Thursday, June 29, 2017

Goodbye June

I've heard many say that this Summer is flying by...and I agree.  Last day of June tomorrow and we welcome July on Saturday and start, for some, a long weekend of celebrating our freedom in many forms.  Cookouts, parades, fireworks, family gatherings.  For our small town it's the weekend of our annual balloonfest.   Ashland used to be the balloon capital of the world...yes really.   Those days are over but it still makes for a fun festival.  Hot air balloons need perfect weather for launching and I'm afraid we're not starting out too good.  I sit here at the computer and listen to the thunder and rain falling.  The concert in the park probably was moved to the high school.  I would have loved to have gone to hear the John Denver tribute person again.  I saw him a few years ago and he was great.  I've been a bit under the weather these past few weeks and just didn't feel like going tonight.  I  hope things do clear up for some balloon races. I love seeing them fly over!  It will be a wait and see.  I'm sure many of the organizers of this festival are praying hard tonight!  The other morning I took time out to wander in the yard and take a few pics.
The curly posts are keeping the tomatoes in good order.
We even have a few on the vines! I'm looking forward to that first delish tomato straight out of the garden!
Jack's tent was up and airing out for his annual week at Boy Scout Camp.  He leaves on Monday and he's praying for good weather too!  I'm on call for July 4th so it will be very quiet at the Pines...except for my neighbor who always has a huge party and tons of fireworks that will drive poor Chubbs nuts! I'll have to hunker down with him in the family room in the basement where he won't hear them.
Hope lots of sunshine finds it's way to  your home for the 4th and however you celebrate I hope it's fun and also a time to be thankful for living in this wonderful land of the free that is ours because of the brave.


Shady Del Knight said...

Hi, YaYa!

I hope you start feeling better day by day, dear friend. It makes me sad to know you've been poorly. Seems your lucky weather streak has also come to an end, and at the worst time, when the 4th of July festivities are getting underway. I will keep my fingers crossed for blue skies ahead and that includes next week when Jack and the scouts are on their annual camping trip.

Your header is breathtaking! Our previous residence was located near an airport which was the scene of an annual hot air balloon rally or race. Every year around this time dozens of balloons sailed directly over our house. Mrs. Shady and I enjoyed going outside and waving at the pilots and passengers.

Your tomatoes are looking great and you have my mouth watering reminding me of the taste of those plump fresh ones straight from the garden. I hope Chubbsie makes it through the holiday weekend w/o getting too shook up over the loud fireworks.

Please feel better soon, dear friend YaYa, and have a safe and happy 4th. I'm thinking about you and your family!

joeh said...

There is a balloon festival in Jersey every year. I've almost crashed my car several times looking at them while driving.

betty said...

Hoping you feel a bit better soon! I was just going to comment on your new header for your blog, then saw how it tied together with the balloon festival in your town. Years ago when we lived in Santa Fe, New Mexico one year we ventured down to Albuquerque for their balloon festival. Mighty impressive! Hoping Jack has a great week at Boy Scouts camp! Our corgi never liked fireworks. The last few years of his life we lived somewhere where there were nightly fireworks (Sea World in San Diego area). They were in a distance but he still always went to my hubby during that time. The golf course down the street from us put on a magnificent display on the 4th of July. It was so loud. The last year we lived there and of his life, when the fireworks started I took the dog into the bathroom with me, closed the door and turned on the fan. It muffled so much. I was never so glad when the show was over. The poor dogs. So many get out that night, so many lost dogs the next day.

On that "cheery" note, Happy 4th!


Munir said...

I hope that you feel better .

I agree with you. Time does seem like it is flying. Before you know it will be Fall and then winter. So enjoy and stay safe and healthy.:-)

Julia said...

I'm sorry you've been feeling under the weather for the last two weeks. I hope that you get back to feeling good. I need a nap every morning after I'm back from the farm after breakfast. What a waste of my morning... I sleep the usual time as before. I don't know why I feel so sleepy. Maybe i'm just getting too old.

Wow, those air balloons are huge. I would love to go for a little trip in one of those and of course, I'd be scared.

Before you know it, your tomatoes will be ready to pick fresh from the vine. Lots of rain here to make the garden grow fast.

Happy 4th of July. Tomorrow we celebrate Canada 150th Birthday on Canada Day.
I hope you can rest this weekend.
Hugs, Julia