Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Spring Fever

Our Spring has been wonderful so far.  It's been warm and the trees and flowering bushes are beautiful.  No snow to kill off buds! (Whoa, it's still early so I hope Mother Nature didn't hear that!)
This flowering crab is really pretty.
These white flowering trees dot our them!
Of course it wouldn't be perfect Spring without my favorite lilacs and this year we weren't disappointed in the blooms.  Too bad we don't have "smell 'ol blog"!   Even though it's been a warmer than usual weather pattern I'm not going to plant any flowers or veggies just yet.  In fact I noticed this staple of Ohio still planted by the back door:
Yep, it's probably going to hang there for just a bit!
Jack snapped this pic a few days ago....I guess I'd call this "two peas in a pod"!  As this day comes to a close I'm asking for prayers for my Mom.  She's in the hospital with some heart issues again.  This time it's slow beats and a pacemaker is probably in the care plan.  She's going to be 91 in May and it's always scary when things start to go wrong but she's also tough and determined to get out of the hospital ASAP.   A trip to Chicago is probably in the works for us too depending on how things roll. She's in good hands with my sister who goes the extra mile to make sure Mom is well taken care of.  I'm so thankful for her as I'm 350 miles away.  Hang in there Mom! We love you!


betty said...

Such pretty blooming trees!Spring is springing in your neck of the woods. Prayers for your mom. I can see her doing the best she can to be independent again and getting out of the hospital. Hope the pacemaker is the right fix for her this time around!


baili said...

i will call it spring magic instead of fever :)
you shared very lovely photos of your beautiful area my friend!

Shady Del Knight said...

Hi, YaYa!

Prayers for your dear mother. I hope she can get her heart rhythm corrected, get out of the hospital soon, feel good as new and get on with her life. You are right. It is a blessing to have your sister living close to your mother and assist her at times like this.

I am happy to know that you've had an easy spring. It's great to see the trees and shrubs on your property exploding with color. I remember a few snowstorms hitting us in PA as late as the first two weeks of May. If you guys can get through the next couple of weeks w/o an extreme cold snap or damaging storm, you will be in the clear and can put the shovel and ice scraper away for a while.

Are those two peas in a pod you and Chubbs? How cute! Toto slept in bed with us every night. She had a habit of using my leg as a pillow. I miss her!

Enjoy the rest of your week, dear friend YaYa. I will keep your dear mother in my prayers.

Julia said...

I'm sorry to learn that your mom is in hospital. I'll sure keep her in my prayers for a quick recovery and I hope everything will go well for her.

How lucky to have blooming trees. No buds yet on mine. The daffodil are almost blooming in one of my gardens.

It's sweet of that doggie to share the sofa with you.
I'm ready for a nap too.
Hugs, Julia

Laurie said...

Prayers for your mom! Spring is looking pretty in your yard. Hope the snow is gone for the season and you can hang onto those gorgeous blooms.

Andrea Ostapovitch said...

Sending prayers your way for you Dear Mom.

Loving the spring photos, everything is still very brown over here. But it is coming and it is so nice to see everyone else's photos of what I'll be enjoying soon.


Rick Watson said...

I just love that pup. I smile each time you show a picture of him. He hit the lottery with you all. I'll say a prayer for your mom. She's a trooper and I feel like she'll get through this fine. But Jilda and I will be thinking of her and your family.

Stacy Crawford said...

I hope your Mom is better!

Donna said...

Your pics are gorgeous and prayers are going up for your dear mom!!