Sunday, May 7, 2017

Homeward Bound

When we travel back to visit family in Chicago I always say "I'm going home".  Maybe because my dear Mom is still with us and perhaps because my sister, Midge, is still living in the area.   Or maybe it's because they live in the house we grew up in.  However, I've lived in Ohio for 40yrs and I was 23 when we left Illinois, so I've lived and grown older here more than "home".  My other siblings all live elsewhere....Wisconsin, Georgia, Florida...but I wonder if they say they are homeward bound when they come to visit?  I guess I'll just have to ask them! The saying goes,  home is where the heart is.  In that case it's anywhere family is gathered.   Jack and I "gathered" with family this weekend to visit Mom and see how she was doing after her hospital stay last week.  Thankfully, prayers were answered and she didn't have to have the pacemaker.  It's still a possibility, but for now it's a wait and see game and she did really well while we were there. She is very happy to be home!
Mom and Jack sitting and chilling out before we had to head out for a small family gathering for a special occasion for my Great-Nephew, Andrew.
Chubbs was with us and he makes himself home anywhere...especially if he can have a matching couch to sleep on!
Andrew, here with his Dad Bill, made his First Communion on Saturday.  It was a lovely ceremony and I'm glad we could be there to share the day with him.  We also went for another reason.  We bought a car/minivan from Bill.  Our Impala is 16yrs old and although it does get me from point A to point B (usually work and the grocery store!), it's not really reliable for long distances so when Bill decided to change up his vehicles, we bought his van.  It will be an adjustment going from a sedan to a van again, but we can now take Grandkiddos or load it up with "stuff" if  we   (I) want too.  Win win, right!?  We drove it home with me at the wheel since Jack still doesn't have vision good enough for that long haul.  It drove great and except for the lead foot take off that threw ol' Chubbs off his pillow,  I didn't get us killed or anything!  Whew!  So it was good to go home and see everyone and it's always sad to say that dang "goodbye".  But it's also good to be home here and get back to our routine.  The flowering treesat the Pines are still looking good.
Great year for Dogwoods!  So even though it's a bit chilly this week, I'm glad the sun is out today and everyone is good and I hope no matter where you call home, it's a wonderful day!


Shady Del Knight said...

Hi, YaYa!

I'm so happy to learn that things are looking up for your dear mother. She and Jack both look fit as fiddles in that picture. I'm relieved to learn that your mother didn't have to get a pacemaker right away. If and when she does, it will be AOK. I'm glad you were able to go back "home" and see your mom, your sister and other family members, and leave Chi-town in a new-to-you vehicle. I enjoy riding high in a minivan. It gives you a great view of the road and I always feel more secure in one.

Congratulations to Andrew on his First Communion. I am delighted to see that you took Chubbsie along with you. You're right. Chubbs' black and white coat matches the black sofa and white cushions, making him look like an accent pillow. :) Thanks for posting a pic of your blooming Dogwood tree.

I'm happy to know that you are safely back home in Ohio. Have a wonderful week, dear friend YaYa!

Julia said...

Both your mom and Jack looks pretty relaxed. I bet it was a good visit especially with your mom being out of the hospital. Since my mom and dad are both gone and someone else is living in their house, going home is not quite the same anymore even though I have family living scattered in the area. Mom's place was the gathering place.

Congratulations on Andrew on his first communion.

Your Dogwood tree is so beautiful.


gin said...

A great trip for you going home. You accomplished much. Glad your mom is doing well. Chubbs and his matching couch and then thrown from the vans seat is entertaining. Congrats to Andrew! Enjoy your new-to-you van.

betty said...

That dogwood sure is pretty; something we don't see in Phoenix! Glad you made the trip safe and sound and did pick up a new to you vehicle. We struggled with our recent purchase of whether getting a van to sit seven or the SUV that sat five. We decided to get what we wanted (SUV) as we didn't know what others might plan down the line. Your mom looks great for "her age". Glad she is doing reasonably well and avoided the pacemaker this round around.


Laurie said...

I always say I'm going home, when I head back there from the lake. Funny thing, I still don't call the lake home, yet.

And, poor Chubbs....buckle him up in the seat belt next time. Lol.

Laurie said...

Oh, and glad to hear your mom is doing well. She still looks fabulous!