Monday, December 25, 2017

Merry Christmas 2017

Just putting the year, 2017, has my mind much time has flown by and so many Christmases have been celebrated.  We go about all the usual rituals, traditions, and rushing and exhausting ourselves at times, as we've done in the past.  I wanted to have all my shopping done by the end of November this year so I could enjoy the season more and spend more time on reflecting the real reason we celebrate.   I came close but still had that last minute finishing up.  We still did rush about and there were some things I wasn't able to get done.  Our trip to Chicago, as I wrote about previously, didn't turn out the way we hoped but still we were able to see family members that we hadn't seen in a while and were able to spend some precious time with Mom.  I'm lucky to have her with us and think about all those who aren't here now.  Jack's parents, who were such a huge part of our Christmas celebrations when our kids were little, have been gone 17 years and my Dad, who always made Christmas fun when I was little, has been gone 41 years.  I talked with Mom today and she said Christmas day has always been sad for her.  Her mother died when my Mom was 10 and she died on Christmas day...1936.  Christmas was never the same for her and yet, as children, we never knew that it was hard for her since she and Dad made our Christmases full of happy memories.   I would guess that none of us remember every gift we've ever received but once in a while one or two will have a special place in our memory.  One memory I have is about a gift that wasn't even mine.  It was my sister's.  It was the year she wanted a puppy.  We creeped down the stairs super early on Christmas morning and spied a big cage covered with a cloth.  Thinking it must be the puppy, she peeked inside.  She jumped back horrified. When I asked what was wrong she said she didn't know what was in the cage, but it didn't have a head! We high tailed it back to bed and wondered what the heck Santa had left!   It turned out to be a myna bird named Charlie.  Not a puppy but he was a member of our family for many years and was quite the character!   I doubt I will ever have a Christmas that isn't filled with some rushing about or being tired or maybe not having everything turn out like a Hallmark movie.  But there will always be the surprises, the hugs, the laughs and the joy of family and friends this time of year.  Many have said that they couldn't wait for it to be over and I know I even mumbled that a bit myself this year...and I'm sorry I did.  Time passes much to quickly. The traditions we have created that are unique to our family are important.  We attended church yesterday and enjoyed the music and the scripture readings and special talks that were given. They softened my Grinch heart!   The gathering today of our family members went great...and was so much fun.   Yep, it was all worth it is every year.  Merry Christmas everyone!   Of course I have to add photos of the day.  Not much different than past Christmas seasons..and that's just fine with me!
Just a few shoes by the back door!
Christmas snow arrived last night and a little today..beautiful but very cold!
It was a light, fluffy snow and Jack used a broom to clear the driveway! Thanks babe!
Chubbs enjoyed his Christmas treat.
Addy got a phone..can you tell?
Hey Lexi Lou! We love you!
Remember Kip the Golden Doodle from a few months ago? He's ginormous now! But the sweetest guy!
Welcome Kip!
Summer, Brett, and of course Happy!  Jack joked that today we had small, (Happy), medium, (Chubbs), and extra large, (Kip) dogs all over the place!
Hey Jordan...sorry your in a shadow and thanks for the delish Honey baked ham for today!

Cameron hanging close to the dessert table.
Merry Christmas 2017!


gin said...

Lovely photos. Those shoes by the back door tells a beautiful story - home. Yes dogs everywhere, just what we're use too, also. Our family members also bring their furry kids along too. I've enjoyed your year of blogging. I'll be waiting for your adventures in the new year.

Shady Del Knight said...

Hi, YaYa!

As Christmas 2017 draws to a close it warmed my heart to visit your family and see all the happy faces. I could feel the warmth radiating through the screen. I am happy that you spoke with your mom today. I hope she is feeling a lot better by now. I am sorry to learn that your mom lost her mother at the age of 10 and on Christmas Day. When I was young my dad always struggled to put on a happy face and spread cheer during the holidays because his dad also died on Christmas day - one year later than your grandmother - Christmas 1937. In a terrible irony my dad also died on Christmas Day (16 years ago) and ever since I am the one who has struggled when December 25 rolls around.

Your story about your sister receiving a myna bird instead of the puppy she wanted reminds me of my own childhood when my pleas for a dog were answered with a pet parrot. I'm happy to see the three dogs in your post and to know they have good homes. I hope you thought about Eddy for a moment or two today. You and Jack look fabulous as always.

Once again merry Christmas to you and your wonderful family, dear friend YaYa!

joeh said...

WE had a parakeet named Charlie, that bird would hot shut up, my mom taught it about 100 + phrases...loved that little bird.

betty said...

Such lovely pictures! Such great memories made and remembered from years ago! How cute with the bird; much easier to take care of than a dog I think :) We found ourselves in the store many times over the past few days, each trip declaring "this is it, we are done" only to have forgotten something or had a surprise thrown on to us. Thankfully found a Walgreens open today to get a gift card/card for an unexpected visitor. Glad I was raised by a mom who never believed there would be enough food for the guests expected so we had more than enough for our very much welcomed but not planned for guest.

Now onto the new year! How can it be 2018 already?


Donna said...

Love the story! Love the pics! Beautiful post my bestie! Merry Christmas to you and Jack!

acorn hollow said...

we all have our christmas history sounds like you had a wonderful oe.

Julia said...

Family makes Christmas so special. It looks like you had a fabulous time again. We ended up not having a Christmas dinner at our house as my daughter and her family were to cook the whole dinner at our house. She bought everything and I was to only provide the wine but a very bad snow storm made me decide that they should stay put at their house. This is the first time we had no Christmas family dinner in 51 years of being together.

Merry Christmas.
Hugs, Julia

Rick Watson said...

My grandpa had a parakeet named Peppy.It would sit on the rim of his glasses while he ate breakfast. I’m glad Christmas was good.It was busy here too.

Kay G. said...

Great photo of you two!
I always say that I won't get stressed out at Christmas but there is always something. This year, my son's girlfriend wanted me to crochet her a scarf. I finished it at 10PM on Christmas day! (He was spending Christmas with us and going back to see his girlfriend the day after Christmas.) At least I finished it! LOL!