Sunday, December 3, 2017

Hallmark Town?

Hallmark channel has been running it's "Count Down To Christmas" movies since right before Halloween.  Everyone I know who watches Hallmark comments the same:  "It's the same plot!"  Yes,
that's so true.  Girl/boy meets girl/boy and somewhere between the beginning and the end they, of course, fall in love.  Also in the middle is a small town that's perfect for Christmas.  It's decorated, has a cafe that the whole town goes to eat, an adorable bed and breakfast or some kind of Inn to house all the perfectly beautiful people of the town. They have festivals, parades, tree lighting ceremonies, ice sculpting, Christmas tree farms, hot cocoa, homemade cookies and a happy ending.   I told my hubby and sister that if we find a town like that we're moving there!  Then I started thinking about our town of Ashland, Ohio.   Yes, it's small, although we do have a University...and a Wal-Mart on the outskirts.  We have special events like small business day of shopping that was last week.  Since it was my son Jack's  birthday his wife and daughter, along with Jack and I, dragged him to our charming downtown for some shopping.
Smile Jackie and look excited!  What did we find in our little town?
Mike's music shop where we found some goodies for his musical talent....he plays drums.  We then walked down the street and visited some antique shops.
See how bustling it is?  Let's not forget the cute cafe with yummy stuff.
Summer grabbed some fabulous cupcakes while her Dad, Jack, was ordering lunch from an old favorite in town...Dor-Lo Pizza.  After shopping we then headed home with hot pizza and celebrated his birthday while he and his Dad enjoyed the Ohio State and Michigan game.   So that brought me to thinking about some other things we do here in our small town.  Yesterday was Shop Hop Day.  You get cards and have them punched at every store and win prizes and other goodies.  We didn't make that event but we did go to the Holiday Parade last night.  The theme was "Miracle on Main Street".  The weather was perfect.  40 degrees and clear!  And boy was it packed with  people.
Bands played, Boy Scouts and Girls Scouts and every club was represented.  Even the dog pound had it's dogs that are up for adoption marching down the street all decked out... I'm sorry I didn't get a pick of that!
Pretty floats...
Dazzling snow plow trucks...only in rural towns like ours does the high school have an art program called "paint a plow".  Trying to get the pictures on the plows was hard because of the crowd in front of me! 
Let's not forget the star of the show..Santa and Mrs, Claus riding in on a classic 1959 Corvette...sweet!   So, as I was looking over all the things we have here I was shocked to discover that we actually live in a Hallmark movie town!  Guess we're not moving...but if your dream is to live in a Hallmark movie...come and visit!
You can stop at the cute flower shop..
Stay at the "Jenny Wade" bed and breakfast..
Get an adjustment from the best Chiropractor in the world....
As we were heading out after the parade one of his patients stopped with her goat to see if he could work on the goat!   Welcome to our world!
It might be a bit cheesy and weird...but we like it!   Now that's a happy ending!


joeh said...

I think Hallmark only has two plots, and one is the Christmas one.

Shady Del Knight said...

Hi, YaYa!

Hooray for your beautiful Christmas tree header picture! As you know I have been following you for years now and, as I started reading your post, I found myself thinking "Hey, wait a minute - Yaya does live in a Hallmark town! Why would she need or want to search elsewhere?" You also reminded me of two movies I am willing to bet have run on The Hallmark Channel, two family friendly holiday films I saw in the mid 2000s - Single Santa Seeks Mrs. Claus and Meet the Santas - both starring Crystal (Happy Days/Wings) Bernard and Steve (Diner/Police Academy) Guttenberg.

It's nice to see all the holiday decorations and pics of your town's parade. Good to see grandkiddo Summer again, too. Happy birthday to Jack Jr! As for Jack senior and his lovely bride, I think, in addition to all of its other amenities, Ashland must have its very own Fountain Of Youth. How else can you explain how young looking you and Jack are? Did Jack give that goat an adjustment?

I wish you and your family (including Chubbs & the Yeti) a safe and happy week ahead, dear friend YaYa!

gin said...

And a cute happy ending picture! I like the small town feel, too.

acorn hollow said...

very fun!!! and in every show there is a guy named nick a girl named Holly and it all comes out in the end.

betty said...

Hallmark movies are like Danielle Steele's books. Same plot with a different twist that is usually figured out 15 minutes into the movie or 30 pages into the book. Sometimes the escape of watching or reading them is what is needed :) Sounds like and looks like you live in a delightful town!


Rick Watson said...

Queue the ending music and credits. I missed the conflict just before the end:)

Kay G. said...

You do live in a Hallmark town! Looks lovely, as do you both in that last photo.
Joy to you, my friend!

Paul Forster said...

Cheesy and weird is good! My Lea is a big Gilmore Girls fan and wants to live in a town like Stars Hollow, if I have the right name. Your town looks like a place Lea would like to go to.

CHERI said...

My small town is probably even much smaller than yours:) But I wouldn't want to live in some big city. With my sense of direction, I would stay lost most of the time!!! And the traffic....oh my...I couldn't live with that! I happen to be watching a Hallmark movie right now, and it's really past time for me to be in bed. They are all so sappy, but I absolutely love them. It's nice for a change to watch something that isn't filled with blood, guts, killing, & sex!!!! I'm a chick flick junkie:) Here's hoping you and yours have a very Merry Christmas and a very blessed New Year.

WordsPoeticallyWorth said...

Greetings from the UK. Good luck to you and your endeavours.

Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.