Wednesday, January 24, 2018

A Year In The Life

My 2017 blog book arrived yesterday.   When I first starting blogging in 2008 I didn't know you could make a book from your blog.  I didn't post as much back then and when I found out you could put your blog in book form I actually put 2008 and 09 together to make my first book.  This year's book is the smallest one I've done since then.  I also forgot to check what kind of cover material I wanted and got a soft copy instead of a hard cover.  Oh well, I'll probably just reorder another one and give this one to Mom.  It's easier for her to read than going on the computer and she enjoys looking at all the photos too.   There are times I've considered quitting, but when the book comes and I see all the events and family gatherings put in print I realize it's a journal of sorts.   I'm no great author but someday I hope a family member will take the time to look at them and remember what we did together or read about what I did with my time in this life.  Mundane? Probably.  Repetitive? Yes, many times I've repeated a tribute to a family member and I always put a post in on the holidays and frankly those don't change much year to year...except we all age a bit!  Important?  It is to me and that's all that matters isn't it?   I use to make my book.  It's pretty easy and depending on the number of pages, not too expensive.   Anyway, how can I put a price on a year in  the life of us? 
New book!
One of many books in my fast growing library!  Almost as fast "growing" as the years have been fast "going". 


joeh said...

Very good idea.

acorn hollow said...

I have always thought that was a great idea but sadly I never seem to get it together to do it.
Your family will be very thankful for those books in the future.

Julia said...

Congratulations on your 2017 Whispering Pines new book. I agree with you that it's nice to go back and look at what has been going on in our lives in the printed bog yearbooks. I've printed my own along with all the comments and it always makes me glad that I printed my own blog. It's not all tidy in book form like your but all the information is there in binders for the family and future generation who are interested in the past. It probably cost me more to print it myself as the black and color ink are so very expensive.

Take care,
Hugs, Julia

gin said...

Such a wonderful keepsake and documentation of your life and family.

Kay G. said...

I love that you print your posts into a book. Good for you!
AND keep up your blog, I love your writing and your photos. xx

Rick Watson said...

Hey Yaya,
Who prints it for you? I might print a couple of mine to see how they look?

Susan Anderson said...

I loved the days when I blogged on a daily basis, but since Dave retired, it just hasn't been a priority. Now I mostly use the blog for poetry prompts, which I do enjoy, but I miss all my blog friends.

I'm so glad your mom is still doing well; ours is failing rapidly, and we are sad. Can't complain much about her longevity, though, and we know that...but how we will miss her when she goes. And she is now entering into dementia as well. Thankfully, I just visited, and I was able to connect with her a bit at a time when I could tell she knew me and remembered all we are to each other. I will treasure that moment, for sure.