Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Not Again!

I was going to title this post "Oops I did it again" but I think I've already used it!  This time I'm referring to something that happened to me about 3 summers ago.  I was bit by a spider and had a bad reaction.  Well, over the weekend I got bit by something again...and again got a bad reaction.. much worse than the first time.
Lovely, I know.  I thought it was just a mosquito bite gone bad but the swelling, pain, fever, dizzy spells and general flu like feeling told me I was wrongo!  I went to work on Monday feeling pretty lousy but hey, I work in a hospital and where better to get advice than there?  I worked all day and then went to see a man about a bite.  He said this was the second case that looked like this in the past 2 weeks.  3 prescriptions later I went home and crashed.  Thankfully Tuesday had me up and feeling much better and off to work again.  The concern for the leg was also the fact I have a total joint replacement in that knee so stopping an infection is crucial.  I had today off and everything is looking better, not worse so I'm happy about that!  I got up early and mowed the yard because it would be baling hay if I waited any longer!
The sun was peaking through the trees in the back...pretty start to the day.
I like the stakes that Jack picked out for the tomato curly and cute! He says he didn't pick them for the cute factor but the practical one of helping them grow...silly boy, he knows I'm a sucker for cute!
The blueberries are getting bigger and soon will be bluer...I hope, if the birds don't beat us to them!
I thought this little tea rose plant didn't make it through the winter, but low and behold it appeared today all sunny and bright...welcome back!
Since my first pic was so gross I'll end with this find from over the weekend.  My Mom and Sis and I went to my favorite stomping grounds..the Parsley Pot...for some cute stuff that smells good.  I found this canvas picture with fireflies that light up.  Yep, I'm a sucker for cute.  Saturday night Midge and I were on the deck and we spied the first real fireflies of the season. I guess we could have reenacted our childhood by running out there to catch them...but I'll settle for a close facsimile instead.  Hope Summer is coming to your neck of the woods but remember to wear bug spray and long pants if you're actually in a woods!  Trust me on that!


gin said...

Oh my, take care of that bite. It didn't keep you down, tho, with the yard work. Yes, summer is here and it's still officially spring.

Shady Del Knight said...

Hi, YaYa!

I am finally feeling ready to end my period of mourning. Slowly but surely I am returning to active blogging. Thank you very much for understanding my need to withdraw for a while and for continuing to support Kathleen in my absence. Your comment meant a lot to her.

I am so sorry to see that picture of your leg looking swollen and inflamed. I wonder what bit you to cause such a reaction. It must have been another spider. I am happy to learn that the meds are kicking in and that you are feeling better hour by hour.

Such a pretty header you have now, dear friend! Your raised planting beds look just like Mrs. Shady's. The only difference is that your crop plants are growing normally while hers usually die from being baked in the hot Florida sun. Seeing fireflies, or lighting bugs as we always called them, triggers fond memories of those happy days of my youth back in PA, when time passed much more slowly and the concept of an endless summer actually seemed possible. I miss those days more than I can say.

I hope you get through the rest of the buggy summer w/o any more nasty bites or stings. Take care of yourself, dear YaYa, and thank you again for being such an understanding and faithful friend!

joeh said...

That is one scary bite reaction...hope it clears up soon.

Shalet Jimmy said...

Hey! Are you ok now... First time visitor who is going to be a frequent visitor.

Shalet Jimmy from India

With Love

betty said...

Wow, that was a reaction!! Ouch is all I can say. Glad you saw someone for it and are doing better with it! So cute with the tomato plants trellises; very festive I think. Lots of great things growing in your garden :) So green there too (remember I live in a desert :) I remember catching fireflies as a child years ago, such fond memories!


acorn hollow said...

So sorry about your leg yikes. We had a firefly in our bedroom last week. Of course there was no catching him.

Rick Watson said...

Your blueberries look like they'll be ready son. We're st harvesting ours. I think we're put up about 6 gallon bags so far and there are several more pickings left in the season.

Julia said...

Oh I know how itchy that is. I also got bitten by something on the back of my thigh, ugly place to show so it won't get on my blog, I tell you, haha.

It's been over a week and it looks discolored and red and now the skin is drying up in patches but it itches like the Dickens.
I've been putting some Calendula cream and it helps. I'm not sure if this is one of the side effect of the bite but I've been feeling very sleepy after I get home from the barn in the morning. I have to take a nap after breakfast which is very unusual for me.

I'm wondering if I'm still on your blog reading list as I have missed you visiting. I don't blog often because I'm rather busy with everything.

I've been thinking of planting some blueberries but it's still in my bucket list of things to do. My neighbour has some in her backyard. The berries are large.

Take care , Smiles & hugs.

Munir said...

Oh no. That looks really painful . I hope that you have seen a doctor by now. I think that you are great photographer though. Get better soon so you can take more pictures. Summer is going to be here and there will be colorful flowers around. Just remember to wear bug spray.

HoneyBeeHelps said...

Well that is surely a bugaboo of a bite ! I hope is sorts out for you soon .
I never knew that black widow spiders were a threat here in New England
but there was just a big news story about someone that was bit recently .
Not a pretty picture when spiders munch on skin!
Fireflies now yes they are more up my alley .
Hope Summer treats you better YaYa.