Saturday, August 18, 2018

One Project At A Time

Do you ever have moments when you wonder if you're losing it?   I saw this saying on Facebook: "I'd be a Genius if it wasn't for all the stupid sh## I do. "   I was visiting my blog buddies today and while sitting here looking at pretty photos posted,  I really admired this particular one...only to realize I was looking at my own header for my blog....yep, a freaking genius...Anyway, I'll blame it on this week at work.   Sometimes it's just so nutty.  However, we manage to get our work done and done well.  That's when I really believe in a higher power.  Speaking of power.   We're slogging through projects here at the Pines.  One biggie is getting a new out building.   We picked out the one we want and the Amish gentleman that's building it has it all finished.  But where it's going to sit has to be prepared.  That means this:
Jack had to go and get a skid loader from the rental place.  The guy asked if he knew how to operate it.   Jack said a big "NO" but qualified it by saying he has someone who does know how that's coming to run it.  I'm sure the sales dude sighed a big one of relief.  Heck, we don't even own the big red truck to pull it!  (Thanks Derrick for loaning it to us!  You're lucky we returned it! It's pretty awesome) 
This is the spot where our little pool sat and now it's going to be the spot for our building.
Bye Bye pool site...hello big dirt site.   Soon I'll post pics of the new building once all is done.  (God willing and the creek don't rise)
Arnie was very interested in the whole thing.  Speaking of Arnie...
He got a new hair cut.  After his first groom job it looked like he was sporting a doggy mullet.  So now all his hair is short and I'm liking it so much better...he looks much younger.  I may go to his groomer.
I've been using my cucumbers for pickles this year.  I made a batch earlier and just tried them and I have to say they are pretty good for a beginner.   To end my post I'm going to post some work photos I took last week.  I've started to get a batch of new pics done so I can put together another work video to show before I retire.  Not leaving for another year...maybe is unpredictable!
So much stuff in the room, but the OR tables give us the most headaches.  They are all heavy to move, have to be taken apart for different surgeries and patients always complain how narrow they are.  Well, let's face it...the tables have to be narrow so we can reach across them while working but also patients have been getting wider over  the years.  We have weight limits too.  A few weeks ago we had to cancel a case because our table only could hold up to 500lbs.   We did find one later that went up to 1000lbs so he was done at another time. 
My "mayo stand", there's no mayonnaise served here!  Just all my instruments needed for a hernia operation.
My "back table".  It holds all the other things that I might need.  There's way more instruments in a set than we'd ever really use...but you never is unpredictable..Have a good weekend!


Shady Del Knight said...

Hi, YaYa!

I was very happy to see you back at Shady's Place today. Thank you for remembering my new location! It seems to me you guys are getting out of the pool business entirely, possibly because the grandkiddos are growing up and your pool wasn't getting as much use the last year or two. While you have that skid loader rented, are you sure you don't want to excavate another part of your yard and install an Olympic size in-ground pool? :) I am eager to see what your out building looks like. We had one on our property, but the dang homeowners association came along and told us they are not permitted. We needed to get rid of it and now storage space is a huge problem for us.

Arnie is looking cool as those cucumbers now that he has been groomed. If you get your hair trimmed by his groomer, be sure to post before and after pictures. :) Thanks for showing us your OR and the tools of the trade. I admire you for your years of dedicated service to healthcare.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, dear friend YaYa!

joeh said...

I think I would like to try messing with that skid loader,as long as there was someone around to take over after I screwed up.

gin said...

Aww, no more pool. I’m sure Jack can get on that equipment and do a thing or two. Arnie does look all interested in your projects. Those surgery table setups make me feel faint. I couldn’t be a nurse. Thanks to people like you who love their work and can work on our bodies.

betty said...

I'm looking forward to seeing your new building when it gets completed. Lots of instruments to get the surgery done indeed! Got to be prepared for anything that might happen and I'm sure you have seen pretty much all in your career so far.


Kay G. said...

Your sweet dog does look good! You made me laugh about you going to his groomer for a trim! Come to think of it, book me in when you go, that dog looks better than I do! LOL!
Good luck with your building!
Thanks for showing us your OP room where you work. That is interesting about the narrow tables and that they must have a weight limit. I was only just mentioning to Richard that when we watch old movies, how much thinner people were then. We need to get fit and healthy as a nation, I need to tell myself that too!
And I don't blame you for admiring your header, it is lovely. x

acorn hollow said...

good luck with the new building. Arnie looks great and happy. Retiring in a year or two makes me jealous I am giving myself a year and half and see if we can do it I need to get out!

CHERI said...

Wish I could get my hubby to "delete" one of his two outbuildings from the backyard. Then I would move me in a "she shed." I want one of those so badly, but with 2 full outbuildings already, I don't want the neighbors to think we are running a shed business!!!! Your story about your header is sooo funny...reminds me of something sort of similar that happened to me awhile back. I just happened to turn and catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror and my thoughts went "what's Mama doing here?" (Mama lives almost 2 hours away!!!) Took me a second to realize I was looking at my own reflection!!!!! And, yes, I did feel rather stupid:) The pictures of the operating room (I have to admit) give me the heebeejeebees! I admire you for your dedication and expertise in the medical field, but when it comes to ANYTHING medical, I go into panic mode!!!!

Munir said...

You have a lot of things going out at the same time. I don't know how you do them all. God bless you and your hubby.
BTW that pictures is beautiful !!