Sunday, June 18, 2017

Happy Father's Day 2017

This special day to honor fathers has been nice for our family today.  We had 3 out of the 4 boys here for lunch and some good phone conversation with Craig in Oregon.  We sure wish we could have them all together but those days are probably few and far between.  However, we enjoy every minute with them when we gather together. I've been blessed to know many wonderful fathers, starting with my own:
Happy Father's Day Dad...sure miss you and think of you daily.  You raised 6 kids and my 4 brothers turned out to be wonderful Fathers and now Grandfathers. You passed away way to  young but gave the special gift of being a responsible, loving, caring, and hardworking Dad on to my brothers.  You did good! Thanks for everything and when we see those butterflies..we know you're there!  Next is Jack's dad that welcomed me in the family.
I know Jack learned so much from him as well as following in his footsteps in his career. Many fond memories of him always being willing to come and help with any project that needed done.  I would smile when he would show up after the office to help Jack with something at our house and he'd have on his sport coat, white shirt and tie and don coveralls over it.  We called him the executive plumber/carpenter/handyman!
My hubby Jack who helped me raise 4 crazy kiddos over the past 43yrs.   Hardworking, loving and fun and an active participant in their lives then and now.   Seeing how these young men have turned out and how they act with their kids is a good testament of the example he set.
Our oldest, Jack III, is a loving Dad to his 2 daughters and 2 step-daughters.
As well as a great Dad to these 2 monkeys!
Our son Craig is a fabulous Dad to his 3 kiddos.  He never seems to lose his cool! Fun Dad!
Phil was born to be a Dad and shows such love and tender care to these 2 little ladies!
Jordan isn't a Dad and swears he won't have any kids...and that's OK because he's a good Uncle and a good, hardworking man.  We all love him!  I hope everyone had a great weekend.  If you're a Dad I wish you a Happy Father's Day.  I hope you took time to visit your Dad if you're lucky enough to still have him in your life or gave a wonderful thought of him if he's passed away.   We need good, strong men to be good, strong Fathers in today's world.  Sometimes it seems as if society wants to minimize the importance of those men in our lives.  I just don't know where I'd be without the guidance of my Dad and maybe the world would be better if we all had a Dad who was a real hero in our lives.  Happy Father's Day!


betty said...

Wonderful men who were dads that were part of your life and a son who is an uncle (and who knows maybe a dad one day). Great influences all of them! Your dad left a great legacy behind him! Told my son today that he was a good dad. Very loving and attentive to his now 16 month old son (honestly if you would have told me that he would have been like that, I would have been surprised). But I saw a saying about a month ago, something to the effect of "a son makes a boy a man and a grandson makes a grown man a young child." so true. Son grew up being a father. Hubby became a young child being around grandson interacting with him.

Hope all had a delightful day, sounds like it was!



Shady Del Knight said...

Hi, YaYa!

Happy Father's Day to the fine men in your family past and present. It is always a pleasure to see pictures of your handsome dad. What a great man he was! I also enjoyed seeing Jack's mom and dad and their dog and learning more about Jack's father and how helpful he always was. I also appreciated the pictures of your four sons and their families. Strong, loving, caring, responsible fathers instill those qualities in their sons and their values are passed along through the generations. I agree that there aren't enough men of that caliber in today's world. There certainly seem to be far fewer than there were when we were coming up. Your family is built on a strong foundation and I admire you all for being such outstanding citizens. Happy Father's Day to Jack, to your sons, to your brothers and to your dear dad who remains with you in spirit and is proud of his daughter.

Rick Watson said...

Enjoyed this visit with the fathers in your family. You have a good crew.
Thanks for sharing.

Julia said...

What a great tribute your post is today to all the fathers in your family. It looks like your dad did set a great example and probably his dad did as well.

You have every right to be proud of your men.
Enjoy your summertime.
Hugs, Julia

Munir said...

Thank you for sharing such nice details about your dad and your hubby's dad as well . Your own boys have turned out to be wonderful dads as well and an uncle is always handy for those kids. In your family it is true that an apple does not fall far from a tree. I hope that I have used the phrase correctly here. I want to compliment your family.
I hope that your leg is better.
Take care of yourself.