Saturday, January 20, 2018

Sunshine On My Shoulders

The past few days have been fabulous, weather wise.  We've had a slow warm up this week and today it topped out around 40 degrees...flip flop weather up here!  Add sunshine to that and you have many happy faces around these parts.  I took Chubbs for a little walk this afternoon since the Vet said he had gained a couple of pounds.  Jack told him it was because of the holidays!  Good for a chuckle but the fact is we haven't been able to get him out walking too much because of the bitter cold.   So today I put on my slogging around the Pines boots.  (No flip flops for me...I leave those to the Walmart goers!)
The snow is slowly melting as you can see in the next pic:
After a bit our son Phil showed up to pick up some packages he had sent here and he had Addy with him.  Chubbs was ready to go back inside so Addy and I took a little walk into the Creepy Woods....they're not so Creepy with no leaves on the trees.  Addy enjoyed climbing on the logs and letting the sun shine on her shoulders!
She wanted to check out the Alpacas next door so we went over to see if the neighbors would mind letting us take a close up peek.  Kerry (our new neighbor) was super gracious about having us take a tour.
Hi guys!  Well, the blond one is a not a guy but a girl who Kerry thinks is preggo!  I can't wait to see if  they get babies.  I'm betting they are adorable!
She showed Addy how to hold out her hand and give them some feed.
She loved it!  We had a fun time learning about Alpacas and Kerry's girls and Addy hit it off.  Addy made some new friends and learned something new!  The girls had a blast in the barn and when the Alpaca came in the barn they starting rolling all over in the dirt.
I guess that's something they love to do!  Stirred up a bunch of dust!   We had to head back home but with a promise to visit again.  Thanks Kerry and family for letting us have an adventure today!  I  hope the sun shown bright on your shoulders today too!


joeh said...

Alpacas must make great neighbors.

Kay G. said...

Alpacas? Wonderful!
Must say, your cardinal in the snow header photo is lovely!
Take care!

acorn hollow said...

We have more snow than you but still warm for January 45 here this afternoon
sounds like fun

Rick Watson said...

It was 70 here today. Woo Hoo. Of course, we're having stormes tomorrow :(

Julia said...

What a great way to celebrate a nice January day visiting with a neighbor who raises alpacas. I'd love to see the baby alpacas when they are born.

January has been a mixture of bitter cold and snow and warm weather here too. We had two snow melt so far with lots of rain, snow and freezing rain to cold again. A very unsettled January.

Take care and stay safe.
Hugs, Julia