Sunday, January 14, 2018

In The Thick Of It

My previous post was one of lush green.  The snow had melted and the rains fell in abundance.  The 58de temps were such a gift.  Then Friday arrived.  I got hit by some kind of bug and was sick as a dog!  It was one of those times when at first you thought you were going to die and then you were afraid you wouldn't!  Thankfully it passed as quick as it arrived since this is my call weekend.  It's been quiet so far but it's not over until 6:30 am.  It's the only time I truly look forward to Monday morning when it's over!    So what do you do when you're hanging around the house on a weekend when Mother Nature decides to pull a fast one?  When she reminds you that you are in the thick of Winter?
Enjoy the pretty snow?
Snow blow that pretty snow?
I think Jack looks like Mr. Freeze!   While he was having fun clearing our driveway I did do a small bit of shoveling then headed into the house to do some baking.
Homemade bread made the house smell wonderful.
This cake was interesting....I had wanted to try this recipe but consider this a failure.  It didn't really have a taste that made me want to make it again! 
My slow cooker roast was much better!  So that's how we roll when were in the thick of Winter.  January is half over and I can't say I'm sorry it's going so fast.  Something else I did to past the time was read a book I got for Christmas from Craig and Amy.  It's really a young adult fiction read but it was super good and I would recommend it.
It's about a young girl in England during WWII.   I downloaded the sequel and finished that too!  They were both great!  Check them out if you're in the thick of Winter in your area!  And if you're someplace warm...well, just enjoy that I guess!


joeh said...

Jack looks like he was blowing snow into the wind.

acorn hollow said...

Oh your husband looks so cold! I do think you are right we would be very good friends. I made scones from a recipe with B that had sprinkles in it and they were horrid! makes me crazy to use good ingredients only to throw them away.
stay warm

Andrea Ostapovitch said...

When old Jack Frost really decides to take control out there, I love to cook and bake. It both warms and cheers me.
Have a lovely week,