Monday, December 18, 2017

Plans Don't Always Go As Planned

This past weekend was my family's Christmas get together.  We go every year and gather with my Mom and siblings, nieces and nephews, and kiddos galore.  But for some reason my enthusiasm was lacking and I just was pushing myself to get excited about the trip.  I had my baking and candy making ready:
All the other things my sister and I had planned were ready.  Then the weather decided to take a bit of a turn from mild to Winter.
About 6in. of the white stuff fell on Wednesday with the chance of more on the way.  However, I was hopeful for good driving conditions by the time Friday arrived.  And it was all good.  I called my sister on Thursday to say all was good here when she answered and sounded like death warmed over...yep, she was sick.  What to do now.  Stay home, or hope it was just a little cold and go?   We decided to go.   Once we arrived Midge was indeed pretty sick and her and I trouped off to the clinic where her daughter is a nurse.  Oh dear, she had strep and bronchitis.  She lives with and helps take care of Mom and I was worried Mom would be next.  But she was doing good and my brothers arrived from all over the world to help celebrate.
Rick, Jim, and even Phil (who flew in from Panama) gathered in Mom's kitchen.
Mom looking festive around her beautiful tree on Friday night.
Mom looking not so festive on Saturday morning at the same clinic....and with step and bronchitis. Boy, it hit fast!  No party for her that day.   Jack stayed home to take care of Mom while Midge and I went to help with the big party at my niece, Katie's home.
The table was set for all the gang.

The butler was ready to serve.
Of course the kid's table is always the best spot!
Refreshments were flowing...
Food was!
After dinner the games began...the cellophane  wrapped gift game is always fun and a hit with everyone.  It's silly and loud!
The photos by the and my sister, who was feeling much better thank goodness!
Santa brings up the excitement quota a few notches!  He brought lots of goodies for the kiddos and everyone had fun.  It was just weird not to have Mom and Jack there and we left a little early to get back to them.  Mom was doing good that night but by Sunday morning she wasn't doing so hot.  We got her up and put lots of fluids and a little food along with her meds in her, and she was perking up.  It was a thought that we might have to take her to the hospital if she didn't seem better soon.  While that was going on my brother Phil called from the hotel where he and my other siblings were staying.   He was sick! His was the intestinal kind.  Holy cow!  He wanted to get out of the hotel and stay at Moms so we went and picked him and Jim up and brought them back.  At that point Jack and I decided it was best if we headed back to Ohio.  If we were going to get sick we didn't want it to be on the 6 hour drive back home.   Mom was doing better and Jim was healthy and could be a help to Midge.  So this family trip didn't turn out to be the usual one that happens.  I'm hoping all will be well soon and that we don't get it!  I'll be checking in with them today and pray all is good.  This time of year can be filled with the joy of family and friends and celebrating but sometimes you have to just go with the flow...or the flu!  This family gathering will be one for the books and hopefully one we don't repeat again!  Today Jack and I will finish our last minute things for our family gathering on Christmas least that's the plan!


Julia said...

That so unfortunate that your people are getting sick at tis time. I hope your mom is feeling much better today. It's a bad time for flu right now. With all the people travelling at this time of year, it's bound to spread flu and cold germs.

Your mom looks beautiful by her tree.

Take care and have a Merry Christmas, hugs &love, Julia

Shady Del Knight said...

Hi, YaYa!

Boy oh boy, what a revolting series of developments as one by one the members of your family took ill. I hope the last time you checked, your mother and sister are both doing much better. That was a scare for you, I'm sure. I also hope Panama Phil is doing AOK now. One thing I can tell you. If I hadn't read the text, just looked at the pictures, and hadn't seen the one of your mom with a mask on her face, I would never have known anyone was or had been sick. You all look great including your mother. I hope you and Jack got out and back w/o catching any of the bugs that crashed your holiday party in Chicago.

Have a wonderful week, dear friend YaYa!

joeh said...

Get togethers are so difficult, so many things can go wrong. Hope mom recovers fast, otherwise looks like a wonderful celebration.

acorn hollow said...

Oh no it is so awful to be sick when you have company and things you want to do.
But it is a good thing you went to help your sister and your mom. I hope you don't get it too
:( I am down to wrapping gifts I have a start on it.
I hope you are warm and healthy for your Christmas day

Rick Watson said...

I'm so sorry Yaya. Being sick during the holidays is brutal. I think you made the right decision to head back home. I'd hate to be sick on the road.
Jilda is feeling better, but the Flu is all around us. I'm thinking about getting us masks like your mom had for a little added protection.
I can take not being festive if I can avoid being sick.
Hope the rest of your holiday season is blessed.

Andrea Ostapovitch said...

Well that is just awful. I hope everyone who got sick is well on their way to being right as rain, and I hope you've managed to stay healthy. I'm just getting over a cold, but it was nothing major, but I'm taking extra care so I feel great for the holidays.

Merry Christmas to you,

Kay G. said...

Oh no, so sorry that so much illness was around for the family this time! Your sweet Mom getting that strep and bronchitis! I hate for any of yall to get sick but doggone it, not your MOM!!!
Hope you all have a merry Christmas and it will be a healthy one! xx

Phil Arends said...

So Kathy: back in Panama. Everything is good. As I told Midge, regardless of the crazy things that came from the uninvited guest ( flu or whatever it was) this is the one time of the year that we get to spend some quality times with our mother and siblings. We are so blessed to have our mother with us. There are moments that are spontaneous and so special it’s hard to describe. One on of those is four brothers in a hotel room together with their cell phones playing remember this or I got the next one playing real country music from the 60’s, 70’s and nothing new talking about the old days at the truck shop and the poker games at the shop and our dad and about us and as Rick so perfectly said “ I can’t believe I’m sitting here with all my brothers” him sipping ouzo and his older brothers sharing bourbon and no that is not what made me sick. I told Midge thank you for all that you do and let’s never loosen the bond that brings us together. Many families break up over material possessions or an untimely comment not well thought out before it leaves their lips but I tell people all the time if you don’t have a family like ours it would be difficult to describe the bond of six kids different ages growing up in a home and a time so special with the parents that provided the glue and the guidance to make us who we are. As Rick played Ray Price “ For the good times” and we toasted Carl because these are the good times. Merry Christmas! I love you