Thursday, December 21, 2017

Hello Winter!

It's officially Winter.   Good-bye dear Fall,  I'll miss you, my favorite time of year!  We've had some pretty chilly temps and a few inches of snow already.  Chubbs loves the colder weather and snow.
He got groomed last week and got the usually neck wear...very festive!  You can see the enthusiasm in his face, can't you?
He loves to run and play in the white stuff!  Well, he'll have to wait a few days to have more fun.  Tomorrow it's going to be 50 degrees and all the snow has melted!  Christmas is looking like snow may fall and the temps will be in the 20's.  Yep, Winter has arrived and although today is the least amount of light for the year, tomorrow will bring the start of longer daylight.  It may only be a minute or less a day, but it's going in the right direction!  I'm ready for the new season and will slog through the snow and cold while some of my family and friends are living where it's warm and can't understand why we hack it out up here.  Why? Well, I guess it makes me appreciate the Spring more and I like the cold better than the heat and humidity of Summer.  So celebrate your Winter where ever you may live! 
We have big ornaments hanging from our tree out's me trying to be artsy!  Oh, a quick update on all the illness from last weekend...Midge is much, much better and Mom is getting there.  Talked to her tonight and she said she's trying each day to get over the crud!  It's nasty this year! Take care!


betty said...

Glad to hear your sister is doing better and your mom is trying her best to improve. Dogs somehow really like the snow, but don't try to get them outside to do their business when it is raining. They won't have anything to do with that :)


joeh said...

Send some snow to Jersey

acorn hollow said...

We are under the snow warning for today, icing for tomorrow not my favorite and snow for christmas day. So let winter begin! We have about a foot on the ground so it be white for sure. I am with you I like the seasons not saying I don't like a break now and then with a trip to the south but I really do enjoy each season. (even though I complain now and then)

Shady Del Knight said...

Hi, YaYa!

I admire your header image. I can't figure out what that big white blob is in the sky above your house. Is it a UFO (the mother ship coming to take the Yeti back home)? Is it a celestial orb? Or it is a humongous snowflake?

Chubbs has the same look on his face that our Toto always did after a trip to the groomer. After shearing Toto the woman always sprayed her with perfume and tied a pretty scarf around her neck. Toto didn't want any part of it. She couldn't wait to get outdoors to roll in poop and dead lizards. (Toto - not the groomer lady).

I wish I were there to enjoy 20-some degree temps and a snow covered landscape. After a brief, delightful cool spell a couple of weeks ago we are back to running the a/c all day every day.

I am relieved to learn that sister Midge is feeling much better and I pray your mother will soon be back to 100%. I hope your ailing brother has also bounced back by now.

Merry Christmas to you and your wonderful family, dear friend YaYa!

Julia said...

I'm glad to hear that your sister is feeling better and your mom is almost all better. My cold lasted 3weeks andI still have a bit lung congestion left.
I've been working in the cold so I'm not a fan of winter when it's cold. I don't mind the snow but much prefer not to have any after Christmas.

The temperature are supposed to go up on Saturday then I worry about ice in the barn yard. I fell once already a few weeks ago and bruised my ankle a bit.

Your house looks so festive with all the lights. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.
Blessings of Good Health, Love, Peace, Joy and Contentment for Christmas and the New Year.
Hugs, Julia

gin said...

Yes Winter. But on the bright side, after we celebrate New Year's, Valentine's Day, Mardi Gras, and President's Day, then it'll be spring. So we'll stay busy thru the winter. Chubbs looks cute with his new "do". And glad your sis and mom are on the mend.

Susan Anderson said...

Dave did the same with our biggest tree in the front yard this year, and I'm liking the festive look. Hope things are going well with your family and especially your mom. Mine is home now, but she needs 24-hour care. She is fairly well physically, though frail, but she does have quite a bit of short term memory loss. She still knows us though and is fine when you are talking to her in the moment, but sometimes a little more vague than others. We are just grateful to have her with us!

I have posted a Christmas Eve circletime story...from two years ago, since I think I didn't get one up last year. Boy, I have really let my blog go, but these grandchildren seem to take up all of my extra time...and so happily!

Merry Christmas!


Donna said...

Last ornament pic a fair winner forsure!!!