Sunday, May 14, 2017

Happy Mother's Day

Before this day is over I'd like to wish every Mom out there a Happy Mother's Day. Maybe your Momma isn't with you anymore.  I hope you have wonderful memories to think back on.  I would like to tell my Mom how much I love her and how thankful I am for her and all she's done for me in my life.  She's the best in the world!  I know you're thinking that your Mom is the best and you'd be right!  That's how I wish everyone could feel about their Mom today.  I also need to say how much I loved my Mother-in-law.  Jack's Mom and I were good buddies and partner's in crime...the lawful kind!  We shopped and gardened and laughed over many escapades in that Volkswagen Van! She was a Southern lady who like nothing better than to sit and "yak" with you about all kinds of subjects.  I miss her as I know Jack does, especially on this special day.   My day started out early with a call to do a c-section.  I wasn't thrilled to be there at 7am but after seeing the Mom, Dad and baby I thought that perhaps this was what Mother's Day is about and I remembered that I had a Mother's day kiddo too!  Our next patient was an elderly lady who fell while talking with her son on the phone and broke her hip.  I know she wasn't crazy about being in the hospital today either!  So I'm grateful I came home and had a beautiful weather day with Jack and 3 of my sons.  I just got done talking with my son who lives in Oregon and I sure do miss him!  Happy Mother's Day to my Daughters in-law, Amy and guys are awesome! Here are some of the Mom's I love:
Me and Mommo 43 years ago this year! She made my wedding dress..she's so talented! My Granddaughter Summer wants to wear it when she marries one day.  That would be so cool!
Mom today...Wednesday she'll be 91!
Jack's folks,..Mom loved her dogs!  We miss you.
My Daughter-in-law Amy!
My Daughter-in-law Evelyn (with her daughter Megan)  Happy Mother's Day everyone!


Shady Del Knight said...

Hi, YaYa!

Happy Mother's Day to you, to your dear mother, and to all the other moms in your large family coast to coast! I'm sorry you had to run to the hospital on this special day but, as you pointed out, you did your duty and helped some other mothers in need. I'm sure they are thankful that you were there for them. You have fond memories of Jack's mother and I have fond memories of my own mother who passed way more than 22 years ago. I miss her.

Happy birthday to your wonderful mother! She looks terrific for 91. Please remind her that Margaret Schneider is 105. Surely it will help your mother feel younger. It's nice to see pics of daughter-in-laws Amy and Evelyn and Evelyn's daughter Megan. As I think I told you a while back, my mother's name was Evelyn and Mrs. Shady's mother was also named Evelyn!

Once again, happy Mother's Day to you, dear friend YaYa. Have a wonderful week!

gin said...

Happy Mother's Day. You had a busy day with work and then on the home front. You are blessed with your mom and all those who made Mother's Day special. I tell my kids I celebrate Mother's Day everyday. They know I can get mushy. But I love being a mom.

betty said...

How sweet you had a Mother Day's baby and then today you got to be there when another mother had a Mother's Day baby. I'm just tearing up thinking how wonderful that would have been to be part of that experience!! Truly I say it every time and truly I mean it every time, your mom looks fantastic for her age! Happy Mother's Day!


acorn hollow said...

Happy Mother's day to you a pretty bride

Munir said...

I hope that you had a fun time on Mother's day.

God bless your mom. She is so cool. Making a wedding dress is a very hard job, she must be very talented. Happy Birthday to her in advance. She is an example how productive women can be. You are too.

Take care of your self.

Kay G. said...

Lovely post!
Your Mom made your wedding dress, that is wonderful.
Hope you had a happy Mother's Day. x