, dear friend! Yessum, you can now get cooling relief from the searing heat by switching on the air conditioner. I forgot to ask you how Annabelle made out during the days you spend w/o electricity and the strange nights sitting in the dark and reading by candlelight. She must have been buffaloed. It's great to see pictures of her out for a walk on the shady side of the lane. I hope the alpaca and Yeti made it through the tornadic storms AOK.

Yessum, I agree that the first tree stump looks exactly like a horse with it's snout missing. I'm thinking the second one could be carved into a totem pole.

I'm continuing to think about Midge and hoping she is progressing nicely over in Chicago. I wish you a safe, restful and delightfully uneventful summer, dear friend YaYa!

Julia said...

Happy Summer Solstice, Yaya. I've been so busy, that I didn't even notice. Thanks for the reminder. You've got some poison ivy around, I hope that you also can find some jewel weeds. They are excellent to neutralize the toxin from poison ivy. You can look it up online. The sap from the stem takes the itch away.

Annabelle is just so cute.
Have a happy summer.

TheCrankyCrow said...

Happy Solstice my friend. Well, guess that settles that: I will never come visit you at the Pines.... I am extremely allergic to poison ivy. My mother used to say I would get it by just looking at it. I became a plant expert very early on as I spent my summers in the woods and pastures and had to avoid it or be in misery and out of commission for weeks. Annabelle is such a cutie. ~Robin~

Prims By The Water said...

Well the thing we have to look forward now that the days are getting shorter is it will soon be Fall and Halloween, and I know how much you love that holiday! I always grab pinecones from my moms house but thanks for the offer. It would be cool if you could carve a pine tree from one of those stumps. Janice

jack69 said...

i SMILED AT THE LOCUST! Yes to all it could have been. I made a dragon out of one of ours.
Enjoyed the read and visit. And thanks for the comment my way. Good advice but hard to handle. ;-)
Anyway Hope you and Jack have a great evening....

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